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The best speaker you ever heard?
JM Lab grand utopia 
Manley Chinook
What @ljs_fin said.  I have the Paula mk ii with the same settings and its amazing.  My integrated is the with the rogue audio Cronus magnum ii. 
First Moving Coil (MC) Cartridge Acquisition
I went from a koetsu black gold line to ortofon cadenza bronze to a soundsmith and couldn’t be happier  
Starting research for turntable
I would do a vpi prime 
Kiseki Purpleheart
soundsmith paua mk ii here on my PS amazing 
Moving Iron Carts or stick with LOMC
I have gone from using MC  for 40 years to a Soundsmith.  I am a convert for life. especially with the rebuild prices Peter Ledermann is offering 
Cartridge help: Ortofon Cadenza vs. Soundsmith Paua
I guess I should resurrect this thread. I bought a cadenza bronze at the beginning of this year and mounted it in my vpi Prime Signature. It was nice albeit a little dry for my taste. Not special like my koetsu black was. I broke it in with the re... 
Blood On The Tracks MoFi UD1S
Agree. Great recording. And I have all versions. This is far superior  
Best Record Cleaning Fluid
I use  Audio Intelligent - Premium One-Step Formula #6  
Cadenza Bronze to Winfeld ti or Other?
Effective mass is 9.7. My vpi 3dr arm is similar. I use a soundsmith paua mkii and used the ez mount brass screws to match for a 10hz resonance frequency. Right on the money. Sounds amazing  
@fsonicsmith You know when a person starts a personal attack on the other it is usually to cover up statements that have no substance.I have owned an SME tonearm on an ariston and my opinion is that the VPI unipivot betters it or the Ittok or abou... 
Forever turntable under $2000
Used vpi. For 2k maybe a used classic  
What is with the vpi bashing? I owned a prime scout and now a prime signature. Both tables are incredible value for the price, but more importantly they sound amazing. I was an lp12 user for the last twenty years and when that died my daughter and... 
VPI Turntable choices.
My friend went from a 19 to a prime scout and there was a significant difference and you have all modern upgrade options. As the poster up above said if you can swing the superscout from Upscale Audio you will be set for life.  
Cartridge recommendations
I am a recent fan of SoundSmith carts.  The sussuro is a great match for your tonearm