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Silver Speaker Cables
I have some from tempo electric… how long do you need?  
Phono Preamplifier Redux .. Damn This is Getting Expensive
The 20/20 comes with load set at 200 ohms.. you probably need to adjust to 100 per your cartridge specs   
What Power Cords for Rel S510 Subs?
@nyev  check it out  
What Power Cords for Rel S510 Subs?
I replaced the power cord on my s/812 with synergistic research. I also did the same with the fuse. I added a SR ground wire from the sub to my ground block as well. I have my whole rig set up this way and its amazeballz  
Nucleus, is there a better alternative?
Check out wolf audio   
@jackhifiguy  dang man. Sorry for your loss. You should fix the house up the way the wife and kids want. There will be other dacs, but there’s only one of them.   
This is good Schiit...
So… i went through the exact same process as @audiofreak32 . I added the schiit gungir multibit dac and noticed a minimal difference… BUT then I decided to switch from using the bluesound as my streamer and put in a metrum ambre. I connected it to... 
2nd systems- who’s got one?
Main system  bedroom  garage theater  gym work  
2nd system thoughts on vintage receivers
In my vintage system i use an accuphase p250 amp that is fed by a bliesound node 2i. The accuphase has had a total restore and has beautiful big meters and lots of power. Mc speakers are old restored McIntosh the ones that ate all wood and look li... 
How many systems do you have?
Ha!  main system , bedroom , vintage system in playroom, atmos theater in garage, gym system, work system…   
What direction should I go
You will need: fast Internet, a nice power supply for your router, a fancy ethernet cable from your router to your system, a fancy ethernet switch (English electric switch 8) , a fancy ethernet cable from the switch to your server (wolf audio sys... 
Which preamp to use?
Cdp digital to dac, analog to pre…  
The Importance of the Digital Cable
Black Cat makes a hell of a digital cable…  
Are all amps being built wrong?
What about the Magtech… 
Streamer vs. new mac mini for 2 channel system