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YG Acoustics Peaks
LOL. just the name makes me cringe. 😂  
Crossovers? How do you evaluate if crossover is any good?
Crossovers are as critical as any component in the speaker. Sometimes the most critical, but that depends. They have to be designed specifically for the drivers being used, to optimize what they do well, and to minimize what they don’t do well. Th... 
High Pass Filter for Mains
Many of the active subs have an output for the mains that offer a HP filter. I can’t speak to the quality of them, but they definitely exist, and some might be good. Lots of people do it and are satisfied.   Another active option that’s really af... 
Focal v Wilson
At that level everything else upstream makes a significant difference.  What will be driving them?  
Klipsch RP-600M & Klipsch R-12SW Sub Or Focal JM Lab-Cobalt 806 & Focal JM Lab SW 800 Sub?
It’s always subjective. Focal makes some great stuff, but I’m not impressed with their lower end speakers I’ve heard. My son has the Focal/JM Labs Chorus 815 and 805, and they’re pretty darn middle of the road if you ask me. The sub is good IMO.  ... 
Is it okay to run two amplifiers for two speakers
If you have two of those amps, you could run them as monoblocks by running one channel of each amp per side. The benefit is zero crosstalk from the physical separation, and there's an advantage in each side having it's own power supply.  It won't ... 
This sound-suppressing silk can create quiet spaces
Cool! 😎 Will be interesting to see how they actually apply the tech, and what specific noises it'll reduce.  
Solid state amp vs tube amps
It depends on the specific amps, the speakers and system being used, and several other variables, but in general, yes....there’s a notable difference in how they sound.  The better the system, the easier the differences are to hear.  
Advantage of separate Bi-wire runs
It doubles the gauge of the wire, which can have some benefit. Other benefits are more controversial. Some theories claim that the wires each carry separate frequency ranges due to the capacitance and inductance of the crossover parts. Whether it’... 
How Soon Do You Realize You Don't Like a Piece of Gear?
Some things we like, some things we don't.  It's usually obvious as soon as the expectation bias wears off, which can be remarkably fast if we really don't like a change.  
Nagaoka MP11 GOLD info…
There's a dedicated Nag FB group that might have some insights if you don't get any here.        
Would the 300W CJ ART 300 Monoblocks be too much for my Avalon Ascendants?
Should be a nice pairing.  
Bi-amping a MC275 with my MC452.
It’s always subjective, but I don’t know of any reasons why the 275 wouldn’t mate well with your horns. Lots of people like tubes with horn drivers, and they give the option of rolling tubes to tailor the sound to your liking. I consider tubes on ... 
Does Every Track Sound Great on Your System?
Do you have a sub, or a method to adjust bass? Every room and setup is unique, so finding "0" is always a bit of a compromise unless you adjust on the fly. Once in a while I adjust for flyers, but usually just let them play out. If that’s a song y... 
Tube vs Solid state for Preamp
I’d consider some tube rolling with the AI before giving up that preamp.