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popping noise
Your On sequence is OK but when turning Off the sources will often send a pop or spike. Since your preamp and amp are still On you may here a spike from that. However if you are getting the same pop during your On procedure I would have the amp ch... 
popping noise
In what order due you turn your stuff On/Off.If you are not doing it already, you should start with the sources and turn the amp on last. When turning off you should reverse the process. 
Peculiar Hum Issue on Jolida JD9 Phono Preamp
It might not be the TV. Your last experiment just gives us a direction to look into. We need to be sure it is the TV chassis. Try hooking up the Oppo's HDMI but disconnect any other sources going into the TV. If the hum is present only when the Op... 
Peculiar Hum Issue on Jolida JD9 Phono Preamp
First, a 12AU7 is not a lower gain 12AX7 replacement. A 5751 is although it is still more gain than a 12AU7.A little more experimenting may help you figure out where your ground loop is. If the JD9 has a ground pin in the AC connector try floating... 
Connection help
I was wondering if I used Y connectors at the power amp and ran ics from both the pre and HT receiver to the amp that way if it would work better than a speaker switchNo, it would not be better than a speaker switch as whichever was feeding the am... 
NAD 326 headphone noise issue ?
I'm guessing that the headphone jack does not have a mute circuit when turning the amp on/off. If so than what you are hearing are the noises that amp's typically make during turn on/off but which we are spared from hearing (through the speakers) ... 
Moving-Coil Step-Up Transformer SUT
Fjn04, I'm very impressed with Bob's 1131 SUT. IMO, it does not have the veiling (or smearing) of low level detail that a lot of lesser SUT's are prone to. Mine is a 1:10/1:20 (using the 1:10 position) but I had to change the input resistor on my ... 
Moving-Coil Step-Up Transformer SUT
Mine is a Dynavector 20X2L into a Bob's devices with Cinemag 1131 blue trannies driving a Transcendent Sound Phono Preamp which is tube based. 
Can I run 4 ohms into 8 ohm speakers?
>>Is this a miss type or are you saying that you are connecting the amps right and left channel outputs together? 
Tonearm/Cartridge Matching
IMO, there is much more to how a cartridge sounds in a particular arm than getting the Arm/cartridge resonance in the acceptable range. The quality of the bearings, the type of gimbal/pivot used, the arm dampening and the resonance of the arm wand... 
How to Connect Cobalt Cables Speaker Cables?
If they are indeed banana's you may have to remove the safety plugs that many speaker makers put into the end of the binding posts. 
Can good IC's be used instead of dedicated phono's
Dedicated phono cables, besides having a separate chassis ground, are usually much lower capacitance than line level cables. The XLO site shows a distinctly different cable for their phono. My guess is that there is less wire (higher gauge) to kee... 
RB-250 tonearm installation Systemdek iix
IIRC, the RB250 combines the arm ground wire to the left channel ground at the rubber block in the base of the arm. 
Hinky Remote controls: Can they be re- calibrated?
From my experience with remote and remote codes I can tell you that remotes often repeat a command even though the button was pushed only once. This would be why Timrhu could get a smaller movement of the VC by waving it by the sensor as the butto... 
phonostage paradox
The signal to noise ratio in the MC section is not nearly as good as with the MM stage.