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Surprise Music Server
It even gives you the temperature in Shenzhen!  Most companies would make you pay extra for that feature alone!  
Has anyone been able to define well or measure differences between vinyl and digital?
Silly question.  Go with what sounds best on your system.  
Fiber Optic Internet
FYI, I use Frontier’s FIOS Internet in SW Florida. I have been a customer for 15 years.  Great service.  Signed up for their new plan 500Mbps up/500Mbps down.  $44.99 a month using autopay.  No contract or installation fees.    
In the US, how is your internet connection terminated in the home?
Mine is the same as @badhippie.  Fiber to the side of the house then converted to ethernet to my router.  
Roon Nucleus fan here!  
Lumin u1 or Aurender N10
I have owned both the Lumin U1 and Aurender N10.  I don’t have either but I thought the Lumin sounded better if memory serves.  When i had the N10 and my current PSAudio Directstream DAC I could hear no difference in sound when playing the same so... 
Differences the Project RS2 Transport and the (newest) Jay's Audio CD2 Mk 3
There is no debate...Stream Unlimited rules when comparing these two CD players.  
Suggestions for a good I2s cable $300-$400 range?
A "high end" I2S cable won't make a difference in sound output, but make you feel better.  
Suggestions for a good I2s cable $300-$400 range?
A high end I2S cable won't make a difference in sound output, but make you feel better.  
HDD format issue for music files
Format the drive on your MAC as exFAT and add your files on the MAC.  They will be viewable on a PC.  
Sony HAP-Z!ES won't play after disk swap
Did you format the new disk? I have had two HAPZ1s and two HAPS1 and the disc swaps went off without a hitch. Both HAPs can only utilize up to 2TB drives.  
SST Ampzilla 2000 SE MB and Ambrosia Preamp
The SST Ampzilla monoblocks won’t such that much power the previous post were talking about different amps.  I own the Ambrosia 2000 SE and the Son of Ampzilla II.  I am very pleased with this setup!  
A Suggestion Regarding Removal Of Posts
In our new cancel culture I’m sure the moderators relish their jobs to be judge and jury of what is appropriate.  God forbid someone gets their feelings hurt!  
A phenomenal new CD transport-Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 transport
I have no issue with the remote either.  It does need to be pointed directly at the unit though.  
How critical is streamer hardware to SQ when it feeds a good DAC?
@yyzsantabarbara - thank you Karen