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Speaker upgrade question - Wilson vs Focal
Wilson speaker’s are for old guys with tinnitus or hearing damage.  They sound great! 
Music Server vs CD
Music server gets my vote.  CDs are for old guys! 
Speaker upgrade question - Wilson vs Focal
I owned a pair of Wilson Sophia 2s and now own a pair of Focal Sopra 1s.  I much prefer the Sopras.  Not a fan of the lower end Wilson’s.  I am running subwoofers with the Focals as I did with the Wilsons. 
I want a streamer
The Lumin U1 is the best streamer (no DAC) I have used in my system.  
NAD M10 Streaming Amplifier
Did you pay $99.00 for the full Dirac Live solution or are you using the out of the box functionality?  I haven't tried it yet 
My Speaker Journey and Focal Sopra 2
Big Focal fan here.  I have a small dedicated audio room - 11.5’x15’ and the Focal Sopra 1s and JL Audio F112 subs integrate nicely 
NAD M10 Streaming Amplifier
I forgot to mention, but it should be obvious, the NAD M10 has a built in DAC so all you need is a pair of speakers to have a complete system 
Questions on next steps with my power amp
Power cables and speaker wires are the last thing you need to worry about! 
Alert, Warning, and Caution about Modified Components
@clearthink has inhaled too much of something.  His post makes zero sense and adds zero value to the forum.  Smoke on, smoke on! 
Manufacturers pushing their products and agenda in the forums.
@audiotroy never likes a product he doesn’t sell 
Price vs performance
Mid-Fi rules! 
Anything wrong with PS Audio DirectStream DACs?
I own a Directstream DAC and don’t agree at all with the 750 hour burn in.  It sounds great out of the box and you may notice small changes for the first hundred hours or so, but 750 hours...this is excessive and not needed. 
The JC Whitney syndrome
I agree with the OP.  There are many tweaks that just don’t work and are just silly.  One man’s tweak is another man’s snake oil. 
Why the fascination with subwoofers?
I bought the Focal Sopra No 1’s knowing they would be light in the bass region.  Just picked up a pair of JL Audio F112 suns with custom floor stands.  Wow!  I had an old Definitive Technology sub before but having two subs of much higher quality ... 
DAC Suggestions for Aurender N100C
I have a PS Audio Direcstream DAC.  Excellent DAC and very good discounts can be had for a new one (~40%]