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A queston of Classe', or other amps
You could post in the 'speakers' forum with a heading something like 'amp recommendation for Maggie 3.7i". That way you'd spark interest with Maggie owners. 
On a positive note
Speaker cable recommendations in my budget
Need amp for a Rotel RC-970BX
Definitely look for a '90s Rotel power amp to match. 
Not all UPS deliveries require signature. It costs more and a shipper can choose not to require signature. 
Turntable Mats: Rubber, Felt or Cork.
I don't use a platter matt with my Thoens TD-203. It did not come with one and the platter is recessed where the record label is thicker so the actual vinyl record sits in contact w/ the platter. A record clamp might be worth trying for the TD-203. 
long lasting cart
Chakster, I understood what you said in your first post. Just wondering if my 2m Blue has the same roughly 600 hour life expectancy. Thanks. 
Proac Tablette - which version is best at imaging?
Thanks for your insights JJss49. This helps me w/ my Proac decision. The Tablet 10 has 10 ohm impedance which should be an easy load for my 40 watt tube integrated. 
long lasting cart
Does the quality of the diamond used affect stylus life? I’m assuming for expensive cartridges might last longer. Is this true? BTW, how many hours will the Ortofon 2m Blue nude-elliptical stylus last? 
When you’re not here who will inherit your system?
No one. I’ll be pairing down to basic minimalist hi-fi. Then I wont care. 
Proac Tablette - which version is best at imaging?
I’ve not heard Proac speakers yet so I can't answer your question directly, but I’m looking at the latest Tablet 10 for my tube amp in a small room. I’ve read earlier versions are brighter. There’s pretty extensive discussions here on the Tablet 1... 
Why do my rolling stones albums sound bad?
Must be the era to some degree. I've been disappointed in general w/ Led Zeppelin LPs. It didn't bother me back in the day, but compared to other albums today they sound inferior. But the chemistry of their music in the studio is amazing. 
Anyone else grateful that they got hooked on this crazy addiction
To answer your posts headline. I like good sound, but wish I didn’t go down the road of an obsession. I’m really trying to keep it simple now. I do appreciate folks that just use an elementary system and don’t fret over it one bit. 
AV Rack Identification
Possibly BDI. Nice looking for sure. 
Wharfedale Elysian 4 Incredible build quality and sound, but made in China.
Why would you pay $5k more for the exact same quality speaker? Makes no sense.