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Help: Devore O/96 Integrated Amp + DAC suggestion
I heard the O/96 with a Leben CS600. I think the DAC was the Chord Hugo TT if memory recalls, it sounded wonderful.  Very engaging sound, detailed and a sweet mid range.  If I was building a tube base system and wanted a integrated tube amp, the L... 
Digitizing LPs
I’m not sure if Ayre still makes or sells them but I would check out the Ayre QA-9, this A/D convertor is well known to produce excellent results. So if you have a nice vinyl rig and cart, this could be a good solution to convert to digital. Good ... 
Oppo Ceasing production
Guys, I read in one of the other forums that Oppo is closing due to lawsuits and copyright infringement issues. Apparently, the plan is close down Oppo and create a new company.  I guess only time will tell, if this is true.   
Ideas for my next DAC....?
Sounds like the Ayre QX5-20 would meet the OP’s requirements. Excellent sound to boot.  
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II and What Bookshelf Speakers
I’ve owned the CM2 driving a pair of Harbeth C7s and the results were very good.  The highs and midrange was fantastic.  Like with any set of monitors, the low end was decent but a sub would have definitely helped.  Good luck!  
Aurender N100C - alternative apps?
An iPad is really the only way to go with an Aurender, but you will be awarded with a great controller app.  I suggest you buy a used iPad mini and use it just as a remote.   You can pick one up in great condition for less than $200.  I would much... 
Hearing loss , speakers or headphones ?
Sorry a correction. The Massdrop HD6xx are same as the HD650, not the 600.  I just realized the typo.  
Hearing loss , speakers or headphones ?
Listening to headphones at low volume is fine, it’s when you dial up the volume that it becomes a problem.  I also recommend open head phones instead of in ear headphones if possible.  The Sennheiser HD800/s are excellent.  Others, that I’ve enjoy... 
Oyaide Cables
Interesting thread.  I've been using PCs made by who use high grade OCC cooper (They have a interesting story on how they have access to OCC cables).  Curiosity is getting the better of me,  can someone recommend a Tunami rese... 
How big is the sweet spot for the vandersteen quatro wood CT speakers?
Oh...Johnny R is doing the setup. Your in awesome hands.  I had a very challenging setup and Johnny spent like a hour setting up my Vandersteen Treo CTs and boy do they sound great.  Seat back watch the show and afterwards listen to the magic.  
peachtree amp vs. traditional amp
Op, I would take a look at the Belles Aria integrated an the Rogue Cronus Magnum 2 which are both in the  $2-3K range. I owned the CM2 (just a wonderfully sounding amp) and I’ve also heard the Belles a couple of times and found this amp also excep... 
Ayre AX-5 Integrated Amplifier
Ctsooner, which pre-amp are you auditioning the vandersteens mono with?   Must be exciting!  I have the AX5/20 and I love it.  Sounds awesome paired with my Vandersteen Treo CTs.  
Ayre introduces the AX-8 integrated amp
The AX5 can be upgrade to AX5/20 for about $3K.  I have an AX5/20 driving a set of Vandersteen Treo CTs and this combination sounds awesome, phenominal soundstage, very natural and musical.  The details and instrument separation is exceptional.  H... 
Belles Greatest Integrated ever! The Virtuoso
If you click on the link Johnny provided, it says that the phono pre-amp section supports both MM/MC.   
Audiophile Setup with an Iphone 7
All good suggestions here. The Ayre Codex with balanced output is also an excellent option. I use the Ayre Codex in my own personal headphone setup as a DAC/AMP. The Chord Mojo or Hugo are also both good options as well. I’m also using a raspberry...