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Speakers cause weather changes
I guess I can expect to pay a carbon tax on my next speaker purchase.  
Epic Popular Songs
"Scenes From An Italian Restaurant"  by Billy Joel  
Halloween Topic - Musicians and deals with the Devil
@erik_squires  I saw an old movie recently that touches on this subject.  The Mephisto Waltz starring Alan Alda.  
Filter Overkill
All of that depends on measurements.   If your amp has only basic settings, but Jriver gives you fine level control I'd go with JRiver.  Plus, most subs can use at least a little EQ to tame a room mode or two.  Minimize the number of tools you hav... 
Comparisson of Usher Mini Dancer 2's with Dali Helicon 400 Mk 1's?
I can't image the Dali Helicon tweeter sounding any more refined than Usher's DMD tweeter.  
Getting into Stevie Ray Vaughn
ptman said:  "I was in the Air Force, stationed in Austin mid-to-late 70's. Regular hangouts were Armadillo World Headquarters, Threadgills and the Back Room."I was at Bergstrom in the 70s also (73 thru 76).  Frequented the same places you mention... 
Focal Kanta 2 vs Revel 226be vs Monitor Audio Gold 300 5g
Thank you gentlemen for your responses.  I have a choice between three amps, all are solid state. 
What's your dream speaker?
Being a man of modest tastes and means, I could gladly live the rest of my life with a pair of (white) Revel f228be, Paradigm Persona f3, or Monitor Audio Gold 300 (5g). 
Speaker Cables? why all the hype for expensive speaker wire?
"After listening to many speaker cables, I am listening to basic 14 Gauge, high purity copper speaker wire and find myself shaking my head.  Does this basic speaker wire sound better than cables many times the price?  I am really starting to ponde... 
What speaker has the best tweeter?
The DMD tweeter in my Usher Dancers is pretty darn good! 
Best live albums from 1970's college days
@whipsaw You are absolutely correct about that Earth, Wind & Fire "Alive In '75" record.  I've been on an R&B kick lately and streamed that album the other night.  Lightning in a bottle....that crowd definitely got their money's worth! 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Well, the devil made me do it the first timeThe second time I done it on my own Black Rose by Billy Joe Shaver 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
I was sitting in the Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel.I was staring in my empty coffee cup.I was thinking that the gypsy wasn't lyin'.All the salty margaritas in Los Angeles.I'm gonna drink 'em up.And if California slides into the ocean.Like the mystics... 
Best live albums from 1970's college days
Bob Segar "Live Bullet"Yes "Yessongs"Cheap Trick "Live At Budakan"Deep Purple "Made In Japan"AC/DC "If You Want Blood, You Got It" (I think this is a single album) 
So you think wire conductors in cables are directional? Think again...
I use state of the art speaker wire (12 gauge oxygen free copper) purchased at Parts Express and terminated by me personally with high-tech gold plated banana plugs ($11 each).  I usually drive Usher Dancer speakers with all that awesomeness but s...