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Anyone else enjoy putting together Frankenstein low to mid-fi -systems?
I recently moved into the mountains of Central Nevada and put together a little system for use with my Solar/Battery power source.  Some components were 2nd system, like the Spica TC50 speakers and Pioneer VSX 522 Receiver.  For the TT I'm using a... 
Krell KSA 200s power feed
I had a Krell 200 FPB stereo amp for a while. When I first got it, I would power it up and the lights in the room would dim. Too many devices on a 20 amp circuit. At the time the house was only 5 years old. I put in a 20 amp dedicated outlet. Two ... 
Would like to upgrade amplifier and would appreciate suggestions.
VTL 450 MKII used should fit you budget.  
Equalizer for hearing loss
I played with the digital EQ in my playback software to constipate for slight high frequency loss and really didn't care for it.  I'll revisit the issue if it gets worst. 
Do you have ways to ease use of vinyl?
I'm 68 with knee and hip issues. Recently I had a TT die.  I replaced it with a Technics SL-10 full auto linear tracking TT.  I'm pretty happy with it's ease of use and performance.  It has a Ortofon OMP10 cartridge with OM30 stylus which I really... 
I have used VTL Amps for 20 years.  The auto biasing and fault protection is truly an awesome feature. 
At33ptg II perfect straight out the box
I played with mass a bit and also declination/VTA, AT cartridges like the arm to be tail up about 26 degrees.  I used the 33 with two different arms: Jolida 750 9" on an SL-1210 and a SL-1800MKII stock.  The 33 seems to perform slightly better wit... 
Switching to battery power
Starting later this month I will be living off the grid until September.  I have excepted a "Caretaker" position for a Battery/Solar power cabin in the mountains. I'm taking my bedroom system,  Spica TC 50 speakers and a newer Pioneer VSX-522 rece... 
Do you have ways to ease use of vinyl?
I'm 67 and my knees talk back on the way down and up from putting on records.  My 3 TT's are in the rack and 2.5 feet above the floor.  I have made two changes to keep me off my old knees.  I replaced one TT with a SL-10 and it's full auto.  The o... 
At33ptg II perfect straight out the box
Like I posted I loved it right out of the box but after about 20 hours I switched to a Technics 7 gram headshell and put it on my SL-1800MKII TT.  I had it on a SL-1210 w/Jelco 750 arm.  It sounded a bit fuller after the change. 
At33ptg II perfect straight out the box
Loved the AT-33PTG straight out of the box too.  
Is my Esoteric DV-50S a keeper?
I have the original DV-50 and won't sell it.  I tried to replace it once and got an Esoteric D-7 DAC.  It's super nice but the old 50 has a warmer presentation.  I also use it for Concert DVD's. It has the best picture I've ever seen.   
Universal disc players as CD players.
I use a Esoteric DV-50 kind of old but still amazing. 
Do Mono Block amps provide better sound ??
No, they just look cool. 
Which speakers did you find bright, fatiguing or just disappointing in some way?
I have Thiel CS6's and never could get them dialed in, after  a bunch of amps and cable I pushed the against the wall and moved on.  They are my biggest audio miss-judgement and costly mistake.  The last two days have been rainy so I set them up. ...