Best Rock Song Of ALL TIME?

Yeah, I know. There's no such thing, being that this kind of thing is highly subjective and all, but I believe that there are some rock songs that are not only so iconic that they embody the very heart of what rock and roll is, but transcend the genre itself to redefine what we consider it to be.

My entry: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

This song changed it all for me back when I was just 13 years old and heard it on the radio. Even now I learn something new each time I listen to it. I don't believe there is any song like it in the history of rock. Its genius is as evident today as it was the day it was released.

I don't consider this an argument, just an opinion. I will only contend that in order to be considered for the honor of best rock song of all time that it be a song that is more than just a catchy tune. Those are a dime a dozen in this landscape. Great songs take it to the next level. Bohemian Rhapsody does this more than any song in my opinion, but I know there are many others that fit this criteria. I'd like to hear your opinions.
Springsteen - Thunder Road.
The Eagles-Hotel California
The Who "Won't Get Fooled Again"
Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit
Too many different groups/songs.
I have multiple sealed LP copies of
Springsteen - Darkness on the Edge of Town album.
Its about the gut feel that does it for me.

"Racing in the Street"

Seen Bruce live 4 times in TO.
The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil.
Easy ---Satisfaction Stones. The lyrics are the embodiment of the disaffected teenager syndrome that is the foundation of all rock.
Type O Negative - Angry Itch
All great responses. I'll nominate a couple of others:
Clapton- Layla
Allman Bros- In Memory of Elizabeth Reed Live @ Fillmore
Statesboro BLUES disqualified.
Janis- Ball and Chain
Van Halen- Jump!
Dead- Truckin'
Creedence/J. Fogarty- pick one...Lodi, Proud Mary, Born on
the Bayou, Fortunate Son. Probably
the best rock songwriter since Lennon.

But I think for pure rock energy I'd have to go w Sympathy for the Devil.
White Man in the Hammersmith Palais
Hendrix- "All Along the Watchtower". Just an incredible grandeur.
Beach Boys-"Wouldn't It be Nice". As I get older, becomes more poignant.
And "Sympathy for the Devil" can still send a chill u[p my spine.
The Doors -- "Light My Fire" (the full 7 minute version). One reason it gets my vote, as I indicated in the current "Ray Manzarek RIP" thread, is that his keyboard work during the long instrumental segment I find to be simply amazing.

-- Al
Just off the top of my head:

Doors--The End
Mott the Hoople--All the Young Dudes
Rolling Stones--Sympathy for the Devil
Nirvana--Smells Like Teenage Spirit
Little Feat--Willin'
Graham Parker--Protection
Beatles--A Day in the Life
Chuck Berry--Johnny B. Goode
Johnny B Goode
I'll go with the Beatles "Revolution". It's perfect.

I also love Larry's Mott selection.

Many will say "Stairway" is the one.
"Like A Rolling Stone" has to be considered.
On a very personal note: The Beach Boys "In my Room"
and later Brian Wilson's "Imagination"
Depends on weather you're talkin' good ol' rock n' roll or "rock". Us old farts know the diff. If it's the former, I'd go with Johnny Be Good or several other Chuck Berry tunes. Maybe even some early Stones. No ear bleeders.
Magic Bus by The Who: Bo Diddley beat and teenage angst -- I wannit, I wannit, I wannit -- You can't have it

Jerry Lee Lewis, Great Balls of Fire, Whole Lot of Shakin'

Little Richard, Tutti Frutti, Good Golly Miss Molly, Rip It Up

Elvis, Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, All Shook Up

Carl Perkins, Blue Suede Shoes, Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby


The Who, I Can See For Miles

Jefferson Airplane, Somebody To Love
Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven." I have always liked that song. It sounds as good today as it did in the 70's when I was a child.

Heart's "Magic Man" also deserves an honorable mention.
You guys are close. Very close. It's actually Whole Lotta Love.
Good Golly Miss Molly
-Little Richard
If this song comes on when I am in the car especially in traffic, I have two choices. Turn off the radio or pull over and listen to it else risk an accident.
Aerosmith Dream On, written by a 17 year old Steven Tyler in New Hampshire.
Traditionally it's been Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven". It must however be played at volume setting eleven.
Some got the band right (Led Zeppelin). Not the song however. This would be " since I've been loving you". Runner up would be "love reign o' me by the who. Thanks for listening.
The pivot point was "I want to Hold Your Hand." Everything changed once you heard it.
@Truemaineiac, Steve tyler sounds very different on this song, but still great lyrics and rhythm.
Blue Suede Shoes (original Perkins version)
Best rock song of all time? That's a question that has no answer.
Here are my top 5 as of this minute (tomorrow this will probably change)

5. I'm A Man (Spencer Davis Group)
4. Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith)
3. Sympathy For The Devil (The Rolling Stones)
2. The Song Remains The Same (Led Zeppelin)
1. Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones)
I would have to pick my fav on every album and cd I own. And even that would be difficult. I love all the good stuff equally. Can't single one out. The best is the time frame.
If I had to choose, it will definately be an early Simon & Garfunkle, "America" ( from my all time favorite lp!) Agree with Csontos, it largly has to do with the time it was released.
Slaw, that's a great track, but is it rock?
Jail House Rock