No response from seller

Why do so many sellers don’t have the courtesy to answer simple question. I’ve been wanting to buy a passive preamp from a seller in Ca. Sent 3 emails, one a week and not one reply. It’s easy to check he’s been on audiogon as of yesterday. He has positive feedback, not many.
if you decided not to sell cancel the damn add.
still looking but rest assured if he ever reply’s he’ll get the same treatment from me.
im to old to play these childish games
thanks for hearing me out
Life's frustrations carry into the audio world too.

That last paragraph seems to contradict itself a little.

Perhaps this fellow is very ill or worse?

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I’ve had similar experiences. In every case, the item was being sold to someone else. It still would be nice to receive some sort of acknowledgement. But,that’s the world.  There also is the chance that life situations have gotten in the way. I would keep searching for what you seek. 
Don't shoot yourself in the foot.

I called and left messages at Audio Classics 3 times, no return call. Got someone live, they said they would personally give the message (pre-arrange overhaul of my mx110z tube tuner/preamp) to Ryan.

I wrote, scolded them this way and that.

Ryan wrote, apologized, explained incredibly busy.

I wrote, an old man teaching a young person a valuable lesson: "An Apology, WITH an Explanation is NOT an Apology".

He replied, acknowledged that, letting me know they were there for me if I needed them.

OK, I got over myself, visited my friend in Vestal, NY (their location), met Ryan (heck of a nice person) at their place with my beloved unit. Signed the wooden door they have visitors and customers sign. They did a great job, did not go over-board, got it done and shipped back to me.

Later, gave me confidant advice when purchasing my little Luxman. 
This happens all the time on the internet. It doesn’t matter what the item is. Yet another consequence of no consequences for folks hiding anonymously behind a computer screen.
Happens outside of the audio world too.  Most FB or CL sellers are pretty decent people, but some will only lift a finger if it benefits them....including removing a sold listing.
Thanks, I have to agree with everyone’s response.
guess I’m just not that way after 76 years I at least have respect to buyer to reply one way or the other. After 3 weeks all I asked is this passive for sale or has it been sold. A simple yes or no would have been nice.
O’well, the search continues 
Have you tried Hifi Shark?
You should be able to find another unit, as well as find out prices of sold units.
@audioelevations In your situation I would share your frustration. Life is too short to have people waste your time. As you get older, you have less of it to If they are too busy, or what ever the excuse, I go somewhere else.
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Looking for a preamp, wanted passive now I’m open.
my audio friend thinks due to my health to get a integrated with remote. Not that stable in walking and he’s concerned. Weight is a issue as since my sever stroke I’m lucky I can pick up 20 to 25 pounds
I just don’t understand how tough it is to simply say how old something is, as a seller it would be in my listing unless it’s a new to market item, shame on you for not putting it there in the first place.
Just a different perspective. I listed an integrated amp for sale here. The system didn’t send me any notifications. I later found an offer that I would have accepted, but it was about two weeks old, and the potential buyer didn’t respond when I sent him a message. No, it wasn’t three attempts by either of us, but sometimes stuff happens.
Because this website is a joke for a proper auction site in 2021.  Many of the sellers are why this hobby almost died 20 years ago.  Egotistical sellers that lack proper knowledge to desctibe their products as well as the decay that organically happens to all transistors.  One mega seller in Chicago tried to convince me the product was thoroughly checked by a third party professional..him the seller?  Really!  Audiogon did work well before the redesign and sellers like Underwood Wally were class acts.  Get a professional real third party full bench check.  Get a deal off craigslist and roll the dice or get a killer deal from Audio Advisor or Music Direct.  The sense of urgency doesn't exist on here anymore.
I couldn’t agree more with the last post. Plus the fact the way the economy has changed doe not help.

Audio elevations, after two emails to the seller, And no response, I go elsewhere, don’t get stress out, so many choices of preamp, Have you heard , check it out , go for the new one.Saga and Freya and not expensive.Sometimes people are lazy to type two letters or three.
If I'm interested in purchasing an item on an auction site I always send the seller a legitimate question about the item. From the seller's response I can tell if he is knowledgeable about what he is selling. If he does not respond within 48 hours I know I do not want to deal him.
OP what can we do to help? Is there something you're looking for in a certain price range? Don't say 10k, all you'll see is my dust.. :-)

1. A line stage with remote? 
2. Do you need a phono stage too?
3. You are sure you're going to be happy without tone control?
4. The DAC, you have that covered?

There are a few preamps that will do 2,3,4 and have a remote too.

I wish there was a GREAT way to add remotes to things like a C11,20, 22s or MX110z. I'd sell everything I have If I could have that.

Mac C20 III tone control is like Manna from heaven. My favorite of them all. C2500 or 2600 is right there for having it ALL. add Telefunken valves in there to one up that rig..

We'll help, we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Mine being Farm Girl. :-)

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Somebody pendantically asked why I'm on here?  Well first, I'm an American and am allowed to view what I please.  I also like this thread as it exposes the narcissism that many seller and people have around this hobby.  They cling to it because they failed to excel in their professional pursuits.  I also like to debate with smart people and understand others point of view because it helps lift the community with honest articulate feedback and knowledge.  Question is Stereo5 why are you on here to discourage free thought and contributions or because your one of the ornary ones that unhappy and lives to call out others with unproductive comments.
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Thank you for noticing it was meant to draw attention.  I run a software company and a Professor at a top 5 University so time is valuable.  People that are passionate get involved whilst many sit on the sidelines... I do appreciate your desire to read while some of us like to educate and that was my first post BTW....
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Of any of you want topology critiques as a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff or DMTS before I was 26 at Bell Labs I am here to help and assist or provide advice please don't hesitate to reach out.  I want to assist and cut through the BS on people slumming equipment as I had tons of people trying to sell broken electronics 
This is one of the biggest issues buyers have with sellers, they don't update their ads and mark them sold. It just appears the only important thing to this type of seller is they get paid. No consideration for the buyer who is earnestly seeking this type of item and the frustrations involved.
I have bought 3 pieces of audio equipment here on Audiogon and cd boxsets and cds.I never had one problem with the sellers at all.