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Responses from sfseay

Tidal does not post the cost to buy a song or an album on their site
@fillysun - $39.95 for the Tidal Downloader software to steal music from Tidal?  No Thanks! 
What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?
I would say my favorite two pieces are an SST Ambrosia 2000 Second Generation Preamp followed by my Focal Sopra 1 speakers. 
Aurender SSD Upgrades
A waste of money to upgrade the internal SSDs in the Aurender.  If you had dropouts it wasn’t from the factory SSD. 
Streamer Software
Lenbrook International owns NAD, PSB Speakers, and Bluesound.   
Dynamic range - effect on different speaker cables - even very high quality ones
@tatyana69 - You remind me of my daughter when she was a tweener.  Argumentative, pretending you have all the answers, and arrogant enough to believe your opinions are facts.Audiophile Posers Rule! 
Bricasti M3 In the house
I would assume that the MDX version number refers to the board version, not firmware.  Bricasti support is your friend. 
Why not combine streamer, roon core,endpoint, server and cd ripper together??
Endpoint is used when speaking of using Roon.  All players aren’t endpoints. 
Briscati m5 sample rate 192 and chord TT2
Why not use the Nucleus USB out to the Chord instead of the M5 and more cables? 
Dynamic range - effect on different speaker cables - even very high quality ones
Upsampling doesn’t increase dynamic range.  This is what happens when the ignorant explain the sound of new cables. 
Aurender N100 internal hard drive or USB external drive?
That is strange.  I replaced the 1TB HDD in my Sony HAPZ1ES with a 2TB SSD and heard no difference in sound quality.   
@tonnesen - you can’t be serious, REALLY!?!  All you do is whine and complain.  Please try to participate vs. finding reasons to take offense. 
Streamers, servers, players - woefully overpriced??
Keep thinking Raspberry Pi is nirvana... it isn’t.  You get what you pay for with the Pi streamers.I have a nice used once Allo Digione Signature you can buy if anyone insists on being a pi-phile.   
KEF ls50 meta’s are on the way
@kenjit is a “master audiophile” (whatever that means) so he knows more than all of us.  Time to throw away my KEF LS50s and LS50Ws and only listen to the wisdom of the master! 
I've said this before so why can't your open your ears and except the truth?
Wow!  Nonsense with clarity!!! 
Bricasti DAC owners
I emailed Bricasti yesterday.  Their response was - "Hi Stephen, We are looking into it and it will take time to get it to them for the certification, so we are starting the process.  Joe"