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Stereo Receivers from the past...
Just search vintage receiver in Facebook marketplace and take your pick. Or go to local vintage hifi shop. There’s a huge market for this stuff right now. If your handy or have a tech that you like it’s fun to restore some of these old beauties.  
Amplifiers weight
@joecollege HA!  
Low-sensitivity speakers — What's special about them?
I have a bedroom system w Sierra2ex 89db sensitivity. I run a pair of 80w class a monoblocks and a pair of REL t-zero. I can rock the entire house from that little system. I was worried about the same thing, but I gambled on this and won.  
Seriously considering tube preamp…opinions?
Easy. Schiit Freya+ Tube pre. A pair of schiit aegir monoblock amps. Four xlr cables. Have a fully balanced differential class A, stereophile class a rated system for $2500. Add a node 2i and your in business.  
Perfect Path Solutions Total Contact Mega Review
Nice read. I’m sold.  
Synergistic PHT... any other PHT heads here?
@millercarbon ok I’m hooked, what should be my next step. I have chemical treatments from @whostolethebatmobile on my cables and chassis already, so probably not ECT. But what kind of hft’s should I get. I’m on a budget so step by step  
Synergistic PHT... any other PHT heads here?
@millercarboni just put the green dream on with the widow. It’s pretty insane. I’m listening to the David Grisman Quintet and they are all over my room. Eyes closed and your there. I love these little tweaks. I’m contemplating a fancy table mat. I... 
Synergistic PHT... any other PHT heads here?
@millercarbon I knew I could count on you! I’m fixin to read your review now! 
Chemically Altered Audio
@whostolethebatmobile I have been emailing you! I love the crystal tops. Sign me up for whatever else your making. -Andrew in Dallas  
Synergistic Research PHT- all of 'em! And then some!
Any other observations? I just got a set of the black widow and green dream. I had the dream on at first and couldn’t really wrap my head around it, it’s like it took the detail out and added a ton of warmth. I didn’t like it. I have the widow on ... 
How many speaker companies?
confused and don't know what to do
Here’s an example of a receiver with preouts that won’t break the bank. you go this route you can buy amps that will last for years and years and just ... 
confused and don't know what to do
here is my advice. Get a preamp with home theatre bypass. Plug all youR music sources into this preamp. Get a badass two channel amp for the front speakers. Get as good of a multi channel amp for the other speakers. I use a vintage Mcintosh mc7106... 
Need under $1500 preamp for my system
I really like my freya+  
Recomend Some Albums Recorded with True Imaging.
Top Secret... David Grisman quintet ‘80 LP is the best recording i have for imaging