A Reason to Celebrate... The Nile Returns

The Blue Nile are back with their first album in eight years - due to release (at least in the UK) on August 30. The title is "High". This is an EVENT, as they are not the world's most prolific group (their fourth album in 25 years).

Amazon details here.

If you haven't heard them, check out the snippets for Hats, Peace at Last, and A Walk Across the Rooftops on Amazon.
Damn Regiolanthe just beat me to one of my news features due up tomorrow or Friday!

Great band hopefully this record will be good.
Apparently similar to Hats in style.

Lead singer Paul Buchanan stays quite near me....
Heard the first single "She Saw The World" played on BBC-6 music on Wednesday (Internet radio is great; much better than the local radio here in northern New England) - and yes, I'd say that the song sounds like it could be straight from "HATS" (which is a good thing). Definitely more Hats-ish than Peace At Last.

You can here the replay on Tom Robinson's TUESDAY show (7/20) - click here to open the radio player for the show. The song's at about the 20:25 mark of the show (20:25:38 to be precise). When you open the player window, fast forward by 5 minute intervals until you get to 20:25 and listen in. This link is only valid until 7/26/04.
Umm ... that would be "hear" the replay. Aieee! Another brain cell hits the dust.
Another song heard on BBC-6 on Tom Robinson's MONDAY 8/2 show... "Because of Toledo" ... Click here to open up a radio player window for the show. The song's the final one on the show ... at about the 21:27 mark. Fast forward through the show as necessary.

This one seems closer to their last album (Peace At Last)...

As a bonus, the preceding song is a new release - "Western Skies" - from Lazyboy Feat featuring Roddy Frame (of Aztec Camera) on vocals. RF is another great Brit, underplayed in the US (best known for his perhaps top-40 hit "Oblivious" in the mid-80s).