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Whats on your turntable tonight?
LaCroix - Edgar Winter's White Trash's TRUE 3rd & last record. 
Arcam FMJ UDP411 control issues
My Arcam FMJ CD23T's built like a tank, sounds great, and has never failed me in over 15+ years.  Guess I must've lucked out!;) 
Feet/ footers: Cones, pads, rubber gizmos, fancy gizmos, roller gizmos
Gotta say, its difficult to follow a thread when over a 1/2 dz. posts have been removed!  Why bother posting if yr only gonna delete it later?  Seems to be a trend as I'm seeing this in other threads also.   
Has anyone been banned from Steve Hoffman Forums?
I 1st posted on this thread close to 3 yrs ago.  I don't know, I hang out over there as much as I hang out over here.  Gottatellya, I don't see much of a difference as far as the forums are concerned.  You'll find good and bad wherever you go.   
Rumors of iTunes Demise
This story is the epitome of 'fake news'!!! 
Who can dance?
1 more from the street!!!;)https://youtu.be/qLHP8hl7GfM 
Who can dance?
Used to do this all the time!!!https://youtu.be/i2oo0DfyucE 
What a sad world we now live in.......
I understand that CD's are yesterday's news.  The realization that it was all coming to an end, for me, came awhile ago.  The closing of Tower Records. 
Quiet Enjoyment: right of audiophiles neighbors to NOT be annoyed
I've lived in the same apt. for 10 years and have never had a single complaint.  It's a good spot, 1st floor corner on a carpeted concrete slab with reinforced concrete walls.  I've turned it up and stepped outside to check it out and it's practic... 
"You cannot handle the truth"
Like everything else, you should treat all transactions as unique.  But there's so many variables you may miss a golden opportunity by making a 'blanket' judgement about the seller.  Keep yr eyes wide open, never turn the ol' BS 'radar' off, and d... 
So just how much vinyl do YOU own?
Currently around 3000+.  I've easily owned over twice that.  I've got about 1000 within reach and the other 2K are in storage.  Guess I've already 'cherry-picked' the best for whoever comes after me!;) 
Spendor D7, D9 but no love Classic 100?
Bought my S100’s new in 1990. I’ve owned various solid state and tube pre-amps and amps, the speakers have always sounded superb! Some, noting this ’universally’ good sound, regardless of (most) associated gear, suggest an artificial euphonic ’voi... 
Jazz for aficionados
Disco...yep, I'm going there
- I still enjoy disco, but I find that it often sounds flat on many audiophile approved systems. -I may be mistaken, but Disco music has got to be one of the earliest representations of music completely created and played electronically in a studi... 
Disco...yep, I'm going there
Problem with Disco was it followed on the heels of some very historic, groundbreaking musical trends from the 60's.  It was an obvious money grab that corporate music completely embraced and basically shoved down the throat of the American public....