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Best cheap integrated amp
Thanks Lostinbostom & Crustycoot. 
Best cheap integrated amp
Thanks for these recommendations. To reiterate, I'm buying new. The NAD and Music Hall are the only ones in my price. I will study these. 
Technics or Thorens, need suggestions
I nominate the Thorens as I have an entry Thorens belt drive turntable w/ Ortofon 2m Blue and it’s quite nice. The suspension and better arm on the TD1600 is a big plus for sure and with a Ortofon 2m Black it would make a nice set up with your Mac... 
Rogue Audio Sphinx V3
The problem for me with the Sphinx is the class D amp section. Lots of negative personal comments of class D amplification on the AudioAsylum audio forums. It deterred me. I’d research a little more before taking the plunge on a class D hybrid amp... 
What's the best integrated amp in the $1500-$2000 range?
You can easily get an awesome tube integrated amp in that $1.5-2K price from PrimaLuna or their sister company Mystere. I’m extremely satisfied with my Mystere IA11 amp from Upscale Audio in a vinyl system which is listed in "virtual systems". If ... 
What Do You Think . . . and How Does It Work?
To those who think it's ugly, put your creative hat on and build a nice wood veneered cabinet over it. The guts doesn't have to change and your can be tailored to your visual preference. 
Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.
Patricia Barbers debut album "Cafe Blue'. Excellent musicians all having opportunities to show their expertise. 
Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.
Yes Steely Dan is superb.With out a doubt John Mayall "Jazz Blues Fusion" well recorded live album on vinyl and CD.Also look into Spyro Gyra. George Benson smooth jazz sounds. 
Audio discounts during Coronavirus
I think the OP was wondering if sales are slow because of the world wide virus, so is asking if anyone noticed any exceptional sales as a result that would make it tempting to upgrade or add to his system now. 
Bi - Wire Cable Usage
I suppose how the cable is made. Linn made bi-wire and tri-wire cables, K400 and K600. They used separate plus/minus cable runs separated from each other in each cable. 
Demo'ing Class A amps, Appreciation Suggestions from those who recently been there
Dennis Had 'Inspire Fire Bottle' SET tube amp is an option. 
Most musical stand mount loudspeakers
Musicality is subjective in the confines of a system and room environment.  
Direct Drive vs. Idler Drive vs. Belt drive
All have their strengths. My thoughts are to pick the turntable you like. 
What other Hobbies or Interests Do You Have?
I'm passionate about reading the Bible and being more Christ-like.I love working out w/ weights and long brisk walks.I enjoy photography w/ my digital rangefinder camera. 
Need help ! Looking for a low cost integrated tube amp for my office
I'm using a Mystere IA-11 integrated amp w/ 40 wpc. It is meticulously built by sister company Primaluna and is on sale at Up Scale Audio. It uses high quality parts and even a ladder resistor volume control instead of a potentiometer. Sound is cl...