Signal Cable -- High End Generic?

Searching the archive, I found some of you seem to think this guy and his company offer straightforward good value.

I have a weird grab bag assortment of cables inluding old MIT interconnects from SCD-1 to preamp, Monster Cable M-1 and M-1000 circa 1986 (Bruce Brissoon designed?)between amp and preamp and speakers, cheap entry level copper Monster cable connecting outboard crossovers to the Tympanis, and recently added the $50 giant yellow extension cord Home Depot tweak when I ran out of length on the speaker wire.

Nonetheless, the system still sounds pretty amazing, although my two complaints would be flat image and still a bit of glare on the top end, even with the tweaky resistors put in line as a treble attenuator.

So I am wondering if I buy Signal Cables:

best interconnects between pre and power amp
matching interconnects for SACD player

and matching

double run speaker cables with their spades and bananas (their copper line, not silver)


the signal cable "magic" power cords all around

What would you guess might happen to the glare, image depth and overall sound?

For a few hundred bucks, I guess I cant go too far wrong but would love any suggestions.
Give it a shot, Frank has a 30 day return policy. I think you'll like them though.
Tom Campbell, a Positive-Feedback online reviewer, was impressed. See &
Is that the 6 guage stranded copper (19 strands) Home Depot wire the Bound for Sound recommends? If so how is it?

I have to believe the Signal cable would trounce the Monster wire and probably the MIT too so worth a shot.

not sure on the Home Depot -- I want to say 8 gauge?

I do remember that the jacket is bright yellow with a black stripe and it was < $50 for 50 feet.

There are three conductors, so you just snip off the ends and discard the third conducter.

Seems to work pretty well, but for me it was an interim fix when my original cables were too short for the new room.
Signal Cable products offer a quality product at a great value. IMO to try to better their performance with Home Depot wire would be a waste of time since the price is already very reasonable for the Signal Cable. You absolutely cannot go wrong for the price.
I would also look at Element cables offerings. I have one of their twisted pair IC's and it is fantastic. It sounded virtually indistinguishable from a pair of XLO Signature IC's I had (which I promptly sold for 3 times the asking price of the Elements). Right now, I'm using DH Labs revelation IC's because they work a bit with my DH Labs Q10's, but the Element cables still sound fine on my XM tuner.
Ditto on the Element Twisted Pair. I just recieved my pair and I'm stunned at how transparent, detailed, and smoothly musical these are. They replaced a Bryston coax cable, which sounded analytical and hard compared. I also have a VHaudio Pulsar IC which pairs very nicely with the Element cable. Element uses the same John Risch design in their cables as Signal, but offers a more refined version that Signal doesn't: Twisted Pair II. Try it, you won't regret it.
Give Frank a call and try the Signals. You WONT be disappointed.

SignalCable is good value. Maybe not the high-end for $49 or so, but good value.

Best regards,
I second Banksfriend opinions, I've own Signal Cable for the past 3 years, and I swear by them. Great performance at a great price. You can also give Frank a call, he can help you with what you need.
I've listened to the Signal Cable products and they are a good value for what they do; in my opinion though Signal Cables do not provide the best performance attainable and there are better cables out there.
"in my opinion though Signal Cables do not provide the best performance attainable and there are better cables out there"

Bob, are you saying this relative to Signal Cable's price point? If so I would like to hear your suggestions for alternates in the same sort of price range. I will be posting a thread about my experiences in testing long ICs, and I tried Signal Cable Silvers to discover they were not an ideal choice (nothing against the cable, but those who are interested should read my soon to be posted thread).
Tony-I'd put MAS cables from Audioparts against Signal anytime. Check the cost comparisons too.
Mt10425, can you give me your thoughts on what the MAS cables offer in terms of sound?
One more thing: do you have a web address for MAS?
Cable comparisons and strengths are system dependant. Silver Resolutions sound immaculate and incredible on one of my systems, but may not be right for someone else. Claims about good quality, reasonably low cost cables trouncing each other is a bit off base in my opinion. Signal cable is popular for good reason: Frank makes a great product and offers very good customer service. Compared to most everything (here I am not claiming "everything" just "most") at the same price point, his products are very hard to beat. Are they the best for your system? That is something only you can tell us.

In short, if we're all talking about great value at a great price, then pick the cables that are best for your system -- signal or otherwise.

