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Vintage Tube amps
Most of the best systems I’ve heard had tube amps....some old, some new. How they sound depends on a ton of variables, but the sound on all of them can be tailored a bit by the tube choices. At their best, tube amps offer great frequency response,... 
Help with first cable upgrade.
I also found the Canare wire cables to be decent affordable quality and a bit warmer sounding than some.   
Looking for an amp that punches way about its weight and I can grow with
+1 on the VTA Tubes4HiFi amps from Bob Latino.  Top notch performers at very competitive prices, and excellent service.   
I've yet to hear a pre-amp (or amp) that bests the Convergent SL-1.  Have you heard one or given it any thought? 
Do any of you kids , want your system ???
My oldest son has already asked for my speakers when I die.  He's the only one old enough to remember me building speakers, and wants them as a reminder of those memories.  I agreed he could have them when I go, but requested that my uncle's Dynak... 
Does Steely Dan sound bright to you?
Donald Fagan's Nightfly is almost a really great recording, but just a tick on the hot side for my tastes. 
Old Amps that can still Kick Butt
@ lou_setriodesHarvey Rosenberg from NYAL addressed our audio club back in the mid or later 80's, and I had the pleasure of picking him up from the airport.  He wanted to stop by my house, so he could personally "bless" my Moscode 300 and listenin... 
Thinking of investing in either Yamaha AS300 or Luxman l509X. 
Old Amps that can still Kick Butt
@knotscott / @lou_setriodes -     Did either of you ever perform any of the mods, to your Moscodes?     Great amp! Other than changing some tubes, I didn't do anything else to mine. 
Old Amps that can still Kick Butt
@lou_setriodesB&K EX442/ST-140PS Audio 200C/CX VSP Labs Trans Mos 150Acoustat TNT120/200Moscode 300Berning EA230Onix OA21/21sTandberg 3012/3012a It’s been fun reading through this thread and seeing some blasts from the past. I built a DH500 fr... 
Second hand components that can still kick butt today
Thorens TD-124 Mk 1 - circa 1958 (restored and working well)Garrard Type A70 Mk 2 - circa 1966 (modified and working well)Dynaco ST-70 (two) - circa 1961-1964 (enhanced and in service)Lazarus Cascade Basic pre - circa 1988 (restored and in service... 
Old Amps that can still Kick Butt
There are still lots of Dynaco ST-70 and ST-120s in service.  Many with rebuilt driver boards.  I ran a pair of slightly enhanced Dyna 70s for over 25 years, then added the VTA boards.  One was built by the factory in 1961, the other built by my u... 
Speaker size and soundstage
Sensitivity is by definition the response to an input. The lower the sensitivity the more power required for any given input, the less sensitive the speaker. Since the magic of imaging resides in low level fine detail it stands to reason the low s... 
I had a few drinks and bought some speakers, I've now sobered up
I’d give them some break in time before making any decisions. The woofer suspensions need to loosen up, and good poly caps can take some burn in time. You might also find that the new speakers are "different", but bring other attributes that you l... 
Speaker size and soundstage
Soundstage is defined by the sensitivity of the speaker and quality of materials used in construction (= engineering) of the speaker.These 2 factors will determine soundstage. Quality of materials is certainly a factor that I agree with, and think...