To all those who celebrate!

Have a Happy Easter!
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Same to you and everyone else that celebrates. 
Blessed Easter indeed! 

I have been playing some great, uplifting music from We The Kingdom. Perhaps not so audiophile approved, but sounds terrific on a good rig!  :) 

And a pleasant spring equinox to you as well. 
Thanks Yogi, I am ready for the peeps
Bless all believers on the Holiest of days.🕊
Happy Eostre! Great to see the wakening fertility of spring.
Happy Easter to all....

Yes! May all who celebrate this most important day be blessed with The Joy.
Peace, kindness, good will toward all.
He Is Risen. Happy Easter.
Yes, Happy Easter to everybody.

Time to take a few days out, perhaps talk to each other and listen to some wonderful music.

For once, there's even some beautiful Bank Holiday sunshine weather here in the UK.
He has risen indeed!

Just received wonderful news on my wife's recent medical tests.  Talk about Easter joy!  I am so thankful.  So many of my daily troubles have just melted away.  

Human nature can be such a struggle.  So many blessings that we have and so easy to focus on the little things.  I am determined to use this experience for the good in my life.

So I hope you all can have a small (or large) measure of the Easter joy I have in my heart today.  Thanks be to our gracious and risen Lord and Savior.
Happy Easter to all! 
Happy Easter everyone. May the One who has risen bring you peace. 

Happy Easter to all! Remember the One that paid for our sins! 
I’m sure that many here, like myself, are thanking God for your wife’s medical good news. Every praise!
Slept in late but now I am risen. News travels fast. Anything going on today I should know about? 😉
MC says, "I am risen." All I can say is, "It is finished."
“ Show me the place, help me roll away the stone
Show me the place, I can’t move this thing alone
Show me the place , where the word became a man
Show me the place where the suffering began”

Leonard Cohen

Happy Easter
@valinar   Thank you my friend for your kind words.  After a difficult year, I hope and pray that this Easter joy carries forward in our lives and is evident to those around us.