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Genalex Gold Lion 12AX7 - different grades?
@jjss49 thanks for the update on the Shuguang QC improvement. I had tried there KT-88's years ago and really enjoyed them but there were to many failures within the first few months to justify continued use.  
anyone else having log in issues ?
same here 
Wall mounting on studs
I've never understood mounting audio gear to the structural components of a house.  Any door slams or such transfers vibration into the walls and ceilings. 
Another shout out for great service
I dropped my PPP in the trash not long ago. When it failed, I kept it for a few months to hear a difference. I never notice a big change. To be fair, over the years I used the PPP, I had added a few 20 amp dedicated outlets. The truth be told, I’v... 
Pondering to pull the trigger on an AT VM 760SLC
Won't say much about the cartridge but thanks for the trip down memory lane.  I grew up in the South bay and later lived in the Valley. I still have an AT-14Sa and really enjoy it's Shibata tip.  I also have a AT-150MLX and use it with the Microli... 
Best 6550 NOS Power Tube for CJ Premier 11a?
The folks who rave about NOS power tubes have amps with maybe four power tubes in them.  Many of us who have a large numbers of power tubes per channel have learned to live with the new production longevity issues. That's why I only buy power tube... 
How do I buy tubes?
I use to shop around for the best price but not any more.  I use a vendor whom has earned my business by selling tubes that are tested and burned in. I pay for the service but to me it's well worth it. 
Micro Fiber Cloth for Record Cleaning
I use micro fiber on Lp's. Before use, I wash them without Fabric Softener.  Washing removes the lint collected during manufacture. I use them for a short time, them wash again.   
I cannot say enough about the KAB Concorde STY40 combo
I have an older Concorde that's black, I got it when I purchased my SL-1210MKII, which was used to DJ.  I had an OM40 stylus which I used with a used Ortofon OMP 10 (P-Mount) on a Technics SL-10.  I mated the OM40 to the Concorde and currently use... 
Building your own HiFI rack (hasn't been discussed in a while)
Kinda on topic:  I made an addition to my Salamander Twin 40 rack not to long ago.  I bought extra posts and related hardware from Salamander, very helpful people too.  I found a sheet of 1" Medium Density Fiber Board at a local Lumber Warehouse. ... 
Where to find Shuguang tubes?
I hope Shuguang and there KT-88's have gotten better.  Many years ago I purchased 18.  My amps used 16, 8 per amps. I ran out of replacements in the first two weeks, oh and lets not forget those 10 amp fuses.  In my system they sounded much better... 
Integrated amp for Klipsch Forte
I had Klipsch Forte's in the late 80's when I was new to the game and they were my first really good speakers.  I had the wrong support equipment and was to poor to get the amp they needed, so I sold them. I had NAD gear at the time.  Years later ... 
Technics Compact Linear Trackers, SL-__; SL-Q____ Vertical SL-V5. ADVICE PLEASE
I have an SL-10 and a SL-J33.  The 10 is the way to go if you've got the money. A very well made machine. 
Two Turntables? Why
I've got three in my system. Two TT's have pretty much stationary cartridges while one TT gets what ever I'm in the mood for.   
WHat did Audiophiles hear during Tape deck era?
I was not into High End back then but had good mid-fi gear.  Good RR's and early cassette players had Tape Hiss and later came Dolby Noise Reduction.  That reduced the hiss but slightly affected the high frequencies.  Some older people may have a ...