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What do you use for streaming Classical?
@mrbobm - Like the previous poster, I tried Roon for a month, but it wasn’t for me . . . at least it wasn’t at that time. I have a large library, all carefully tagged, so I can find anything I own.But now, more and more, I play music from Qobuz, a... 
DSP with an Integrated Amp?
To add to what’s been said....Next time you change gear, look for an integrated with its own DSP (e.g., NAD M33) or one with pre-out and main-in jacks. Either way will allow you to use Dirac for whatever frequencies you want. 
DAC + NAS streamer combo (NOT Tidal/Qobuz etc)
I would consider the Matrix Element-X. I have not heard it, but because of the good reviews, I’d try to get one on approval. It’s said to be neutral and bulletproof.DACs of a certain price will almost certainly be Roon, Tidal, and Qobuz compatible... 
Please help. Need solutions for monitor stands and speaker terminal adapters
Cardas makes nice spade lugs that accept banana plugs. They are not cheap but are well made. https://echohifi.com/details/5674/Cardas_SpadeNakamichi makes a cheaper version: https://echohifi.com/details/14032/Nakamichi_Banana-to-Spade 
Jazz newbie
Jazz covers a lot of ground! Despite what one sees in the hi-fi magazines, it didn’t end in 1970.A couple of newer releases I’ve enjoyed are "Tangents" by Gary Peacock and "For Such a Time as This" by Eric Reed.A streaming service is a great way t... 
Advise on getting the usb firmware to work on classe cp-800
You're welcome -- I wish you best of luck with it. 
Smaller vs larger listening rooms?
My sister was just reminding me of a relative we visited 50 yrs ago, with a big old house with huge living room -- it contained a grand piano and six couches scattered around, as well as the stereo. 10 ft ceilings. I still remembered how sound fro... 
Better XLR/RCA adapters
I would use XLR cables and the current equipment is all RCA. I guess you already know that a balanced cable won’t get you any performance improvement?If it’s something you need to do temporarily, I’d try inexpensive adapters, like those sold by L... 
Custom power cables for powered speakers
Try here: https://www.pduwhips.com/category/40-power-cords.aspx 
Advise on getting the usb firmware to work on classe cp-800
Hmmm.... Is the CP-800 new to you, or have you been using it a long time?A drawback of the CP-800 (as you probably know) is the lack of sub level controls. You have to set the sub level(s) manually at the subs to match the mains. On the CP-800 its... 
Advise on getting the usb firmware to work on classe cp-800
You know that Mk II was a paid upgrade, with a new board for the USB input? 
Purifi Class D: Junk?
@jaytor -- You have a wonderful touch with the DIY projects. If I had the skill and patience to make things so neat and beautifully laid out, I’d be a DIYer myself.As someone interested in those PuriFi modules, I’ll be very interested in how you l... 
Qobuz vs idagio vs primaphonic
Qobuz has many complete operas. I have never had a problem with gaps between tracks using Qobuz. If others are, perhaps it is setup or equipment. In one system, I use the Qobuz app on a Windows computer via USB to a DAC.In the other system, I use ... 
Router Ethernet Cable to Streamer
I did put an EMO Systems EN70HD inline just before my Auralic Aries G1. I had not experienced any noise before inserting it, and I did not experience any noise afterwards. I kept it inline for it surge protection -- I consider it cheap insurance. ... 
Sound Quality of red book CDs vs.streaming
I’ve found that the SQ of my red book CDs exceeds that of streaming using the identical recordings for comparison. [...]I’m wondering if others have had the same experience No, I have not. I find the quality similar.