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User Error Disaster Here is the schematic..You could try metzger vintage audio in plano, but honestly you will probably spend more than it’s worth. I have an assortment of vintage amps if you wanna try s... 
Power cable education needed
Power Cords are awesome but i dont thimk you will benefit because the Marantz is too to allow you hear a difference Your system deserves a proper preamp. You can get one with home theater bypass and still use your marantz for cinema. I used to hav... 
My dog gets to enjoy my system mor than i do
@afisher how did you know?  
My dog gets to enjoy my system mor than i do
@tooblue mostly roon radio, nobody is allowed to mess with my analog rig.  
Best skiinny floorstanders
Perfect Path "Solutions" (PPS) eMat
I’ve seen videos of the Perfect Path people making this stuff in an assembly line. yes it’s boutique, as in a small mom and pop, but its legit and works wonders on my system.  
members and their systems
what happened to that piece of gear that was so great ? —- i still have it, maybe i moved it to a second system, perhaps i sold it. i get the whole buying thing....but where are members getting the money to do all of this stuff ?  — i own NewYorkS... 
Help Me Choose or Confuse Me More
I use ascend acoustic Sierra2ex in my small setup. They are a small mom and pop boutique brand, made in the USA.  they are not only incredible sounding, but also beautiful. Read the reviews! 
Hdmi causes crosstalk between external preamp sources
@azwill modified mac mini to Metrum ambre aes to dac  
Hdmi causes crosstalk between external preamp sources
@azwill i cannot recommend the wolf enough. I thought my set up couldn’t get much better and I was definitely wrong. The soundstage is incredible with the wolf.  
Amp Upgrade time, $6000 budget, used or new.
@arcticdeth I love my Magtech. Thanks for the advice  
Hdmi causes crosstalk between external preamp sources
@noromance im just speculating that because the only devices with two prong power cords are the tv, the home theater amp, the processor, and the apple tv. And these are the devices that i am hearing in other channels. Besides being two prong they ... 
Hdmi causes crosstalk between external preamp sources
@noromance yes. That would work, do you think I should try other hdmi inputs ? Also why would i be able to hear my appletv in my vinyl source or my dac in my apple tv if they aren’t even connected to the processor... its very frustrating  
Building new system starting with power amp. What would you choose ?
@arcticdeth i love my Magtech. Fyi, your suggestion is the reason i looked into sanders. Im not sure how any other amp could be better. Nothing ive heard at least. 
Would I benefit from a dedicated streamer?
@kcpellethread bought the Luna R pure digital. I went with the titan processor. And I upgraded the sata cables. It is the roon server and streamer in one. i also does jriver, plays Netflix and everything else a computer does. But The thing has sti...