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thought on eBay?
I have bought lots of audio equipment on ebay.The only problems I had was how the seller packed the equipment.their guarentee is great. I've bought Speakers,amps,receivers ,tape players ,cd players. The damages were with turn tables I had bought.I... 
A turntable that plays all types of music well
Technics SL1200....the end  
I have prayed for all the people of Louisiana. I have family in Shreveport, Alexandria and Iowa.My cousin in Iowa was hit 3 times in 6 years ,and Is still in a trailer from Laura.i love the friendly ,down home people of Louisiana and New Orleans w... 
No response from seller
I have bought 3 pieces of audio equipment here on Audiogon and cd boxsets and cds.I never had one problem with the sellers at all. 
Let’s make this a better community!? One final shot?
I thought this site was here to discuss and learn about audio equipment. Yes people make typing errors. That's no reason to knock other people on this site.There are alot of so called audio Audiophiles know it alls .Who are not nice at all to othe... 
Rega tonearms using plastic bearings
Nothing surprises me any more. 
What tubes are you using in your Jolida JD 100?
I don't have one but I have a caryin and use supplied tues that came with it.... 
Critical oppositions made using inadequate equipment.
Really,I don't thing so. 
Jazz for aficionados
I'm to tired to think after reading all of these Choices...nite,note M 
I feel bad for GenX'ers that missed out on the 60s and 70s.
Yeah we lived through it but were now old men....they have it ag there finger tip,and are still young....we bought,lps,8trs,cassettes, reel to reels,vhs,laser disc,dvds,blue rays....we spent a fortune trying to find the right sound...they don't ha... 
Loudest Sound Ever?
I was sitting one time in the front row at a Robin Tower concert ,I could hear after the concert....When I was young we would go to a concert and then take the NYC subway home both are really loud.Another time we were having lunch at my grandmothe... 
Keeping your amplifier ON forever....?
Well thing about this if you turn it off all the money you saved on your electric bill will pay for a new one in 20-25 years.If your wrong .I turn my equipment off. 
Pulled from old theater
They must produce good moans and groans.... 
CD Player Recommendations…
I like emotiva cr3 but they have a newer model the cr4. 
How long do you listen for? (Before listening fatigue sets in)
Do you guys with tube set ups really warm your tube amp for 30-40 mins.? REALLY ????? So I guess you guys never park on the wrong side of the street  just asking .I see that new tube amps have lights on them and they chance color when the system i...