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Should I repair my Creek 4330 or replace it?
I had a bad experience buying a used Mac Receiver from Hi-Fi Heaven too. Had low volume issues and never was quite right. Bottom plate had been removed and many of the screws were missing. I ended up selling receiver to someone revealing the probl... 
Do I go from a Primaluna HP Integrated to Schiit Freya+ and a pair of Aegir Amps?
To you question of tube pre and class A solid state preamp, I say yes very good combination. One of the best combos I had was the AES (Cary Audio) AE3 DJH tube preamp with a Pass Labs Aleph 30 class A power amp. I still have fond memories of that ... 
Its my first tube! (Preamp)
If you want to add phono to a Freya or other preamp the Schiit Mani is outstanding! 
Its my first tube! (Preamp)
Schiit makes good products for the money with positive reviews. I think you should stick w/ you original idea of a Freya. The Saga+ would also be a good option for a bedroom system. I have the Mani, soon to have the Modi3, with their pre and power... 
used Integrated tube amp under $1500 for Klipsch Cornwall III's?
Mystere IA-11I have the Mystere amp but not ready to part with it yet, it’s that good. Designed and made by sister company PrimaLuna. Tight rhythmic bass and extended highs that are not rolled off. And auto bias to make maintenance low.https://www... 
Will budget Schiit Modi3 help?
Will do. 
turntable choice
Brian,Of the 2 you listed my vote goes to the NAD TT because it’s a rebadged Rega.Mike 
Will budget Schiit Modi3 help?
I'm about ready to pull the trigger on the Modi 3 to add to my system. 
Will budget Schiit Modi3 help?
It wasn't on it a short while back. I see it's back. I read the 1st version had issues, that they must have resolved. 
Meridian 508.24...sound compared to newer players
Being that the Meridian 508.24 was one of the best in its days the $5k Hegel Mohican may be the contemporary replacement.http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/hegel-mohican-cd-player/https://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/10... 
Will budget Schiit Modi3 help?
Mesch, I would most definitely try the BD player using digital output to dac and compare to analogue out of player for bothe cds and bds. 
Will budget Schiit Modi3 help?
The Modi 3 multibit is discontinued and no longer on their website. You have to step up to the Bifrost multibit at $599 to get multibit from Schiit. 
Will budget Schiit Modi3 help?
Thanks Mesch. Yes it would be for cd playback and BD movies. Being it has optical input no reason not to use it with tv too. 
Will budget Schiit Modi3 help?
Thanks for your feedback Ischarpf and tomcar,Is the Modi3 difference to the analogue outs of your 20 yr old HK only slightly better. If so, it may not be worth the upgrade to a modern bluray player.I can't spend the extra money for the multi-bit v... 
Looking for an integrated tube amp under $2500
I have this integrate designed by PrimaLuna, their sister company from the Netherlands and find it has excellent dynamics, tight bass and extended highs. Build quality is perfection.Mystere AI-11http://www.mystere-eu.com/usermanuals/mystere_manual...