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Is your now then?
Somewhere around 1966 we and a friend went into a store call the "Ear Drum" off Imperial Highway in Hawthorne CA.  The store was very dark with the equipment illuminated on shelves.  A salesman yelled at us "Hey you kids get out of here", another ... 
How many dealers do you use?
My last few major hardware purchases were from "Paragon Audio" an internet outlet. I have not been in an Audio Salon in over 20 years. 
Does anyone else think that the Samsung plays music much better than the Apple?
I tried moving away from apple. Got the cheapest new Samsung phone.  Using Samsung's Music playback app was simple and sounded really super nice.  If I had to, I could use the Samsung for music and just music, it is great.  Yet, as a communication... 
I've owned VTL product for 20 years and have had nothing but Top Notch service from them.   
What DAC upgrade made you say “DAMN, that sounds SO MUCH better than my last DAC”?
Musical Fidelity Trivista 21 to Esoteric D-07. 
What Amplifiers Have You Heard In Your System and What Amplifiers Will You Always Keep
What are some of your best thrift store or "give-away" AUDIOPHILE WORTHY finds!
Pioneer PL-50 at Goodwill.  No dust cover or belt.  $20.00 plus a belt at $18.00.  Not a bad TT for 38 bucks. 
Why the cost increase?
I drove back and forth to Montana from Southern Nevada recently. I saw train after train with Lumber heading south. I had put all my wood working project on hold for a few months when the prices went thru the roof. We shall see if the prices come ... 
Can my PS Audio Power Plant Premier be repaired? PS Audio won't do it any more
I dropped my PS Audio Power Plant Premier in the trash after talking to them.  It was a expensive switching box.  Dedicated 20 amp circuits made a better sound improvement and cost much less. 
Jolida JD102CRC
I have a JD-1000 integrated amp, haven't used it in years.  Judging on the post above it may be a good time sell it.   
As you have moved on, are there any items you remember fondly...or most fondly?
Counterpoint SA-20 amps and Acoustat Spectra 33 stats.    
Lay Off the Newbies!
Then stop calling them Vinyls! 
Tube Preamp - What to buy?
OP, when I was shopping for a pre the brands you listed were high on my list.  I went with a Mcintosh C2500 and I had to save longer but it has been worth it.  The 2500 reacts nicely to tube rolling, has two phono sections, MM & MC and of cour... 
Which amplifier should i buy
I've owned VTL amps for 20 years and have been very happy.  My current amps are VTL 450MKII and have never had an issue with them.  My previous VTL 300 Deluxe Mono Blocks were upgraded by VTL twice and during my visits I met with Bea Lam and Luke ... 
Rack recommendations
I've used Salamander for years.  My Twin 40 rack evolved with my system.  Years later it a Triple 40.  Salamander has a boat load of upgrade options and accessories.  The rack is very rigid. I have 3 TT on it only have vibration issues when I step...