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Vandersteen Seminar at Audio Connection (NJ)
Err....It looks like I missed another great event. I was hoping to get over in for an hour but it didn't work out.     
Vandersteen Treo CT
Thinking about pulling the trigger? :) You can’t go wrong with the Treo CTs.  I own a pair of Treo CTs with Ayre gear and I’m very satisfied with the combo.  Great speakers, natural sounding, airy and detailed.  I know some say the bass is a bit w... 
Analog integrated amp recommendation
+2 Ayre AX5 (not 20). I have the AX5/20...both are wonderful amps.   
Biggest impact: moving from integrated to separates
I owned the CM2 and its going to be hard pressed to find separates that can compete with the CM2 at that price range.  Also, unless your turntable phono cables are fully balanced, I’m not sure how much of an improvement your going to hear going wi... 
Vandersteen Treo Speaker Cable Suggestions
I use double run AQ GO4 on my Treo CT, they sound wonderful. I think they sound as good as bi-wire AQ Castlerock cables. Pretty much the same material but two wires instead of one. Can’t go wrong with JohnnyR’s recommendation, he knows good soundi... 
Phono Stage Recommendation $3000
I’ll give a shout out for the Ayre P5xe as well since I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the dead quiet silence.  How about a used Asthestix Rhea, if you can find one? It sounded amazing last time I heard one and it’s tube. Plus, you can connect both y... 
Higher end value cables
I’ve been very satisfied with cables by Audio Sensibility in Canada.  They use mostly all OCC cooper and silver to make their cables.  I’ve had good results with Audio Art cables as well.  
Amps or Speakers which one to upgrade next
Looking at your setup. It’s very similar to my original setup, except I had my CM2 driving a pair of Harbeths. Let me ask you this...when you say “better”,  what are you looking to improve?  Do you feel it missing bass, details, clarity, soundstag... 
What headphone amp to use with Sennheiser HD800?
I use an Ayre Codex DAC/amp in balanced mode with a pair of Sennhesier HD650 and they sound great.  Works well as a standalone DAC.  
Which integrated amp?
It’s a bit above your budget but what about a used Ayre AX5 (non Twenty). I have the AX5/20 and I’m very happy with the sound it produces. When I heard the regular AX5, I thought it sounded really good as well.  Fully balanced circuitry with a zer... 
Shahinian Obelisk vs VandersteenTreo
@gdnrbob, congrats on the Ayre amps!!! I know you were itching to try a pair. Let us know how they work out for you. 
Arm suggestions to replace Magnepan Unitrac on TD 160 Super
I have the Jelco SA750 D on a Vinyl Nirvana restore/rebuilt Thorens 160 Super with a Ortofon 2M Bronze cart and it sounds great.  I changed the stock Jelco tonearm cable to a balanced Audio Sensibility cable, running balanced into a Ayre PX5e phon... 
Need recommendations for inexpensive power cord
I would is also checkout Audio Sensibility cables. They use OCC copper and sound very good for the money.  I tried several cables like Signalcable and Pangea but I think these are much better.  I suspect the difference is the OCC cooper used. I’ve... 
Vandersteen fans..need your input (TREO CT)
@stringreen, Nice! Don’t you miss Jersey?  I throw down some large beach towels and as expected they do make a difference.  Wifey is ok with the temporary rugs, will head over to Ikea and pick up a few area rugs.  I’m thinking shag. :) 
Looking for a music server, sans DAC.
Per some of the other posters the bluesound vault sounds like a good option. If you’re looking for better sound however, I would also consider either an Aurender or Melco music streamer server as well.