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Does the 33 hertz frequency turn vinyl into super vinyl "YES"77025
will the beatles rubber soul ever be remixed?1932
I've said this before so why can't your open your ears and except the truth?3894
ls possible to make digital audio sound like analog/vinyl38419
Apparently new artist don't even know what a melody is and drum machines suck101039
O.k after making some adjustments the sound is off the charts.This is BIG.91823
ls this the frequency of vinyl58726
Sam here and l just made a new discovry.255148
has anybody else noticed this about singers?221647
l want to build a solid wood turntable97249
Vinyl cut from a digital source is nothing but a vinyl cd.3284
ls FM radio even listenable any more?449862
There's gold in them frequencies!154726
My testing confirms 16/88 is the best sounding sample rate37312
Sam here.l realize now why so many people think my ideas are crazy?5447103