I have entered in to some dealings on Audio Asylum trader that are less than honorable......I made a deal with a established dealer to trade some rather expensive Atma-Sphere amplifiers for some basket case Altec amps.......After sending the well packed and insured amps , they where received in good order to the Audio Asylum dealer.......Keeping in mind that this dealer made no effort to ship my part of the deal during the week his amps were shipped....After no less than ten phone calls he tells me he doesn't know how to pack them, so I told him to take them to a "Pack and Ship" store and ship them....I would share the cost of shipping..........He has now fell off the face of the calls, no e-mails, no nothing......he will not answer the phone or in anyway communicate at all........Later this week I will put his Audio-Asylum business name on here.....What are your thoughts on this ???????  . 
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Post your story on Shady Lane over at AA. Could it be LofO?
I have e-mailed Audio Asylum about this and I would like them to respond......I want to give them several days........
A dealer doesn't know how to package for shipment?
Wow! Red should share that name with us ASAP!
IMO the moral of the story is do not trade long distance. If you would have bought, using PayPal or a CC, then them sold your amps. No problem. the trade means no recourse, no safety net. I suggest finding someone to visit said dealer at home....Someone big and mean. Perhaps file a theft report with the cops in the perps locale? (thing is it really is a civil court matter. Your recourse is to sue the person.) So the big mean guy(s) is the best bet. Best if the eight of them ride up on Harley Choppers.. Loud Harley Choppers. It is always good to have Biker friends.            
Curious, how far away is the perp from you? Secondly, Name names. Locations, addresses ... maybe someone can pay the perp a visit, a friendly gesture. Let them know their insurance should be up to date... Fire, health.. all sorts. It helps if the perp knows someone LOCAL is interested in seeing Justice done.(The threats in this post are all made  'in jest' and have no real threat implied or intended, just for the record.) hah hah.
This is rare, but I agree with Elizabeth. In fact, I’d go further, and fly (or drive) to visit this person. You’re obviously a trusting soul but this is the thanks you get. Also, I would never, never, never buy outside of the US. When I see an ad for something outside the US, I just move on. Buy at your own risk! No, that’s not racist. It just reduces your chance of having to post your bad experience here.

One more thing. This is the second poster in two days who has complained about a scamming seller but declined to name them. Really, why? Give us the name, we need to know.
This person is not out of the country, they are in Omaha, Neb..........I would like to wait a couple days to see if any administrator from Audio Asylum answers my e-mail on this...... 
You have their address.. Have you bothered to look it up and physically view it via Google maps? I mean you can SEE any property in almost anywhere in the USA. I would Google Map it get close, use the man icon and get a good look at it. that may tell you a lot.Plus, did you send it to a home? or a business address? I would be hard pressed to send anything to a business address unless it was to the owner of the business, with their name on the door.  
I cancelled a deal when the seller insisted I send the check to his 'office'. Sorry, I am not playing games for that guy. He was annoyed, and kept insisting. So I cancelled.
Thats why its called an asylum.Hello!!!!
I am trying to give this person every opportunity to respond before I put his name on the forum.....Or get some kind of response from Audio Asylum  from the e-mail I sent them...........But to tell the truth, I don't have much luck with anything to do with Audio Asylum.......Will
I have had a number of transactions using Audio Asylum Trader, both buying and selling, and they have all gone smoothly.  Ironically all of my dealings have been with private individuals, and you would think that was more risky than dealing with a bricks and mortar store.
Just because someone 'says' they are a dealer, does not mean they have an actual store. All they may have is a reseller's license and a hope.  And then there are actual stores.. and hole in a wall no one would actually step inside of. Or the store is 'really great', and soon, soon to move from his Mother's barn.
Keep in mind that all the time you give him to respond gives him all the time to vamoosh. Or, he can move the money and if you were to personally confront him, he'll just pull his pockets inside out and tell you to kiss the rabbit on the nose.

The fact that he's not responding to your emails and that AA is moving at a glacial pace is not looking good for you. Contact the local P.D. or whatever works for you and start a claim.

