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Regas are about as idiot proof as a turntable can get but not necessarily audiophile proof. Do things Regas way and they’re fine but pick something else if you want adjustability to fine tune or accommodate different cartridges they’re not the ans... 
What measurements from the rear wall?
It’s easier to measure from the back and I start from the wall one speaker at a time using the Sumiko Master set method, unless the speakers are designed for boundary use. Pay attention to levelling unless measuring at the bottom. Different wall... 
Herbie’s Spike Decoupling Gliders: my…experience
    I  found Herbie's  small gliders took a little while to break in, a couple of weeks at least with quite a harsh effect on high piano notes, most noticeable with an electric piano which faded in time. I’ve had brass and titanium break in on ... 
Buzzing in Speaker while Playing CDs
I had buzzing from one of a pair of Thiels just from one fleet foxes track, on CD. Tightening the bolts securing the main driver cured it. The other was loose too but didn’t hit the right resonance to buzz. I even asked Thiel what the torque value... 
Chime in if you bought a second table that cost a fraction of your main table.
I just kept my old table, a Townshend Rock mk2, when I bought an Artemis and Schröder Reference. I put a mono version of a Decca Maroon on the Rock and ran it along side. On original mono cuts it mostly beats the main deck but not always.  
Phono Stage Gain - how does it impact sound?
Run it for 50 hours, then revisit the VTA and VTF settings, finalising by ear. Dynamics should peak when the stylus is correctly aligned (more so with a fine line stylus than your previous eliptical) and the coil in the focus of the magnetic field... 
Transformer..? Moving To TheUK
The internal conversion might not be that difficult if there are existing taps on the transformers. The manufacturers should be able to advise.  
My Sonic Labs cartridges
I heard a signature platinum on a Dohmann Helix 2 at Ana Mighty Sound in Paris, they even made a video of it playing a track from my copy of Roy Harper’s Stormcock. I heard quite a few combinations that day including a Koetsu Azure on a Schröder 2... 
Digital interconnect for analog. Is 110 ohms too much for analog cable?
You could name the amps, it might help work out what you’re on about. Imagine posts in other threads you might have made haven’t been read by everyone reading this one.  
Upgrade path direction
A project debut is a pretty low rent turntable to be upping the phono stage on, which would indicate you’re intent on  taking vinyl seriously. Suggest you hear a few alternative decks. A bit hard to hide from the wife though.  
Excessive gain with a Belles preamp
The high gain amps were there first, it’s digital that’s at fault.  
Almost equality
Just don’t get tempted to upgrade the turntable, unless you feel it needs an edge to be worth the bother of using it and taking care if all those records.    
Volume matched inputs on a preamp?
Naim’s NAC112 and 112x and Nait 5 do this but they’re possibly their least exciting  amps. I had a Nait 5 but only for a month before trading it. Some people like them I’ve heard.  
Fear Inoculum in Vinyl
Not at €144 for the vinyl, qobuz will have to do for now.  
tone arm with 10gr mass with 15 gram weight cartridge?
With a well tempered you have variable damping to play with too, the raw resonance calculated for an undamped arm using the common formula won’t be the whole story. http:// korfaudio.com/blog70