Most musical stand mount loudspeakers

In your opinion what is the most musical stand mount loudspeaker you have heard. please state what kind of music you listen to.
spica tc-50. It just never sounded bad, and almost always sounded great. Easy to forget about the equipment and just enjoy the music.
Acoustic, jazz old and new, folk, blue grass, texas blues, blues, singer song writer, old rock (old genesis, old jethro tull, old fleetwood mac, hot tuna, ect), classical
@marqmike +1 for the Spicas. Heard them a few times but have never owned them. And I didn't know they were made in Sante Fe!
Dynaudio Special 25 or 40, KEF LS50, Totem Model One Sigs, ELAC, EPOS...These are all incredible sounding stand mounted speakers that dont break the bank! Of course all these require high quality electronics to really shine.

Note: I listen to classic rock and Jazz from the 50’s thru 80’s.

Spendor sp100r2 with the right stand was an unbelievable listening experience.
I have not found more other stand-mount loudspeakers that sound that good in terms of timbre and resolution.
The listening was made with several amps (solid-state and tubes).
Back in the days of yore my friend Les claimed that his Symdex Sigma's were the best speakers ever! They were designed by Kevin Voeks.- who went on to do design work for other companies. Les previously had DQ10's. I didn't believe his claim - I preferred Rogers LS3/5A's! Today the Sigma's are forgotten, while the small BBC monitors are still in production and have a cult-following!
The Kaiser Chiara is the best sounding stand-mount I have ever heard.  Brilliant speaker with a gorgeous, musical sound and delivers a brilliant soundstage.  Eye-popping $22K price point but they deliver amazing sound.   

Horribly biased here since I make them but I would nominate my Verdant Nightshade 1s.  I spent years trying to find a stand-mount that I really loved that worked in my space and was on budget (under $10K).  I ended ups starting my own company to get it.  The Nightshade is a touch warm but supremely musical with a huge soundstage and great imaging.  I produce a higher end speaker that is more analytical and detailed but IMO, less musical.  Different strokes.... 

I would also nominate Raidho's series of stand-mounts.  In the right space (they won't work in every room), Raidho's deliver an immersive and addictive soundstage that is really special.  I owned the X-1s for a stretch.  

I listen to Classical, Jazz, Classic Rock, 80's broadly, Synth Pop, and Heavy Metal.  
I have Joseph Audio Pulsars and I love them.  I've paired them with REL T7i subs and they sound wonderful.  Tonally beautiful. Huge and precise soundstage.  Quite dynamic for their size.

I listen to a lot of Jazz, acoustic singer songwriter and rock.  But I like a wide variety of music and, short of really large scale orchestras and pipe organ, I don't find much they can't handle.

I have found them to be very accurate.  They don't make everything sound the same.  Great recordings sound great.  Good recordings sound good.  Bad recordings sound like what they are.
the best demo i heard for stand mount was axpona 2018 next level room and the raidho d1.2 speakers $27k. Little closer to reality was at simply stereo playing the paradigm persona b $6k streaming thru the anthem str integrated.

Technically, the Harbeth 40.2 sits on a stand, so the 40.2.

More along the lines of what you may be thinking about, the Fritz Carrera B.  Oh yes, and then the Gamut RS3i in the upper price range.

Musicality is subjective in the confines of a system and room environment. 
Well I’ve heard both those Harbeth and Fritz and no doubt they both fit the bill well. 
I’m always curious about fritz but even for a one man shop, his site is just awful....can’t tell what range..model..prices...
JBL 4429’s on Deer Creek Audio stands driven by Krell with Transparent cabling.  Dynamic without compression, extremely large soundstage, full midrange that borders on tube sounding and extended clean highs that can be adjusted for taste!  I’ve owned a ton of speakers costing upwards of $20k that did not please me as much as these large bookshelf/stand mounted JBL’s do.  
Call Fritz up and talk to him on the phone.  He is very personable.
Basically, he makes four flavors of the same speaker, using different model drivers mostly from Scanspeak: the Carrera 7 BE, Carbon 7 SE, the LS 7, and the REV 7 SE.
I’d vote for the Focal Aria 906.  I love the way the flax drivers sound. These can currently be had for $800 a pair new.  I’d put these up against anything in that price range.  I’ve got a pair and love them.  
I listen to everything except Country music.  
Wow I didnt know you could get those Arias for 800 new now. They are freakin great at that price. I owned some for some months and liked them quite a bit. They do however IMO need a balsy amp other wise sound flabby in the bass but they can go loud and they sound big. Very easy to listen to. 
Aerial LR5s on Sound Anchor Signature stands sound excellent in my system.  They need a lot of very good power to sound their best.
I’ve heard that about Focal for some time. About needing special Amp with lots of power. I have driven everything from the 906 to the Kanta no 2 with my Cambridge Audio CXA80. Sounds good to my ears. I know there’s people out there that will say I’m missing out, and my gear will do better on tubes, or this or that. But I suppose I’m the type that says, this is good enough for me. If that means I’m not an audiophile, then so be it.  Of course I’m also the type that will switch from Eminem to John Williams, then over to Linkin Park, then back over to Melody Gardot.  So there’s no speaker I’ve found that does it all perfect.  
Technically my dsp8000's are stand mounts with a mid and tweeter in their own enclosure sitting atop a 6 driver 1 + 1/2 way woofer operating from 200 hz down and used cost half what the little raidho's would new.