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Proud Harbeth p3esr owner - need help tweaking/troubleshooting
@gerryr1 >> I have the same issue with the P3ESR speakers.   << Unfortunate that you're not getting good sound from your Harbeths. IMO, 23 watts -- no matter how good those watts are -- is not enough for the P3ESR. You may be hearing ... 
JL Audio Eii2 subwoofer
I have two JL F112 subs that I bought in 2007. The performance is superb, and they blend with the main speakers (Janszen electrostatics) very well. Each sub has needed two repairs during that time. I’m told that JL has upgraded the electrolytic ca... 
Brian Wilson-American Masters
We have watched many shows in the series but not this one yet. We'll add it to our PBS list of stuff to watch. Another one that was superb was about Buddy Guy, the blues guitarist.  
What USB cable to get?
I, too, would recommend an inexpensive USB cable. I’ve had fine results with Belkin Gold. As to the Schiit cable, IMO a manufacturer would not sell cables that would work poorly with their electronics. I tried switching from Belkin to a more expe... 
Need some suggestions for a desktop amp.
A smallish pre/DAC might be the Matrix mini-i Pro 3. It has an excellent sounding DAC. You can check the specs to see if it has all the features you need. If you're interested in streaming, it does Roon but not plain DLNA/UPnP.  
WiFi streaming — streamer vs. through iPad
If your WiFi is strong, it should not be a problem. Fidelity is the same, WiFi or Ethernet. What is different is that with weak WiFi, one can get dropouts and lost connections. I have two streamers that have both WiFi and Ethernet, and neither on... 
Schiit Loki Max?
@dwest1023 - Did you mean "It was not very hard to detect . . . ."?  
Your short speaker cable experiences
I usr 24" cables from my Apollon monoblocks to the speakers. Though I like the idea from a technical point of view, I didn't notice any sonic difference compared to 6' cables. YMMV.  
Need some suggestions for a desktop amp.
You didn’t mention budget. I’m sure the Benchmark stack would be better than the IDA-8. I had the latter, and while it offers a lot good for the price, you would notice the difference on your Harbeths. I have a pair of P3ESR, and to me, the IDA-8 ... 
Mixed Brand Pre-Amp Power Amp Pairings that Work
I agree with @soix -- you just have to listen. That said, when I have paired pre and power amps a couple of times, (once Bryston, once Classé), the result was excellent. Currently using an Anthem STR Preamp with Apollon monoblocks built around th... 
Power Cord for DAC
I was impressed by Bricasti when I tried the M5 a few years ago. You might ask them what they recommend.  
New Hemingway Audio Power Cables WORLD's BEST ???
Check the OP's post history.  
Innuos Phoenix USB Reclocker - Sounds Worse?
@nyev - It is not just dealers who are biased. We audiophiles tend to be prey to expectation bias, in spades. That’s what keeps the used audio market churning. As to trusting what some guys you don't know say on the Internet, good luck with that.... 
Innuos Phoenix USB Reclocker - Sounds Worse?
Maybe you should sell it. My experience has been that modern USB chipsets don’t benefit from a reclocker. Why should they? The receiving end controls the clock, anyway. Nonetheless, I used a reclocker (Mutec MC-3+USB) before my Classe CP-800, and... 
New Hemingway Audio Power Cables WORLD's BEST ???
+1 @hilde. Or maybe I should cancel the family vacation for a few years and upgrade all my power cords.