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What Do You Think . . . and How Does It Work?
Kenjit playing the victim... oh the irony! 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
Lawrence Audio Cello 
What Do You Think . . . and How Does It Work?
Duke, very good of you to take the high road. You are a good man and above this nonsense. 
Digital Amplifier Company aka Cherry Amplifier ...
Spoken with such great authority that you would swear it is true, other than it is completely wrong. The amps are built in and ship from Pennsylvania. He doesn't just slap modules into a case and call it a day. So, no, you cannot buy the same thin... 
Harbeth 30.1 or legacy calibre
@bajaed I am using a Digital Amplifier Company (DAC) 2-Cherry King on the tweeters. Pretty overkill, but it sounds great. The back looks similar to the XD version, but there are 2 xlr inputs and a set of binding posts. The only toggle on the back ... 
Harbeth 30.1 or legacy calibre
Calibre is a very nice speaker. I purchased a used set of the passive version and liked them. I then ordered what Legacy calls Calibre XDS. It uses the Wavelet as the crossover. It also takes the woofer passive combination and swaps them; the pass... 
Very small room! Help me with monitor speakers
If you are willing to buy used, there are a couple of good choices for sale on US Audiomart that would fit the bill.LSA-1 Statement. Very nice and at an attractive priceVapor Audio Breeze. Top notch drivers and really good sound for the price.Tyle... 
Best bookshelf loudspeakers under 10,000 for the pair
You don't hear them mentioned often, but the Prana Fideltiy Bhava are excellent. I have heard them a couple of times at Axpona and walked away very impressed each time. Very much under the radar, but they just sound right to me. 
Why do you think Bi-Wiring improves the sound ?
The terminals were fitted for one reason and one reason only: to give the user choice. Have I ever used them at exhibitions? No. Have I ever used them for critical listening? No. Have I ever used them during the design of the speaker? No. When w... 
Why do you think Bi-Wiring improves the sound ?
So Alan Shaw says it doesn't matter and Richard Vandersteen says it absolutely matters. Two very respected speaker designers with completely different views of the same subject. Do you just cherry pick one because it supports what you believe or f... 
Volti Audio's Razz Affordable Towers
I really liked the Alura when I heard it. I sure would like to hear this as well. 
What to upgrade to?
If you highly value what the Gamma Summits do well, and that is a substantial list, tread carefully replacing them. They are an excellent speaker and don't come up for sale very often. There is nothing wrong with trying to find something better, b... 
FREE ! DCM Time Frame TF 500 Speakers
Thank God the police have arrived to straighten this out. SMH.  I am with nitrobob on this one. He is not gaining anything from this. Hopefully someone takes advantage of his generosity and gets those DCMs up and making music.  
Aragon 2004
The Aragon amp you are looking at was built in Connecticut by the company that was building Mark Levinson at the time. It is an excellent amp and a steal at that price. I would buy both and make monoblocks out of them.+1 Having owned a 2004 Mk2... 
Why all speakers are imperfect
I think @kenjit is very heavily invested in the Acme Corporation and has had one too many anvils hit him in the head. Super Genius indeed.