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Inexpensive speaker cables: any experience?
Cheap advertising!  these ribbon cables look like old flat cables used in IT to connect equipment in the eighties.    
Question about Bi-Wiring
I would just replace the metal link with a good short  wire. Bi-wiring is making this short wire a long one, still connected to the amp but at the amp binding post instead of the speaker binding post. As a result of bi-wiring, you just add lengt... 
Fascinated By GR Research Channel
Love the channel, but Danny sounds more and more like he's on a mission to correct all the speakers designers of this world, including the very best. And don't get him started on cables....  
Recommendation for Digital Coax
I think the key test for optical is does 100% of data pass thru or not. Same goes with coax, except that coax potentially could pick up rf noise whereas optical cannot.  That's why optical is the most used method to transfer data from one contine... 
Recommendation for Digital Coax
Why not optical?  A good toslink pof is a good toslink pof, and no need to consider 100th of coaxial brands and models. Optical is the most accurate, efficient way to transfer data from point a to point b, undisturbed.  
Stirling Broadcast / BBC LS3/6
You can also use the wharfedale Linton stands...perfect match, dimension wise and finish (walnut in my case).  
Stirling Broadcast / BBC LS3/6
Congratulations on the LS3/6! I purchased them 2 months ago.  Very fine speaker.  
Nordost Superflatline vs Kimber 12TC
with their geometry, Nordost cables must make perfect RF antennas. 
To Biwire or not to biwire
With very large woofers, like 10in, I would try bi-wire. 
Review: Totem Acoustics Hawk Speaker
Hey, 2021 and I still have the totem hawks... Are there still some owners left?Mines were manufactured in 12/2012. 
High end Class D amps?
Class d amps sound good when you have a class a preamp.Love my ps audio stellar stack. 
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
wharfedale Elysianspendor classic 1/2stirling broadcast 3/6 
KEF Blade -- how good are they?
Now that Best Buys carry KEF, you can listen to them at the Magnolia store.  I did, the soundstage is unbelievable, in terms of tonality, I could not really appreciate them as they were not really well setup, and the only material they could play ... 
My New Magnepan 1.7i's sound dull and lifeless on the top end...why?
bypass the fuses. 
B&W speakers sounding very harsh?
Yes, b&w are bright speakers, no doubt about it... I still have the 601 v1 from late 90s, I also have owned the cdm-9nt, and I have listened to a lot of them... All very bright.   Same goes for focal and monitor audio.They image well in the tr...