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Responses from limomangus

One of the Best Stereo System in the World!
Wow ,its like a concert hall...even better. 
Why are records still warped?
Funny in the 70s I would buy a record for $5 bucks .Now there $50 an can be warped...no thanks . 
Latest Absolute Sound
Audio gamble ,yes if you spent 65 k for a pair of speakers, you would think they would be fantastic sounding no questions about it....and if your not happy ,lol.First new car I bought was a 74 Plymouth Duster $2,000....i was very happy with it but... 
the sound of massed violins in classical orchestral recordings
When one buys a recording be it a record or cd ,they aren't even thing if it would sound good.There believing that it will .That is the sad fact. 
Using Maple Butcher Block Under a Turntable
From what I'm reading springs are the new kid on the block. 
“BLOCK” Function?
I like coming on here for the good answers and also reading the crazy replies also. 
It is not you, the sound really is getting worse
I can't remember it's been over 9months since coronavirus, and movies were closed in NYC. 
It’s a pleasure.
Very true. 
All NEW Technics SU-R1000 Reference Integrated AMP //ALL NEW TECHNOLOGIES NOBODY ELSE HAS!
Looks interesting.  
Turned Off My Subwoofer ... And My Speakers Sound Great
Personally I done use a subwoofer.  
What other hobby...
Collecting junk . 
Can hardware change speaker phasing over time??
Maybe you changed it and hooked it up wrong by accident. Like you did it and forgot on day.The next day it was out of phase. We all forget sometime. 
A pragmatic view of cartridge expenses / many questions
I'm just a poor old guy ,looking for the best for less.I don't have the money.If I did I probably would buy really expensive cartridges. The costs have gone threw the roof.Im a guy who bought Shure carts .Which always sounded good to me .Now I hav... 
Listening as a civilian
As a person who has survived cancer, I fully understand what you say .I also just relax and listen and don't worry about the system anymore ....Good Luck. 
Preamp suggestions, yes again
You want to save a bundle.Then check out ,Xhiang Sheng pre amps.