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Supratek 845 PP crazy big 14 tube stereo amp anybody?
They were known for their excellent preamps and closed shop some years ago.  I didn't know they made ?power or integrated amps.  I bought an ASL 845 integrated SET amp myself fairly recently.  I would audition the amp to make sure you like the sound. 
Turntable question
I bought a new VPI Scout with an installed Dynevector  20X H cartridge.  I used a modest MM phono stage by Graham Slee .  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that set up.  If you can afford it I would do that all over again. I don't know how the T... 
Constrained layer damping tape on toroidal transformer?
Yes Agree that you should try a non conducting material to dampen your transformer.  If it does get too hot Sorbothane in a constraining package or pillow might do the trick. 
Ever Bought an Audio Product that was Stupid Good for the Money?
I have two similar pairs of JBLS 1959s (my fathers) and 1964 bought in mint cond for $400 one is the 15 inch Mid Woofer the 64s have the 12 inch (D131). I want to upgrade the crossovers who did the work and what do you think did the most good.The ... 
tube pre amp or tube amp
I strongly agree with 4425 and Atmasphere.  I have found my audio Nirvana using mono bloc tube power amps but with a tube pre as well.  It's a very simple pre using only 2 X 6SN7s for amplification and SS rectification. I find I just don't get the... 
Best path to upgrading older system: Thiel, Adcom, CAL Audio Lab, Thornes....
It really is the most sensible thing to look at upgrading your speakers before trying to make new gear make the old ones sound like recently developed technology. It's a hard step and you can keep the old ones when pangs for nostalgia hit.  Once y... 
Want to get into Analog
Find one locally at a tag sale for minimal expense and try it. I did just that after a divorce cost me my good TT set up which was a VPI Scout Dynevector 20X cart and Graham Slee phono stage.  Are they equivalent, no not even close but I still enj... 
Minor Vintage Repair?
McIntosh gear. 
@Kreber my condolences as well.  You can get the equipment packed for you by UPS among others for example. There are other issues.  You need to know the value of the gear you're selling.  It would be good if you had a friend of your late husband ... 
Time to look at newer speakers?
IBID   the new JBLs 
KEF LS50 or Wharfedale Reva 2 -- which would you buy?
Get something clean sounding that has distinct phrasing.  I've heard Monitor is warm but clear especially the Silver series. 
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
If you don't count anachronistic speakers like my Dad's  1959 JBL C36s, then my Focal 936 Electras.  Simultaneously the best and the worst. When I finally got the right tube amps to play them they were glorious, unmittigated splendor bofore the Tu... 
Infinity Kappa 8's with a Krell KAV-300i?
Should be fine, unless you blast it.  Even then it would take some nasty distortion at really high volume to kill the Krell. 
Looking for a mid-priced TT to install my 2M Black Cart
Sir Cheech has evidently left the building.  We could go on debating the matter ad nauseam without harm however. 
Bryston 4B3 vs Mac MC462 vs Pass Labs X250.8, OR... GRYPHON Diablo 300?
I just want to hear some Gryphon gear.  Looks cool, is very expensive apparently, and is considered ultra high end.