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Power regenerators on pre / digital - any downsides?
Yes, but that's just how it seemed to worked out for me.  Also, during the upgrades, cabling was changed too.   
Power regenerators on pre / digital - any downsides?
I used a PS Audio Power Plant Premier for a few years.  When i first got I plugged my VTL 300 Deluxe mono blocks into it.  It sounded weak and anemic.  The PPP did well with the front end gear I had at the time. As I upgraded to better gear with m... 
Tube Amps With Good Bass Qualities
AMP or Preamp
I'd go with the Mcintosh C2600, outstanding across the board.  Then match an amp to the C2600. 
DIY Carol Cable 12AWG, 14AWG & 16AWG and they are all UL List & approved. 
Klipsch Forte IIs, which amp?
I agree with georgehifi.  The Klipsch Forte were my first really good speakers.  I was new to the hobby and poor in the late 80's and used them with an SS NAD integrated amp. Not a bad combination but they could get tinny and glare with those earl... 
How I tamed digital glare.
I've been dealing with "Digital Glare" since 1985 and tried Green Markers, Disc Mats, Armor All you name it. I have owned more Disc players and DAC than I can or want to remember.  The following is what's worked the best for Me: Ripping all my Dis... 
Power conditioners under $1000?
Like tweak1 I had a Power Plant Premier.  A very buggie product.  It's collecting dust in my garage. 
C2600 recommendations
I agree with stereo5.  Replacing  the Mcintosh branded JJ tubes with Gold Lion 12AX7 (gold pins) is huge.  Also I've tried Mullard 12AX7's reissues (not the 4004's) and liked them a lot, cheaper too.From what I've the read My C2500 is suppose to h... 
What’s really hurting the audio hobby?
I haven't been in a Audio Salon in 20+ years.  The same amount of time I've had internet access. 
Which new amp to get?
The nice thing about a lot of modern high end tube amps is the Fault Protection and Auto Biasing features.  The OP has invested at lot in ARC maybe keep it all in the family.  
Shelter 501 mkii then what now
Years ago I tried the Shelter 501 mk ii based on reviews and comments in Audio forums.  At the time the cost was a real leap. I felt it was a big waste of money and sold it after a few months.  Looking back I felt it had cost vs performance issues... 
AC Regenerator
I have a PS Audio Power Plant Premier (PPP) and it's sitting in my garage. When originally purchased it helped smoothed out my CD player and  DAC.  It functioned fine for years.  A couple years ago I retired and added four dedicated 20 amp outlet.... 
VTL MB-450 Signature Series 2 Amps; Current or past users thoughts
I use VTL 450MKII’s and before that VTL 300 Deluxe MB’s. Folkfreak is for the most part correct with regards to "VTL Service". They really support VTL’s Dealers and their customers but they have been known to shy away from the used market. You nev... 
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
I took the leap to Mcintosh product a while back. I have a C2500 pre-amp. It beat out AR, CJ and VTL. It has two internal phono sections, MC&MM plus multiple line level inputs and an internal DAC.