Song With Best Beginning

I'll nominate Like a Rolling Stone, Thunder Road, and New York City Serenade.
I don't know if these are the best but off the top of my head here are some favorite songs where I really love the intros.

Guns N Roses: You Could Be Mine
Metallica: Disposable Heroes
Rolling Stones: Paint It Black
Slipknot: Surfacing


Blind Guardian: Sacred Worlds

Warning you will feel epic after the first 2 mins of this song.

Yes I woke up very angry this morning.
Higher and Higher by The Moody Blues.

In addition to the rocket launch at the beginning of the song, Higher and Higher also features one of my favorite lead guitar riffs performed by Justin Hayward. It is also the lead song on the the album "To Our Children's Children's Children", which is a classic Moody's theme album about space and children inspired by the events of its time (1969).
I'll nominate "Cortez the Killer" by Neil Young and "Can You Hear Me Knocking" by The Rolling Stones.
Reelin' in the Years, Steely Dan. Won't Get Fooled Again and Baba O'Reilly, The Who. Brown Sugar, Rolling Stones.

It has to be the first notes!
Somewhere Over the Rainbow when performed by Eva Cassidy. Very, very, moving I think.

Judy Garland's version, a classic, is too romantic for my taste. I find that Eva's intro, and her whole treatment as well takes this out of the childhood fantasy of Garland, converting it to an adult expression of hope and desire.

That's how I feel it anyway.

Shine on your Crazy Diamond
Locomotive Breath

Malcolm McLaren's "Tracing Back My Steps In Time" from album "Paris".
Baba O'Riley

Pete Townsend finally figures out an interesting way to use a synthesizer.
Mapmans nomination about Higher & Higher is good. I never realized it was a rocket taking off. I gotta go listen again tonight on vinyl. The Moodys certainly had a few great albums with cool intros. " ...and now to suit our great computer you're magnetic ink".
But I've got to say "School" by Supertramp is pretty cool. Hearing the kid scream in a good system brings chills to the spine.
Robert johnson, Love in Vain. It starts in the middle of the story...."and I followed her, to the station, her suitcase was in my hand"
It is, of course, impossible to name a "best" in any definitive way. But a song with an excellent beginning that I've enjoyed hearing recently is The Seekers' "Love Is Kind, Love Is Wine" .

That its solo segments feature Judith Durham's angelic and incredibly pure voice adds to its appeal that much more.

-- Al
Rod Stewart "I'm losin' you" has a great beginning, with that awesome guitar riff and the Wurlitzer electric piano. The middle and the end are pretty great too. Of course, Procol Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale" has that great organ intro. I may be stuck in the late 60's but I can live with it.
Back in the Saddle - Aerosmith
In the Light - Led Zeppelin
Over Under Sideways Down - Yardbirds
Somebody Call me a Doctor - Van Halen
War Pigs - Black Sabbath
Do It Again - Steely Dan
Join Together - The Who
Can You Hear the Music - Rolling Stones
Welcome to the Club - Joe Walsh
Beat It - Michael Jackson
Sweet Child of Mine - Guns and Roses
Getaway - Earth Wind and Fire
Thankyoufalletinmebemiceelfagin - Sly and the Family Stone

I could go on
Solsbury Hill-Peter Gabriel

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window-Joe Cocker version

The Sky Is Crying-Stevie Ray Vaughn
On a similar theme, song with best ending is "I'm Just A Singer in a Rock and Roll Band". Ends the song, the album and the classic 7 period of the Moody Blues most fittingly similar to how "The End" on Abbey Road provided a fitting ending to The Beatles.
Yep, the Intro. to Sweet Jane is an all-time classic. Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter provide an incredibly powerful and beautiful duet. I had this on constant playback on my Mom's open reel machine until she blew a gasket one day, heh, heh...

Stones: Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown

Good Beatles picks above.

Grateful Dead: Help on the Way, Shakedown Street
Very good replies so far, I'll also add Black Sabbath's NIB for Geezer's awesome bass intro.
Back in '72/'73 there were three albums that came out with a heart beat as the first song/intro.
Tull's "Passion Play"
ELP's "Trilogy"
Floyds, "Dark Side of the Moon"
I quite often wondered how they all came about to be released around the same time with the same intro. I figured the producers were out slamming ales somewhwere in Great Briton and got to talking about music production. I could hear them in the morning, " Ive gah' a brilliant eye-deeya. We'll star' wih' an arhbeyt."
I also have to say the Intro to "Sweet Jane" on Lou Reed's Rock and Roll Animal LP.
"Kick Out The Jams," MC5
"And Your Bird Can Sing," The Beatles
"Chest Fever," The Band
"Green Onions," Booker T. And The M.G.s
Get real fools, even an old Classical Music fan like me knows Marvin and Tammy's " Ain't nothing lke the real thing baby" tops all comers.
The Rolling Stones "Can't you hear me knocking" would be my close second choice :)
Here's another goodie. Miss Gradenko by The Police. Written by Stewart Copeland, it's and amazing tune to audition music. Actually it's too good.