Has anyone had dealings with The Camera Club.com

I'm new to the world of mail oder on the internet. I'm having problems getting a Panasonic RP91K dvd player that I ordered over 6 weeks ago from The Camera Club.com. I get run arounds when I call. It takes 40 minutes minimum on hold to get thorough to a human voice. They always have the same answer. It will probably be in next week, etc. I'm getting tired of the run around. Can anyone give me some feedback on what I can (should) do? Any suggestions on where else to go? Thanks for your input
Hopefully you have not sent payment in advance. If you used a credit card you can threaten them with cancellation of the order and turn them over to the credit card company.

Strangely, some mail order companies use this credit card "float" to enhance their cash flow. The only way to ruin their day is to use the American Express card. If they fail to ship and you are unhappy, AMEX will issue you a credit BY PHONE the same moment you call, and forcing the mail order firm to either issue immediate credit or ship the item (your choice).

For this reason, many will not accept the AMEX card, preferring the lower fees collected by MC and Visa and the inability for the consumer to file against them any quicker than 30 days by mail in form. Even then, another 45 days can pass, giving the seller time to respond and make good on the offer. All the while you are without goods, and they enjoy the credit in their account, even if pulled out later.

As for your current situation, I would try Oade electronics. I spoke to a person on the phone first try (toll free), and was promised my Sony SACD player would ship on a certain date. This was at a time when this player was red hot, very difficult to get, and they offered the lowest price on the internet.

In spite of this, they phoned me back, said they were charging my card and gave me the air bill number for my shipment. It arrived on the date promised, boxed double at no extra charge.

Not all mail order has to be bad, I hope yours turns out better than it has so far.
Dvoss, Albert is right. Amex backed me when I had a bad experience with a mail order house. They issued an immediate credit and started an investigation into the matter. The place in question denied ever receiving my return, but when I supplied Amex with a tracking number the issue was resolved. They couldn't deny their own employee's signature.

If things get worse, look up the Better Business Bureau online. The site should direct you to the state branch of the BBB in which the company you're having problems with operates from, and you can start the process of filing a claim.

I'm sorry being new to online mail order you're having such a bad experience. I've been doing this for many years have had pretty good luck. My dealings on Audiogon have also been very good, and I've made some friends along the way. Hang in there, we're here to help.
I think by law they can not keep an item on backorder more that 30 days without your permision. If you want out of the deal, call the credit card company and they will be more than happy to help.