VPI is bringing back the Magic Brick!

According to the new VPI newsletter, they are reintroducing the Magic Brick in black only.  It says it's while supplies last.

I have several of these and have always thought they worked quite well.

Does anyone know the price?  I couldn't find it anywhere.
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Talk about inflation!  Yikes.
Thanks for the link.  Here is one that works :-)


Looks like the $299.99 price is for (2) bricks, but still...

Wonderful when they were $75.00 at $300.00 ill pass big time.Good luck though.
I still own, and use 3 of them. I believe that I paid $60.00 each. Other half wanted to kill me.
roxy54, show her the ad above and what a great deal you got.
I bought mine new for 50.00 over 20 years ago and I wish I had bought the other one that the dealer had at that time.  $150 a piece seems steep for a small wood box with iron filings in it.  Perhaps there is some fairy dust in them as well?
I wonder if brass shavings would work instead of iron? I have buckets of it laying around.
It isn't iron filings. It is slabs of steel stacked on one another and somehow connected.
Just wrap the transformer with low frequency high permeability mu metal and be done with it, oh, and leave the nut on the bolt holding down the transformer slightly loose so the vibration won't couple so strongly to the chassis and everything inside it.

Elusive disc say's

"The Magic Brick concentrates 16 layers of laminated steel on an area of 12 sq. inches. This is very effective in controlling chassis vibration and the inherent nonlinear distortions associated with it. Results do vary from unit to unit, however, some of today's most highly rated tube and solid state components do sound significanlty clearer after coming in contact with the Magic Brick. "

Why not go down to your local metal shop and get them to cut 16 pieces of plate 4"x4" (12sq. inches) paint and be done with it for less then $50. hell for that mater you local wood shop could put them in a wood box for you for another $50.

That said you have to be on glue if you think having metal massed near your amp will do anything to attract stray emf.  probably the mass is helping with vibration is all. seriously read about electro magnetic principals

I have a good VPI Magic Brick story.

I didn't realize VPI dabbles in the snake oil industry. 
Lay it on us Bill!
FYI: http://www.psaudio.com/pauls-posts/fear-of-tweaks/
If these manufacturers and reviewers have fear of tweaks like the VPI Brick what in heaven’s name will they say or do when the going gets tough. It could get pretty ugly. There are a lot more difficult to fathom or preposterous sounding things in audioland than the VPI Brick, that’s for gol dern sure. Let’s see, you got your tiny little bowl resonators, Schumann frequency generators, Morphic Message Labels, battery powered clocks, Red X Pen, green pens, purple pen, Mr. Chip. And many others. Enough to give amp manufacturers and reviewers conniptions. It’s also quite funny, maybe not funny like a clown funny, that PS Audio readership is under the impression the brick works by mass loading. I’d opine the quest for better sound inspires more creativity and invention than a Mission to Mars.
So, I am in Manhattan on a shopping errand jaunt with my wife. We were at ABC furniture downtown, made our way up through Soho, stopped at the old Stereo Exchange (if memory serves, it was the small shop) and bought a stack of VPI bricks. Three- they were heavy. Like an idiot, I’m schlepping these things around town on our other stops. We finally land at the rug floor in Macy’s, and there is a demonstration of guys wearing robes and mystical garb weaving rugs. I stop at the platform where they are working and put down my package with a grunt. One of the swami dudes says, ’that looks heavy, what is it?’ I say, "magic bricks." He nods sagely, like I’m on the same mystical channel, then turns back to his loom.
Was he weaving a magic carpet?

I learned that magic brick has a lot in common with magic wand. What this magic brick really does is turning paper to gold, but apparently not for you phools for me yes!

The expression thick as a brick springs to mind.
@bdp24 - yes, i think so. 

You don't want to drop a magic brick on your toes. 
I had a VPI Magic Brick way back when.  I tried it on all sorts of things, preamps, power amps, CD players, FM tuner, and in lots of different locations on top of each component, and I never found a single instance where it improved the sound.  The sound changed certainly but never for the better.  Once your ears identify the Brick's colorations, they become easy to hear with each piece of equipment.  As I recall, the colorations were a distant or recessed midrange and a steely, edgy quality in the treble.  Why anyone would want those colorations is beyond me.  My happiest day with the VPI Brick was the day I sold it.
That’s what they said about the Tice Clock. And the Intelligent Chip. It's likely you didn’t have the brick in the proper direction. Probably best if we throw out the negative results as outliers. Same as we do with fuses. Make sense?

When we sold our house in NY, we left many items for the buyers at their request, along with tools, garden equipment, extra filters for the HVAC, etc.
I had my music room totally cleaned up- pulled out the large equipment racks, replaced carpeting, had the entire walk-in closet, which was soundproofed, stripped, spackled and repainted, etc.
I also left the Magic Bricks on a shelf in that closet. I figured they would go "Hmmm, magic, wonder what these really do." They were very nice people.
Thanks for sharing lak, I'll be sure to add PS Audio to my list.
They do no harm as far as I can tell, and over the many years I've had them, any visitor who has noticed them always asks what they are. They are even more puzzled when I answer them.