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Thoughts on Shunyata and Transparent?
@nyev , did you get the AQ Dragon yet, and if so any thoughts on comparison to the others?  
Anyone know the weight limit for a 4x4 Kallax with undeframe?
Ugh! Confusing yes! It had never occurred to me that IKEA would have different versions of the EKET cubes be different sizes! 😑 They’re dumb cubes! 😀 In any event, it seems the leg mount EKETs are limited to two rows. My space limitations and numb... 
Anyone know the weight limit for a 4x4 Kallax with undeframe?
Typo. I meant to say 12-1/4”. Yes, I do plan to add a back panel of some sort. Probably plywood.  
Anyone know the weight limit for a 4x4 Kallax with undeframe?
That’s odd. IKEA’s drawing states it as 12-14”. 🤔    
Anyone know the weight limit for a 4x4 Kallax with undeframe?
Ah, the IKEA site does have weight information. According to them, for a 4x4 Kallax on legs, the weight limit per cube is 29 pounds.  
Anyone know the weight limit for a 4x4 Kallax with undeframe?
Thanks @bdp24. Actually, the biggest reason I picked the Kallax over the EKET is because of the cube size. The EKET is 12-1/4” internally high while the Kallax is 13”. Some of my large box sets exceed 12-1/4” in height.   
The VPI forum is back
You have to register as a new user. At least right now. There appears to be no way to utilize the previous site’s user list, although Mat is working to get the contents of the old forum available as an archive on the new site.   
The VPI forum is back
I’m happy it’s back. Mat is trying to get the posts from the old forum available as an archive. That would be great as there’s a ton of valuable info there.  
Kiseki Purpleheart
I had problems with my PH from the get go. It had really uneven frequency balance between the two channels. I was able to get my money back. I heard HW’s PH at his house and it does sound wonderful, however my own experience and others I’ve read a... 
Sussurro MkII and surface noise?
@audioquest4life , I’d love to get your thoughts on how the LPS and the Sussurro MKII compare to each other. I packed up all my stuff a year ago June. With all the crazy stuff going on it took me until July of THIS year to get everything here. But... 
Sussurro MkII and surface noise?
Hi @dhite71. At the moment I have no update for you. I was running a Benz LP-S nicely until I packed up my house for my retirement move. At the moment now, only the digital side of my system is set up in the new house. I need to get the room paint... 
Lumin U1 vs. Sonore SE
(2) but in this case I run an ethernet cable from the switch to the Sonore Optical Rendu (optical converter);(3) from the Optical Rendu, which converts the internet signal to an optical signal there by reducing all kinds of "noise", there is a dou... 
20 amp cables for PS Audio P20?
The P20 has the ability to be fed either by a 15A cord or a 20A cord, properly terminated. There are two AC inputs on the back. Only one can be used at a time. When used with a 15A cord the maximum power the P20 is able to manage is limited by the... 
Stylus Microscope
Keep in mind with many of these high powered scopes, say above 200x, the focal length is typically so short that if your cart is still on the arm, you’ll probably have a he!! of a time getting the scope close enough to get the stylus in focus. Jus... 
kiseki purple heart cartridge output issues
David, I was fortunately able to return a PH NS after I heard, and measured via Adjust +, significant channel imbalance. I took the output curve picture to the last AXPONA I went to, and showed it to AJ Van den Hul (who was kind enough to look it ...