All the best,
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I hate seeing this happening. If the listing dill has posted is the one you are referring to, I see the seller has a good rating, so there was no reason for you to be suspicious.
Hopefully, AA will help you resolve this issue. If not, then I think you should post this on their webforum.
I do congratulate you on being so open minded, considering you are out of a pair of Atma's. If I were you, I would call Ralph and give him the serial numbers, if anyone tries to have them upgraded, you might be able to get them back.
Well, he only has one feedback for a $50.00 tube.
Is this the outfit autospec? If so, checkout their eBay feedback, looks like they have a negative that sounds like your situation.
Dill:   Would he have user name or a way to access it ??   Thanks Will
Be careful. I had a guy that I had to get a 19000 refund for a speaker that was paid for never finished and shipped. I had to threaten the guy to get my client his money.  I’m an attorney in Texas.  It took us 2 years.  Seriously, you have to be careful.  I would give him 24 hours then put him on blast. You have to! 
Maybe he died. Check the obits.
I live in Omaha. I could check things out for you, Will.
JWMAZUR:   Thanks for your offer, I would to give this another day or to  see if Audio Asylum will do anything.....I don't think Audio Asylum could care less......Thanks again    Will
Autospec why is the title of your thread Be Careful of Dealings on Audio Asylum.  There is nothing wrong with that site, I've had a few dealings with Audio Asylum Trader that went very well.  Don't disparage Audio Asylum because of a bad actor there.  This could happen on Audio Circle, Audiogon, US Audiomart just as easily.
Jeff:   I have e-mailed Audio Asylum five times about this, and haven't got any help, so they don't seem to care that I'm going to lost 2000 - 3000 dollars on this deal.......I have been a member Audio Asylum for many years, you would think they could at least answer a e-mail.....You would think that they could police there own web-site.....I'm getting tired of crooks and spam operators......Think about it ??
jeff is right. There is nothing shady about audioasylum itself.
Well I don't see it that way, when a member defrauds someone and the management won't make any effort to help, then they are not much better than there member...Jeff hasn't loss 2000.00 from some crook on Audio Asylum and nether have you......Its only about 2000.00 .......Will
I accord with Elizabeth’s caution against trades in long distance transactions. Money first, PayPal both ways. Since the Asylum realizes no fees from its commerce site, I understand its reluctance to police transactions. They do occasionally impose temporary or permanent bans on posters who violate their rules, but not for alleged fraud.
@autospec ,

Why haven't you posted this on Audio Asylum's Shady Lane where Audio Asylum scammers get reported. Giving the seller every benefit when you outed him on Audiogon?

Have you called to Omaha PD?
I would like to give this person every opportunity to get this right ..   I will have my lawyer contact the PD......All I want is what was in the deal, not to be friends with anyone......Just send me my amps....Will
I have given this person all the time in the world to get right with this transaction........He goes by "Lee of Omaha" on the Audio Asylum and owns a business in Papillion, NE.know as the Electron Addict......I will be filing some legal papers quickly........He also sells on e-bay, who I will also contact about this matter.........
I really hope this works out for you, I think you've waited more than long enough.  I'm curious, have you done many private deals up until now?  I think when one is 1st starting out, one wants to believe in the inherent goodness of man, allowing time, being ultra polite, almost experiencing disbelief when things head south.  The more experienced trader has less patience for BS, and moves quickly (immediately!) when the deal even sniffs funny!  I'm probably wrong but it almost seems like you didn't want to believe the guy was capable of ripping you off.  I'd advise going into ANY online transaction with yr eyes wide open and yr radar turned on.  Gotta listen to yr gut!;)
Well , I didn't wait long enough....Because he has just sent me the tracking numbers......There is a lesson here and a question to be answered....I waited 5 days without any connection with this person....Was that long enough, maybe ?? maybe not.......I would like to see some play on that.......Will 
He may have read this thread! Or a friend told him about it....So maybe the thread was the right response after all.  
Being able to call him out on it. Hope the items are as you wished.
Uh, he told you up front he didn’t know how to pack them. What else did you expect?
geoffkait: I'm sure you didn't spend much time summing this up.....I know you weren't the guy losing 2500.00 dollars.......And you weren't the guy sending over 10 unanswered e-mail or maybe the guy that made 4 unanswered phone calls over a course of 5 days.................So what do you know about any of it ???
Elizabeth:   I'm glad that someone can make a though out statement............Thanks
Congrats for the almost complete sentence.
I think 5 days is plenty with no confirmation. He would not answer your requests and said he didn’t know how to pack them. Your amps arrived at his place on time in good condition. He is in the business of fixing audio gear and doesn’t know how to pack? I hope they arrive ok.
Why would this guy agree to sell product he couldn't pack for appropriate delivery?  Duh?😖
If you know his address call his local police dept,
and tell them he scammed you, or the FBI they now have a online 
internet fraud dept. and also  mail fraud. Send him a certified letter as well as a email if he does not comply within 3-4 days call the police in his local area, if no satisfaction his state 
FBI internet fraud over $2k is a federal offense.
make the demand and tell him a deadline date send him also a link to theFBI
online  fraud dept. best of luck.
FBI online Fraud dept call or file a complaint ,
or call his local police  dept , someonewill go to his door.
I am sorry audioman58. You 'should' read the recent posts, instead of just the first one and then rush down to post your opinion.
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I guess he is in his own Universe? World of Warcraft maybe?
@geoffkait seriously why does it always have to be a smart alleck useless answer.  We are seriously trying to help this dude get his money or equipment and here we go again!  
Calvinj:    Thanks for your positive statement on this......I think we are getting pretty far from the original problem..........Also Elizabeth for you positive view on this.......The problem has pretty much taken care of it self, Lee has sent me the tracking numbers for the three pieces..........Thanks for all the positive help     geoffkait, you want to get yourself that pencil sharpener.....Will
Great news! Glad you got your stuff
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