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Marantz pm6006 upgrade?
Audioquest or Kimber kable.
Kimber of course.  Audioquest is the new monster and they offer no measurements on their speakers with "dbs" or without.  THey are snake-oil salesmen. 
Rega, Totem, or KEF bookshelf speakers?
I have had rega rs5, ls50, and i still have totem hawk.In a 10x10 (I hope acoustically treated), I would go with totem /and/or LS50.   Maybe LS50 1st, and then Totem.  I would get both. 
Monster Cable m2.4s bi-wire
The big terminator is just a cable splitter.  so high and low wire are identical, 12awg.You can buy such cable splitter on DIY sites, such as douglasconnections or viablue.The Monsters are really nice cables! 
Solid core Versus Stranded Speaker cables
chrisr , Usualy manufacturer use the same gauge for internal speaker cable. Some use stranded 12 gauge. Which one would be best solid or strand ? And which gauge would you suggest for a three way speaker. I read that hardcore engineers and a... 
Beginning of a new journey...
@arafiq I just received the valli2. I have listened to it for it for an hour and it sounds so much better! I have no idea what the tube is as there’s no marking on it and its box.I thought it would make music sounds much louder than I am used to, ... 
Who buy PS AUDIO ?
Paul is an awesome guy, and I really enjoy watching his youtube channel.I had the PS300/ stellar pre-/dac in mind for a time, but the price for what is inside the box turned me completely off.  And I also have second thoughts about going from clas... 
Beginning of a new journey...
Doing the same... while my wife and daughter highjack the tv/stereo, I enjoy my cans on my ears.  So far, I have senneheiser 598 open-back, and Sony 7506 closed-back, alternating depending on mood and music.I am using a motorola cellphone and tida... 
Totem Hawks - my impressions
Aren't they great?  I am in the process of setting up a secondary system with my hawks, positioned to form a 6ft equilateral trangle. I have not found an integrated yet, but it will be tube-based. 
Looking to hear Tekton in NC
Must be rare... by the way, I will stay in cary/raleigh for a couple days mid-march, are they any dealers that would be worth visiting in the area? 
Wharfedale Elysian?
I just ordered a pair of the Elysian 2’s. Should be here in a week. These will take the place of a pair of Focal Sopra 2’s. Yes! Please let us know... I am very curious too, but with 2 kids in college...can't place an order. 
Audioquest vs. Others
I am particularly fond of the vodka series from audioquest... those cables must solve a lot of problems, beyond audio/video. 
Brave man, McGowan...
I was two fingers away from ordering an s300 along with the stellar pre-amp until Paul named audioquest as an example of a credible  manufacturer of good cables, because they actually listen to their products... Yeah right, I can see audioquest li... 
Wharfedale Linton Heritage 85th Anniversary
I have had the same hard-mids impressions on top of over-blown bass and mid-bass...not much treble.I have had the same impressions first time I heard the Denton's 80th.I was impressed right out of the box with the stand-up bass tracks and the gene... 
Wharfedale Linton Heritage 85th Anniversary
I questioned that too. This has to be a typo.  It is more likely 90db @ 2.87v/1m .  Compared to the other speakers I have, totem hawk and denton 80th, the Linton are clearly more efficient, and dynamic.