B&W 800 N vs 802 N Bass Response

I have heard many say that the 800N is very lean in the low end with not much power. I own 802N's and get a really good response in my room and they are driven by BAT VK51se and Levinson 436 monoblocks. Does anyone know from side-by-side comparison or owning both whether the 800N has more authority and power in the low end compared to my much smaller 802's? It would make sense that they would ( 2@10" vs 2@8" and higher quality crossover components and wiring). Thanks for everyone's input. I have the ability to get 800's but you don't want to try to move them more than once !!!!!!!
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Yes, they're better in the bass than the 802s. I've heard them side by side. The full midbass of the 802s makes them sound fuller, but the 800's have deeper more accurate bass and therefore a cleaner midrange. Try the 801D's. With their 15" bass driver, they take the prize for deep bass dynamics. They have the best specs for bottom end extension too.
I owned the N800 and they are not bass shy in any way but you do have to have a muscle amp to drive them hard to make the cones move. Even though they are 8 ohms speakers which are easy to drive on paper, it can't be more wrong.... I used big Krell mono's to drive them and they sang. To further that, I added a Velodyne DD-15 subwoofer which improved things even further.
Hope this helps.