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Bookshelf speakers that renders 3D soundstage
In your price range I would try the Monitor Audio Silver 100’s.  They are extremely well reviewed and go low for a bookshelf.  I have the left, right and center versions in my living room AVR setup and they sound pretty good, though the room setup... 
NAD M23 Stereo Amplifier: Best Amp Ever Bench Tested?!?
I had the NAD M33, sold it because I changed to a much more sensitive 8 (from 4) ohm speakers and didn’t need the Dirac room correction.  Got a used NAD 368 with the Blu OS module.  Both are very neutral, don’t have a house sound, you’re getting m... 
Bragging rights.....
It would be hard to beat a NAD M33 for all in one convenience and sound quality.  Not cheap but not expensive either, certainly worth the money!  
My Lifelong Quest to Make my Expensive Rig Sound as Good as $500 Headphones
I have the newest Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones and Hi-Rez Qobuz over Bluetooth Apt-X HD while mowing the grass (cordless electric mower) sounds amazing in noise cancelling mode!  Even better in a nice quiet room with the nannies turned off.  Definit... 
Herbie’s Spike Decoupling Gliders: my…experience
I heard that trying to put Blue-Tac under bookshelf speakers while on the stands could be problematic…  
What should I expect moving from MM to MC?
Just sell all the vinyl stuff and invest in good quality streaming gear and enjoy better sound quality and almost unlimited music selection on Qobuz for $14.99 a month.  
What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?
Magnapans, don’t remember the model, had kids and they had to go. Now I’d love a pair again but with two giant Maine Coon cats and a 105 pound Golden Retriever I just know they get damaged.  Maybe some day…  
Class D for Repatriated Merlin TSM MMI
NAD M33, now a bit under $5k, does everything including easily powering my 4 ohm Monitor Audios.  Has a class D Purifi type amp with nearly zero (inaudible) distortion, plus Dirac Live room correction.  I love mine!  
Did you notice....
Sergio: What class D amplifiers were being used?  With my NAD33 (including full Dirac Live room correction),  Monitor Audio Gold 100 bookshelfs, and SVS subwoofer, I have found my sound quality clearly better than my friend’s slightly less expensi... 
Did you notice....
So CDs are limited to a certain sound quality whereas streaming is not so limited. Pretty easy to hear which is better dollar for dollar, bit per bit.  
My Major System Upgrades in 2022 and Impact of Each
bdp24 & ozzy62, no need at all to BUY or HAVE recordings when you can have Qobuz lossless hi-rez streaming through the excellent setup he has.  
Sellers Beware of PayPal! (Update)
Your right! 😂😂😂😂  
B.S. Node 2i brick (yet another one)
I have the BlueOS in my NAD unit and has worked flawlessly (including updates) since I got it used three years ago.  
Which wire for internal recabling my speakers?
Why not the same speaker cable you’re already using from amps to speakers?  
A Note For LS50 Owners
Monitor Audio has seen the value of this for years using one bolt in back to tighten them down.