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JBL 4367 = Sleep Denervation
These are very nice speakers indeed.  I have never owned a JBL speaker and I want one. If you have trouble sleeping, you can always drop them off at my house for a couple days.  
The best speaker cables you’ve had
belden 5t00up. Clarity, control.  
Warmer class D amps for magnepan?
Class D is fine - what really matters is the pre-amp.  That;s where the desired warmth can come from.  
Are you interested in the new generation of "old school" design loudspeakers?
Yes, love big speaker sound.  I rediscovered that sound with the lintons, and now with ls3/6. You can't cheat physics.  I do not think i will go with slim towers again.  
Bose 901's in an acoustically treated room?
The 901 owners that i have crossed always reported that they sound better when the back is turned toward the listener... Go figure.  
Under my tower speakers -- Isoacoustics Gaia, other options?
I have used hockey pucks between spikes and carpet, not so much for vibration but to elevate the speaker height. Now hockey puck with furniture pads (hardware store) underneath= poor man's gaya.    
"World's Best Cables" vs Audioquest interconnects
7awg.... I can't imagine how flexible this garden hose is. Hopefully it won't break the connectors.      
Vandersteen 2CE Signature III — video review on YouTube by Steve Guttenberg (1/15/2023)
I have had the 2ce signature in the past and loved them! I just thought that tilting them just right was a pain in the neck.  And they were heavy. Also, I do not understand why they still dress them up in socks. They could look decent undressed,... 
Four Hour Tube Amp Warm-Up
Same here... With the little soundartist el-34, 4hrs is needed to sound best.  
Warm Sounding Cable
And for less, canare 4s11.  
Help me choice Audioquest speaker cables
@jetter +1. The smartest way to play with cables. The 4s11, 4s8 by canare are affordable references.   
Cables recommendation
@jasonbourne52 Cconnect  4ohm speakers using a 12ft aluminium/copper cable cable of 18awg, listen to your favorite track, and then listen again with a high purity copper of 10awg.  Let us know what you think!  
JBL L100 Classic 75's - Thoughts, Impressions, Serial Numbers
Are you all still enjoying your l100? I am thinking about pulling the trigger on these at some point. I currently listen to Stirling BBC LS3/6, which are wonderful, but for a change, I am tempted to have the JBLs.  
Usb cable recommendation
I picked up a basic wireworks USB 2.0 cable for less than $20 as I recall. I don't think it can make a difference in my system but at least wirewold isolate the power line from signal line if that is important.        isolate   
Digital Interconnects - Which one is the BEST ??!!
toslink is a connector terminating an optical fiber.  Optical fiber is the number one technology in the world to transfer data.