I've A/Bd Signal against some great and very pricey cables and think their detail, spaciousness and transparency are incredible (Analogue IIs are good but the Silver Resolutions are great). FWIW: I moved to all Signal Cable in one of my systems and it made great improvements and I wouldn't change a thing.
Have you tried Franks' Silver Res. speaker cables? What did you think?

I love the Silver Resolution line. I have an all Siver Res. set up on my second system (including the speaker cables) and the sound is very holographic. I use his Magic Power cord on my amp, and his HC Digital Magic Power cord on my CD. It brought my older speakers back to life and is very detailed sounding.

Re: the speaker cables. I venture that these cables are a great match for most systems. They are detailed, transparent, and very holographic. The only exception on a good match might be if you have a bright and forward system, in which case these may not be the best choice. I find them to be very detailed and crystaline, which might not sit well in a system where you're already pushing the envelope on the front end. This is not to say they suffer from the "brightness" found in some silver. In my opinion they are very reasonable on this front. The bass on the Version II's (the only ones he sells now) is nice, focused, and tight -- not boomy but not as pronounced as a fat copper cable. So, if you need a lot more bass in your system you may not want to go with silver cables unless they are hybrids (with some copper, like the Version II of the Silver Resolution). I think these are one of the top "bang for the buck" cables out there. Hook them up compared to what you have right now and you will surely be blown away. Again, these did a great job of bringing older speakers I was thinking of replacing "back to life."
I remember reading somewhere that signal cable was bright. I thought about them a few years back but it deterred me because of it. You seem to have a problem in this area anyways.

I am currently using a Mcintosh MC-207 amp and a MX-119 pre/processor to power my Vienna Acoustics Mahler speakers. I have Frank's single run entry cables, but I have been thinking about the Silver Resolution cables, but wasn't sure about the improvement. It sounds like you have been please with the Silver Resolution line. Would you upgrade if you were me?

I am also using his power cords in all of my equipment.


I'll chime in on the Silver Resolutions as well. I had Frank's Analog II's throughout my system and considered them a step up from my Tara Labs Master Gen II's, for way less money. Frank suggested that I experiment with the Silver Resolution speaker cables rather than do a double run of Analog speaker cables, and the rest is history. The difference was spooky as the cables had no sound character at all. The characterization of "holographic," above, is correct. I even had Frank convert the cables on my Lynx Studio L22 sound card which uses a parallel cable connection. The cable are synergistic.
I think for what Frank sells it for; it is a steal. I have a good friend that just built a system on a budget. He used the Signal Power Cables (digital and standard) and purchased the new Silver Resolution Interconnects. They sound very nice. So nice he wanted to compare it to my Audience Au24.

We did however do some blind testing with some Audience Au24 and versus the Silver Resolution for a good length of time on my rig, then his. My friend ended up returning the silver resolution and just purhased a used half meter of Au24.

The Silver Resolution just could not compete with the Au24 in my system and my friends rig. Anyway, not bad sounding stuff. Just don't expect to get that last 30% of performance/refinement we audiofools search for.


Thanks for the feedback, but the Audience Au24 cables are in a completely different price leauge than the Signal Cable Silver reference cables as they are much more expensive. Thank you though,


Agreed at retail price but my friend paid $170.00 for a .5 meter pair of Audience Au24.

The 2 feet of Silver Resolution was $140.00. So a $30.00 difference for superior performance?

Sure doesn't sound that much more expensive to me. Does it to you?

I like the Signal Cable's and think they are a real deal. I was using cardas quad link 5's speaker cables at 300.00 (8ft pair) and went to 35ft cables (280.00 4+ times longer) from Signal and my system is now more open, the sound stage is larger and more natural and overall is fantastic.

Maybe the other cable guys are charging you for there research and development? They do need to dream up the next reason for you to change cables.

No, $30 is not to much money at all. I thought that we were comparing the difference between the retail price of each cables which is: The AU retail price ($384) vs. retail Silver Reference price ($139). A difference of $245 does matter to me though...
I will give Frank a call if i know his web site. Can any one help here> Thanks
I'm using the Signal Silvers throughout my system. Very good reasonably priced stuff.
I will pile on here and endorse the Signal Cable 2 IC for 49$ a meter and no ridiculous charge for extra length. I find them on the very slightly warm side of near neutral and prefer them to some more expense ICs for certain applications. They are an incredible bargain. Thanks to those discussing the silver resolutions.
Another +vote for Signal Cable.
I love it when someone picks up an eleven year thread, but jafant, you should have waited 2 days for it to be exactly 11 years.  Just to be clear, I think these test of products over time comments are way cool.

