Signal break up on 7 month old Bluesound Node 2i

I stream music on a Bluesound Node 2i using Tidal.  I hard wired my Bluesound using CAT6 cable and I connected the Bluesound by way of RCA cables to my ARCAM AVR 550.  All of a sudden after many hours of listening, I am experiencing signal break up and a stuttering sound when playing one album titled, "Eternal Light" by Morten Lauridsen.  So far, I am not experiencing this problem when playing other albums from my library.  I wonder if anyone might have experienced this problem and if they know what might be causing this problem.  My Bluesound Node 2i is about 7 months old.

I also wonder if anyone can hear a difference when playing MQA Tidal recordings.  For some reason I think I can hear greater clarity and a larger sound stage.  Is it possible when playing my Bluesound Node 2i connected RCA to my ARCAM in order to get the complete unfold of MQA if I am hearing a higher resolution.  Perhaps higher than 24/96.  Unfortunately, the Bluesound does not display the level of resolution as when I was playing it through a ProJect S2 DAC.

You are all so knowledgeable and I will certainly enjoy reading your responses.  
Since it is only one album I would think the file has gotten corrupt. I would RIP the album again replace it in my library and see what it does. 
I am experiencing signal break up and a stuttering sound when playing one album titled, "Eternal Light" by Morten Lauridsen.

I just listened to "Light Eternal", (not Eternal Light) and hear the same thing, however, I have no basis to compare because I don't listen to that type of music.  It almost sounds like it's supposed to sound that way?

I also wonder if anyone can hear a difference when playing MQA Tidal recordings. For some reason I think I can hear greater clarity and a larger sound stage. Is it possible when playing my Bluesound Node 2i connected RCA to my ARCAM in order to get the complete unfold of MQA if I am hearing a higher resolution.

That's what MQA is all about, so yes it should sound better.  Tidal used to have some of the same album in both CD and MQA, which made it easy to compare, but I just looked for some I know they had and they seem to have deleted the CD copies.  Maybe there still are some?

The Node2i decodes MQA internally through it's DAC, then sends it out through the RCA analog outputs.  That's how it works, so you're getting the full (3) unfolds and full MQA decoding.
Sorry you said the song was in your library so I thought it was on a hard drive  of CDs you ripped or converted to FLAC or Wav.
I am streaming Tidal not playing CD’s.
What do you mean by rip it?

You said this was from you library. So you had to rip it for it to be in your library. Please try to keep  up.......
I recently had an issue with the buffering (producing intermittent cutouts) on a Node2 and simply unplugged it and replugged it (reboot).  Problem went away.  Have you tried a simple reboot?
I will give this a try.  Didn't think I would ever get signal break up because I have my Bluesound hard wired by way of CAT6.  
I would think it is the file from Tidal and not your equipment since it is the only one that does it. Possibly stream from Amazon or Pandora, etc and see if the breakup is part of the recording as Mofimadness suggested??
You have certainly stumbled upon the greatest minds in audio -not . Are you using your node with the volume turned up all the way in the app ? Or is it fixed. There could possibly be a gain issue. I’ve ran across it before . Perhaps the node is down and the amp is pegged. ? I’m not familir with the amp . Fiddle with different levels and see if the noise goes away. You may even have dirty dials or connectors . Try all the easy stuff first. I’ve thought the world is ending before and it was 9 times out of ten simple. 
I rebooted my modem and unplugged the power cord from the Bluesound and reconnected it.  It appears this might have solved the problem.  Thanks to all for your help.
Not sure why rebooting my modem and my Bluesound why this appears to have corrected the problem.  Maybe there is someone who might know the answer to this question.

Thanks to all for your help.  As always you are all so helpful.
I had a similar problem with a Sangean internet tuner. Sometimes it worked great, sometimes it had dropouts and sometimes it wouldn’t work at all. I tried a second Netgear router, no help. A Motorola router cured everything. I’ve used it with a Node 2i for several months without a glitch.  YMMV
I called Tidal and they told me to turn off the power to the Bluesound and let it reboot.  That solved the problem.  I am hardwired CAT6 from the modem to the Bluesound so thought signal interruption from the modem was not an issue.

I wish I had not listened to the dealer who suggested adding a ProJect S2 DAC by way of digital coax cable.  I should have listened to my gut at the dealer because I kept saying I thought it sounded better without the DAC.  For some reason I felt there was a sound difference being able to unfold MQA completely.  I ended up selling the DAC and the cable on Audiogon for half the price I paid for it.  From now on, I will have to trust my ears.  It is kind of like the story, "The Emperors New Cloths".  If you spend more you try to convince yourself it sounds significantly better.  It is quite obvious there are quite a few of extremely wealthy people in the group.  I have thus far $15,000 invested into my system with an additional $2,000 left to finish it off with rear ceiling speakers and calibration for my home theater part of my system.  Fortunately, I play 2 channel 70% of the time.  So far the best investment I have made is adding a pair of S3 SHO REL subwoofers.

This group is incredibly knowledgeable and I am grateful for their feedback and to read some of their comments.  I have learned a great deal from everyone.

Thank you.
Your best investment would be to separate home theater from 2 channel. Far better than worrying about DACs, Tidal, etc.......


To wlutke,

I hard wired my Bluesound Node 2i using CAT6 and this I feel is the way to go.  Before I purchased my Bluesound I was streaming using an Apple TV.  I had signal break up streaming wirelessly.  As soon as I hard wired the Apple TV using CAT6, the problem went away.  My modem is located in my family room about 60 to 70 feet away.  The signal needs to pass through the kitchen.  I discovered my stainless refrigerator was the culprit.  Problem solved.
I think could connect a 2 channel amplifier to my ARCAM AVR 550 and us the ARCAM as a Pre Amp.  Not sure how much sound quality difference I would hear and if the ARCAM would introduce too much noise or more than what I have?  I wish I could have afforded to purchase the ARCAM AVR850.  Their G technology is incredible, as the first 50 watts is Pure A amplification.  It completely blew the doors off the 2 channel MacIntosh amp next to it.  Far greater detail and plenty of power.  However, the ARCAM AVR850 was twice the price.  You never hear anyone in this discussion group talking about ARCAM.  It must be a dirty word in the audiophile world.  My goal when I started out was to be able to enjoy both 2 channel and HT in my living room.  We transformed our museum, I mean our living room, into a music listening room.  We used to sit in the living room at least once a year prior to that.  So far, for the money I do like the sound of Parasound.  I think at the time, Parasound did not make a HT processor.  Be curious to know what people would do in this group.  My problem is the wife factor.  She is still not over what I have spent thus far.  However, she is the first to show off our sound system to her girl friends when they come over.  Funny how that works.

I thought I would share this while I am at it.  A realtor sends me real estate listings in my area every day.  After looking at more than 500 homes, I have yet to see a pair of speakers standing in a living room or family room.  I also see some very expensive home theater pieces sitting in a family room with a wide screen TV and I have yet to see built in wall HT speakers.  You kidding me..  People live in homes $700,000 to $1.2 million and are satisfied listening to their TV speakers?  We have a neighbor who was remodeling their entire first floor..  They were rebuilding their fireplace and I asked where the wires for their center channel was as well as left and right front and rear speakers for surround sound.  The wife must have gotten upset because they both dropped us like hot potatoes.  She obviously was the boss and he was the pilgrim.  Here they could have easily wired speakers in the wall while they were in the middle of construction and she won.  Now they get to look at movies in their family room and hear sound on their built in TV speakers.  I think people today must be allergic to music.  I remember the Wendy's TV commercials, "Where's The Beef"?  Now I say, where's the speakers  No wonder why audio dealers are struggling.