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Built a DIY butcher block and iron pipe rack over the weekend
As an old Pipe Fitter, I appreciate your ingenuity and craftsmanship.    
Technics moving all turntable production to Malaysia
I'm happy Technics didn't move to China.  I avoid Chinese product whenever possible and that's hard to do.  My choice is not based on quality of product but on their business practices and the Taiwan issue.  
Technics moving all turntable production to Malaysia
Of course with lower manufacturing cost, they will lower the cost? 
I have a serious phobia problem with cleaning records
I use a Nitty Gritty Record  cleaning machine.   It's the manual version, I have to spin the record myself.  The vacuum is a bit loud although. I also use deionized water in a damp cloth. 
VTL's and KT88's?
@johnss  That's exactly how the Shuguang K-88 performed for me back in 2009.  I only use GL KT-88's in my VTL 450MKII amps.  Thanks for the comments on the Electro Harmonix KT88's. It may be time for a change. 
Technics 1200 MK2 vs Technics SL-1210GR
Thanks for that Knollbrent.  The 1200GR is in my sites early next month.  I had a Denon TT died not long ago.  I have vintage SL-1210MKII with a Jelco arm but it's got a lot of hard miles on it. BTW, Good Looking system! 
Technics 1200 MK2 vs Technics SL-1210GR
Buckle up! 
Good reasonably priced phono stage recommendation
@dell agreed.  I've owned a Jolida for years without issue.  It's hard to beat a phono stage with it own 111 page thread.   
Just how many outlets do you need for your stereo?
I have overkill.  Five dedicated circuits, why you may ask.  I had one dedicated outlet and wanted two more and just got carried away.  It was my first major project after I retired.  I was a Building Inspector so the skill set was there.   
Sota or Technics
I'd love to mate the two together, SOTA with it beautifully crafted wooden plinth and the Technics statement 1200g.  
The longest you have owned any gear?
I've own my Acoustat Spectra 33 electrostatic speakers since 1988, 33 years. I use them for maybe a week or two every few years. 
The Hub: Acoustat X: 'stats with tubes!
I have Acoustat Spectra 33's and when in use, I use VTL 450MKII tube amps to power them. I purchased them new in 1988.  My daily use speakers are B&W 801S3. 
EL 34 tubes
I've had good luck with Mullard EL-34's  in my Jolida JD-1000a. for years.  They have good longevity, a nice price  and sound very good. 
1st Album you Ever Owned?
The White Album, got it  as a Christmas present. 
Grant Fidelity parts ways with Psvane
Russ69, pay back is the reason.  Psvane got in to Grant Fidelity's pocket and squeezed, therefore GF is informing their customers and product user's of Psvane's aggressive  business practices.  Fair is fair.