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what do horns sound like
I have horns and have had them my whole adult audio life, but they are quiescent now .  My college dorm had Heresys which where considered very high end but they were hard to take if you weren't listening to live Hendrix.  I couldn't  get enough t... 
Best budget preamp for my entry level system?
I agree wholeheartedly  with Millercarbon,  It would make your system much more complicated.  Yes It's a good idea if you want to seriously upgrade your system , but your next step given your budget is to my mind to consolidate sell and start over... 
Nordost Red Dawn Interconnects
It sound like the Mac sound, as highly as it is thought of, is not known for its airy analytic nature. I own some old Mac SS amps that go well with my Klipsch LaScalas, whereas my various tube amps did not.  It's not the cable, but if you want to ... 
Best speakers for HT usage?
You can get some incredible speakers.  What's your price point/budget? 
Researching value of two pairs of hi-end speakers
Most custom speakers don't sell for much.  You'll have to sell them as being "Stan Rickers's" at an auction where friends and devotees may bid them up a bit  
Need Advice on Power Protection/Clean Power
You might be able to get a power re-generator on the used market that would settler your source problems, the absolute best way.  Otherwise there are various filtration methods others are suggesting. 
What is the best copper for mains cables ?
I liked using Jena cables for my speaker wire. I could only afford the cheap one.  She says ALL COPPER is CONTINUOUS CAST and the wire buying public has had the wool pulled over their eyes. Don't argue with me argue with Jena Labs. I think they br... 
Any cable delivers more bass than Cardas Golden Reference?
@ Roberjerman  What does NLA mean? 
Music Hall vs. Schiit
If the Schiit  is $99, I would definitely take a shot with it.  I own a  Music Hall MMF-5 table, which I like but also own a Scout which is much much better , but it has as really nice cartridge on it. 
Music Hall vs. Schiit
I know I'll get hate mail for this but sell your prized preamp.  ARC stuff, and I owned an ARC pre is very analytical and approached sold state sound,  I am not going to suggest something in particular but you want a pre that uses octals.  There i... 
Selling a mostly complete setup
I agree you'll get more per piece .  
Does it come down to the mastering quality only??
I am compelled to agree, I don't like being negative and usually avoid it However-  I am listening to the recently promoted  live -50 years ago- on vinyl and it has a sort of haze over the sound.  It could be  (probably) the original recording tap... 
Any cable delivers more bass than Cardas Golden Reference?
I had Focal 936 driven by a variety of amps and they always seemed starved for bass and midbass.  Then I put in a pair of Cardas Golf Refs and the magic happened.  The speakers sounded great. I still use Cardas Gold Refs and love them. Unexpecte... 
Luxman L-509x for B&W 803 D3
Surely meant gobs of power.  I limited experience with either.  Once upon a time 125 WPC was zalot of power.  The current delivery is what I think you're concerned with .  I would give it a shot. If the amp is no good with your amp then move up. O... 
What were some of your early Hi-End audio gear/influences?
Mainly my fathers HiFi JBL Sherwoood Rec o Kut,  my own gear was Kenwood integrated Klipsch Heresys a simple Yahawood plinth YP211 turtable,Akai tape deck.