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Preamp suggestions for Belles 150A Reference
Im using a melos 110b pre amp with teles, the speakers are my hales rev. 3. Not a bad set up for under 4000. This amp is very dynamic and true to the music source. High 5 to mr Belles............. 
B&W 705 or Sonus Faber Concerto / Concertino
Im using a classe 70 with my b&w 705 and they sound really full with deep bass my wife allways ask me to turn it down the less than quarter volume. Im using a melos 110 line stage with telefunken tubes and a 400 volt strapping cap I really enj... 
Melos SHA Gold - what may be the fix..
Dear audiongon brothers and sisters, afriend is in need of our prayers. Please pray for Randy Young, as know he would do same for us, Randy is not well and needs our prayers. Thanks Ray Lippe God Bless Randy AKA "ezekiel" 
Melos SHA Gold - what may be the fix..
Let me tell you how difficult it is to find parts for melos equip. I have a sha gold with the opposite problem, volume contol is not working. So let me ask you this question are you looking for a sha gold for parts or willing to sell yours for par... 
Signal Cable -- High End Generic?
I will give Frank a call if i know his web site. Can any one help here> Thanks