I had the chance to demo Signal Cable a few years back- jetter.
For the price-point, I was impressed. Just passing along sound advice.
If they're still in business in 2017 that is testimony re the quality itself.I can't recall where they are, never mind the sound now.
Signal Cable is first class...Frank is extremely easy to work with and reputable!
Signal was my first experience with cable upgrades over standard issue "rat shack" stuff. I still use some of Frank's PC's and I/C's ... mostly in my HT set-up. IMHO, one would have to invest at least 2X to 3X more dollars to receive a noticeable increase in SQ.  
Be careful with Signal Cable, I tried using their power cords (amp & digital) and initially I thought that the cables made a big difference, but after using them for a little longer, I realized that all it did was change the sound signature.  My system was no longer neutral in sound.  I put back on the stock power cord and everything when back to what I remembered it.  I would recommend Pangea power cords, they are also relatively inexpensive, but from my experience they keep your system neural.  I can't speak for Signal Cables interconnects or speaker cables since I never tried using them. 
One more vote for signal cable. The guy picks the best cables out there (belden, canare and the like), attaches the best connectors, and wraps it up in nice jackets. As a result, you pay for the best electrical performance and material quality, plus his craftmanship.
it’s a great deal if you are not as good as he is putting it all together.
his business in the world of hi-fi cable is a reference. Highly recommended, it's a killer deal.
chrisr, I would love to see some proof that Frank does what you describe. Not saying it is not true, but it is the first I have heard of it. Which of the companies you name makes his Silver Resolution wire? If you have no proof, you shouldn’t go there. BTW, I have had very good results with Signal Cable products and still own several.
Uh... What's wrong with this?  There are many belden and canare cables that are highly regarded in audiophile parlors.  You make it sound like it's a criminal act to outsource the best wires and connectors to make a finish product.  I don't understand your point.
i have no clue what silver resolution wire Is, but back in 2006-8, Frank actually was listing the full list of ingredients for each model on his site as i recall, because like i said he was putting together winning recipes that were highly regarded among diy groups and audiophile forums. 
I still have the analog 2 somewhere in my house bought 10 yeas ago.  I also bought the classic speaker cable in bi-wire for my vandys 2ce.
I never said it was a crime to outsource wire and make your own product from it. With few exceptions, that is exactly what cable makers do. You are correct, he still lists what his wires are made from. Silver Resolution is Frank's top cable line. The Silver Resolution use an alloy of silver and copper for one lead as well as silver plated OFC elsewhere in that model. Do Canare or Belden make such a wire? I looked thru their sites and did not see such a product. I didn't scour every product, but I don't see it. Maybe he specs something out for them to make for him. I probably worded that wrong in my last post. I just don't see proof that he is using those brands in his cables and you stated it as an absolute.
 BTW, I have Canare quad star 4-11 that I use in a small home theater system. It is a fine cable that sounds good for what I am using it for. Is it the best cable I have? No, I would take the Silver Resolution over them. I bought my bi wire pair of Silver Resolutions used and didn't pay that much more for them than the Quad star. It is not about the price. I have had cables significantly more expensive than the Silver Resolution that were not better. I don't determine that better in an A-B test, I do it with long term listening. If after several months I find myself not listening as much to my system, those cables need to go. I buy all used, so I rarely lose money to check out something different. When I find myself making time to listen more, I know that I have it right. In that respect, the Silver Resolution is better than the quad star IMO.
Thanks for commenting on the silver resolution cables, i have been considering them for some time. Depending on your speakers, canare 4s11 can sound way too mmmellow. With what i have now, i am really tempted to get the silver out of curiosity.
i know that Frank at Signal cable makes the wise choice on what to offer.
I have had a full set of SC,  Silver Resoultion, cables for sometime now, still find them to be very good. Now I am using Wywires, Blue, a bit more expensive, but I don't find them to be any better than SC. All of my power cords are Panega, I have never tried a power cord beyond that level. I was on the cable fence for several decades before I stop using bare twisted speaker wire and  Monster ICs, however the biggest difference, in sound quality, came from the better ICs. 
I'll +1 Signal Cable. I have Frank's Ultra speaker, Analog HT, optical, and coax cables. I also have more expensive cables from Morrow Audio (MA3 & MA4), Audio Metallurgy, Auricle, and Siltech. Signal Cable is my "go to" and most neutral sounding set for any system I have. Price is right, quality is top-notch and wouldn't go for anything less than that.