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Harbeth 40.2 or Vandersteen Quatro CT
I agree with Soix. Having owned the Vandersteen Treo CT and the Harbeth C7 and M30.1. You can’t go wrong with either, but I warn you. You may have regrets selling your Harbeth. Vandersteens do have an awesome soundstage and imaging to die 
CPT equi=core 1800, can you place vertically?
Good to know. Thanks guys.  
Amp recommendation for Vandersteen Treo CT
Nice speaker like the Treo CT deserves a nice amp as well.  The best combo with an integrated that I’ve heard so far is with the Aesthetix Mimas.  It’s a little over your budget but they do sound really nice together. The bass with the Mimas just ... 
I don’t think Ayre is out of business,  I exchanged a few emails with Gary about a week ago and they just updated their instagram today.  Try posting on their Facebook page.   
Relaxed, musical DAC around 2k used?
+1 Codex.  With balanced cables and an upgraded power cable, the Codex hits way above its price.  Give it a listen.   
Vandersteen 7 mark ll or big Kef blades
I hope audigon is listening but I actively stopped posting about 6 months ago mainly due to Audiotroy taking over many of the threads that interests me. I would not be surprised if there are others who feel the same. It’s not fun anymore. I person... 
@dbphd sorry for the delayed response.  In both cases, using the Ethernet render built into the QX5 and using the Aurender and streaming via USB, Qobuz sounds better than Tidal.  In fact, I just cancelled my Tidal membership.  
Buzzing sound from Peachtree Nova 150 - anybody else had similar experience?
Kevinjkim, just a thought... I would try using a power conditioner. Depending on the region and country, the power can be “dirty”. I had an amp that hummed a few years back, uses a power conditioner and it resolved the issue. Many amps have a powe... 
Digital output from Oppo 103 CDP?
I have the OPPO BDT-101CI and it works fine via toslink optical to the Ayre Codex. Great DAC by the way. Note, SACD is only supported via HDMI or analog out. 
Sound Quality of red book CDs vs.streaming
@ron17, I’m based in the US. My subscription is showing as Qobuz Studio in the Aurender. I’m on the 30 free trial, but it did say that if I don’t cancel, the subscription will continue after 30 days. I’m currently listening to John Coltrane’s Blue... 
Sound Quality of red book CDs vs.streaming
I was able to stream in full 24bit/192kHz. That’s what what was showing on my DAC. :) 
Sound Quality of red book CDs vs.streaming
Those of you guys using Tidal as a reference to compare streaming to CDs, there is hope.  Spent last night comparing Qobuz to Tidal and Qobuz gets you so much closer to CD sound than Tidal ever did.  In my system, I use to think it was the streame... 
Finally got into the Qobuz BETA program in the US. Music streamer: Aurender N100H DAC: Ayre QX5/20Setup the Qobuz account online and then on the Aurender. Tidal was already setup on the aurender. I spent the last several hours a/b comparing Tidal ... 
Aesthetix MIMAS
Any owners out there? I recently heard this integrated powering a pair of Vandersteen Treo CTs and I thought it sounded terrific. In my opinion, one of the best integrated I have heard in a long time coming in at around $7k.  Not as detailed compa... 
Rogue audio amp thoughts
Also keep in mind that the Sphinx is a class D hybrid.  If you have the funds, I would look into the Asethetix Mimas integrated amp. Its also a hybrid, tube pre amp section but with a class a/b SS amp section.  In my opinion, one the best integrat...