Sam here and l just made a new discovry.

O.k this indirectly relates to music as i'm using frequencies.Using my multimeter on the hertz setting i discovered that canned food no matter what it is always measures at 0 hz and 0 hz means the food is dead and when i test fresh organic produce it measures between 20 and 25 hz and is alive, so i used my tone generator set at 20 hz using a clip running from the tone generator and clipped onto the metal lip of the canned good for 1 minute and take a second reading with the multimeter and now the food measures at 20 hz the same as the fresh organic produce even though the food has been sitting in a can for a year.This may be nothing however it may be something.
No, you were right the first’s nothing.
You're an interesting character, Sam....
Will here. Was it Spam?

That would make perfect sense, Spam is known to come back to life even after being in a can for 1 year or more.

Remember the big Spam scare in the 80s? A lot of good people were spammed that day I tell you. Where do you think Ridley Scott got the idea for Alien?
Caused me to think of Mr. White Keys and the Spamtones.   80s Nightclub/bar act in Anchorage lampooning sourdoughs and tourists alike.  Spam was frequently featured.

Ditch the multimeter and get a decent EMF meter asap.  You need to check wherever you're living for excessive levels.
Freshly dried psilocybin is still best.
Sam here and l just made a new discovry.
And your discovery is that you can't speel.
Hi sam, I recall your epephany in your last thread "I realize now why so many people think my ideas are crazy". Far be it for ME to think of YOU as such. I do enjoy these threads of your's. Try testing some baked beans. They generate tones on their own! Keep up the good work! 👍
Sam here and i'm just going to have to supply more proof that cannot be denied.
Carry on old bean.
Can't wait!
I can't wait for you to test this on coffee. I'm keenly interested in if there's a difference between whole beans and ground. 
He'll need an iso filter for the grounds hum.

So next time I'm listening to my vegetables I'll be sure to listen for this.
It is apparent that Sam already knows this.

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Freshly dried psilocybin is still best.

Who were you in a previous moniker/life?

"This may be nothing however it may be something"

It is definitely not nothing...... 
I'm either the smartest person on these blogs or my mind is blown.Possibly the greatest discovery of the 20th century.Why are so many people resistant to anything other than what the goverment feeds them.Look what they did to tesla so i'm in good company.You may think i'm crazy however i guarantee you the goverment would take me serious and i wouldn't be posting on these blogs anymore.
What a diabolical scheme!Measuring vegetables with a multimeter!
It smells like your Hertz meter needs calibration.
Or to hire OJ.

Tesla had nothing on Royal Rife.
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I am just amazed that you found a can of food that is sourcing an alternating current measured as Hz,(oscillations per second) without a source and it’s measured through a single conductor! With no potential.

Is that what you’re claiming?

If you used enough of these cans of food, I dare say you could replace batteries in a Tesla and power it with energized canned food!
So did you also check RMS on that energized can?

Although fruits and vegetables can have an electrical potential, an alternating current.. hahahahahaha
Put one lead of the meter in one ear and one lead in the other ear.  Let us know if you get a reading.

lt is a known fact that canned goods measure at zero hz (dead food) and i built a zapper using a 9v battery to zap the can with a 20hz frequency to energize the food just like when dr. frankenstine used lightening to bring the creature to life only i'm really doing it.
samhere... "i guarantee you the goverment would take me serious and i wouldn't be posting on these blogs anymore." You were amusing until you brought in the government conspiracy stuff. Now it's a little concerning. I'm afraid that if you divulge more of your belief system, a lot of us will be very concerned, and it will no longer be harmless fun.
Thomas Edison submarined and discredited Tesla's work, not the Government. They just stole all his research after his passing.

So just make sure all your research is hidden and safe so the Government never finds it.
firun...That is correct. I just read a book about Tesla. Incredible genius.
Yes, it was all pretty sh*tty, did not get the credit deserved. Wireless electricity, directed energy, so many patents and inventions people don't know about.

Fortunately they have been revisiting his work, information, events of the time. Whether anything will be changed in the history books, I'm not counting on it.
Remembering F. Zappas’ exhortation to ’call any vegetable, and that veg. will respond to you....’ @tablejockey pointed out, certain mushrooms will Definitely do so. Your reply beyond that point....*shrug*....well, your results may vary. ;)

Personal pref is some combustable sens of decent or better ’quality’. *G*
Enhances my ’audio experience’ better than my eqs’ seem to....

"Old freaks don’t really die....they just vague away...."

’Pigeon Park’; Congress of Wonders....

"That pigeon must be 18 feet tall..... *whew*...

I’m never going to get out of this park...."


What were the readings on the lithium and wellbutrin prescription bottles?
How about cheese sandwiches and ceiling fans?
@asvjerry - what do you feed an 18 foot tall pigeon?
Whatever the heck it wants!

Whoah, toasted sandwiches on fans? A great new scent for the house? Is it patent-able?
I strongly suggest a psychologist.  Better yet, a psychiatrist because they can legally prescribe drugs that can help with psychosis.

Dude, you are way out there...
I beg to differ.
Sam is a genius.
To come up with these threads and then sit back and watch the action is trolling to the 'n'th degree!
Again, kudos Sam!
You put kenjit to shame...
It's the highlight of my day tbh.
Seeing what revelation Sam will share with us next.

Who needs the dark web😁
OK, I'll go with that.  Knowing now what he is doing then I will never log on to one of his threads again.  My time is far more important than to allow myself to be trolled.  And kenjit falls into the same category.

We do come to this forum for learning and also to have some fun.  Whomever finds it fun to participate in such trolling, all the better to them.  Not me.  
Thanks again.

I don't want to, but I just can't help to see what he's come up with next!
carpathian, it Is fascinating to see what approach The K has for the next installment, 'tis true.

Whatever the 'theme', we're always couched as either wrong, deluded, in need of being educated in some fashion beyond our ken....jit.....😏

One would think....or, at least, Hope....that Someone here, with systems spanning from the simple to the Sublime, would/could extract the hint of a nod of appreciation....even a mote of acceptance.


I keep 'tuning in', if only to watch the floor show.  The actors tend to be the same, but the script has it's subtle variations to look for.... ;)

I'm reminded of those 2 'black holes' that were recently observed to merge....

The scientists' held their breath...and seemed to be disappointed to the outcome....*L*

Just shows' to go ya..🤪
Sam here and everyone knows the future does not make sense perhaps i'm ahead of my time like a time traveler in my mind being givin knollage in my subconcience mind.All i can estimate is my ideas are too revolutionary for regular folks from 2020 or perhaps you were taught 1 way not realizing that your teacher lied to you to keep the truth hidden and it's to hard to unlearn what you were taught so i can educate you in the real truth that has been supressed.
Imagine if you could listen to your audio system positioned immediately on top of the intersection of multiple ley lines.  People have known about this stuff since 1925...
Actually Sam I am watching that series on Netflix right now.
It’s called The Travellers.

Does explain a lot.....
Have you tried dried foods like beans, herbs and spices?  How about dehydrated fruit?  Yogurt?  It's still living as it has cultures in it.  What about nuts?   They'd fit right in...
As we say in the world of Linux, you can tune a file system, but you can't tune a fish.
You Can Tune a Fish But You Can't Tuna Piano.

Nice studio album by Reo Speedwagon.

Well at least we managed to get this thread tuned to a music item.....
I just ordered a tone generator and high end digital volt meter to test cans of cat food. I want only the best food for my kitty. Is there a Hertz reference for cat food somewhere that I can download? Or will I be actually making THE reference research paper? 
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