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Pairing advice
A little bit of concern for brightness early on, can often to lead to despair and misery down the road. Sorry I can't help more from hands on experience with your inquiry. 
Ex Dunlavy Owners - What Other Speakers Have Made You Happy?
Have you given Magico speakers a listen yet?   I've owned and heard several Merlin speakers.   The Magico S5 MkII sounded pretty impressive to me on similar equipment that I've heard Merlins on.  
Does anyone make a preamp with a subwoofer output?
Many active subs have high and low level inputs, as well as a gain knob and frequency rolloff settings, which gives you plenty of flexibility.  If your sub has hi-level inputs, you can run it from the speaker outputs of your amp.  I actually prefe... 
I don't have sibilance problems, are my speakers dull?
Sometimes sibilance is just baked into the recording.I think we all have that subconscious (or conscious) "Do Not Play" list. 
What are some of your best thrift store or "give-away" AUDIOPHILE WORTHY finds!
Thorens TD-124 Mk 1 - free from my cousin Merlin 3B+ speakers - free from friend The Thorens needed some maintenance, along with minimal expenditures (~ $30) to bring it back to service, and the Merlins needed the exterior foam replaced (~ $40). B... 
Reasonably sensitive speakers for tube amps, max $2k/pair, new or used
I’ve been driving 89db speakers with a pair of old tube amps that are 20wpc in triode, and 35wpc in ultralinear mode. I typically use triode for the preferred sound quality, and almost never feel I lack power. It plays loud enough to disturb my wi... 
And My Budget Is...
I usually set my budget based on what I have available to spend at the time.  Once the research and shopping begins, sometimes it's prudent to save a while longer and increase my budget if warranted.  Sometimes I find I can spend less than budget ... 
How can we make people interested in our audio hobby?
Just be a good steward of the craft, and enjoy your system. Expose people to it gently and positively when you can, but it’s easy to come across as pushy if you have passion for something if they don't, so sometimes less if often more when it come... 
ZZ Top-Dusty Hill RIP
One of my all time favorites.  Hate to see an era come to an end.   
New to Integrated stereo tube amps
Nice story.....welcome aboard!  Enjoy your new setup. 
The best tube poweramp. . What do you think about ?
The best I've heard is the CAT JL-5 amp, CAT SL-1 pre, Magico S5 MkII speakers.  Simply head and shoulders above anything else I've heard or owned.  ..  
Thinking of adding a sub---maybe not?
That's a big room.  I'd add the subs, but suggest keeping the gain way down so it's barely noticeable, and using the lowest low pass frequency setting.  I suspect the biggest mistakes people make with subs is trying feature them, rather than just ... 
Ideas to improve my system
A powered sub would be a nice addition, especially for HT. Even a fairly modest sub can work well. Most have a high pass filter to relieve your main speakers from deep bass duties, which many claim will clean up the sound of mains. Then I’d look t... 
System forclassical music
It’s all so subjective, I’d suggest you take them to a few reputable dealers and see what they like the sound of. I’d focus first on speakers, and strongly suggest they try them in their room. Then find a good amp that plays well with the speakers... 
Marantz AV 7005
It’s worth what someone is willing to pay.  You have a bird in hand. If you want to sell the Marantz, I’d take the offer.