Best platter mat for Acrilic platter ?

Hi All,am currently using the Harmonix platter mat on an Amazon 1, any suggestions as to which mat will increase my enjoyment of music ?
Herbie's turntable mats are consdered the best by many. You would probably need the grungebuster model for your Amazon One's acrylic platter.
Try the Linn felt mat. I had a P25 with an acrylic platter and used the Linn mat with good results.
How does it sound w/o a platter mat ? When clearaudio had mostly acrylic platters in their line, mats were not recommended.
None is best.
I had several tables with acrylic platters and never used a mat but YMMV.
I've had tables by Music Hall, Clearaudio and Pro-ject with acrylic platters. With them I experimented with several commercial and DIY mats. In each and every case I went back to no mat at all.

Put me in the "None is best" group
I run aluminum platters and I'm not a fan of mats, a local audio shop offered to lend me the origin live upgrade mat for home demo and it really caught me by surprise. I ended up purchasing it and considering another for my other tt. With an acrylic platter I probably wouldn't use a mat...
Basis turntables, (also made with acrylic), typically don't have mats either, and AJ Conti, (Basis designer/owner), recommends against their use as well. (I tried one on my Basis 1400, and did not like it.)
None...but I do use a light screw-on record clamp designed for my turntable
either none, or the Funk Firm Achromat.
None works best on the Clearaudio Performance SE with with acrylic platter for me. I use the Clearaudio Twister record clamp.
Origin Live doesn't recommend a mat for their acrylic platters either. You can sense a trend here.
Thank you all for your responses, Harmonix mat is now off TT.
It never accured to me to use TT without a mat.
Thanks all.
I used a Herbie's mat with the stock aluminum platter on my Pro-Ject 1Xpression with great results. I upgraded the platter to Pro-Ject's acrylic platter. The Herbie's mat over damped everything; they sucked together. The original felt mat that came with the Xpression sounded a bit better. No mat worked far better.

Like you, it didn't occur to me to skip the mat at first. It wasn't until I saw a picture of a turntable with acrylic platter and no mat playing an LP that I considered it.