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I saw Jethro Tulls 50th Anniversary Concert Last Night
1st time I saw them was at the Fillmore East (circa Stand Up/Benefit) with Grand Funk Railroad (had just released their 1st record!) and Noel Redding's Fat Mattress (easily the worst band I've ever seen, bar none!).  Thick As A Brick was the last ... 
Saxaphone vs. Trumpet...Which do you prefer?
"Saxophones can do this, too--but due to the reed/tongue/embrochure interface (more complex physically than the mouthpiece/mouth interface of the trumpet), it's somewhat harder for saxes to exactly produce & follow very fast, repetitive rhythm... 
Saxaphone vs. Trumpet...Which do you prefer?
There's only 2 types of music; good & bad.There's only 2 types of musicians; good & bad.Sounds like there's a few of you that's never heard a good trumpet or flute player.  2 instruments that are truly capable of infinite sensitivity and b... 
Buyer is claiming damage that was done by him!
I wouldn't pay for anything.  Tell him to send the units back.  My guess is he won't! 
Jazz for aficionados
Phil Woods/Michel Legrand - Images - The 2nd side of this album (feat. the jazz suite heard here) https://youtu.be/Hjldo10HiRo...and the Long Yellow Road by the Toshiko Akiyoshi/Lew Tabakin Big Band both formed mushroom clouds in my young mind whe... 
Here is an interesting artist that's new to me, and I wanted to share his music.
I own very few soundtracks, not my thing.  Except for THIS one!  Just a great record, from start to finish.  Not to mention an outstanding primer on music from the Big Easy!https://youtu.be/Gg3EhSQbNJg 
Here is an interesting artist that's new to me, and I wanted to share his music.
The most musical television I've ever experienced, I learned about so many new artists during its run!  HBO's Treme!https://youtu.be/txJiJ65rhYI 
Interesting/unusual concert pairings.
I recall Edgar Winters White Trash opening for Emerson, Lake, & Palmer at a very trippy Fillmore East.  White Trash annihilated ELP!  And a practically empty My Fathers Place (mid-week) had Jazz band Winters Consort headlining with this skinny... 
Here is an interesting artist that's new to me, and I wanted to share his music.
Wassup fellas!  For yr consideration - https://youtu.be/wi0cLdJCgTA 
Jazz for aficionados
So which Avishai Cohen are you going to see, the bassist or the trumpet player!?  Both outstanding musicians!;) 
Jazz for aficionados
James Carter played Ben Webster in the soundtrack to Kansas Cityhttps://youtu.be/Em_o69_cZng 
What’s really hurting the audio hobby?
Interesting to note that many of the negative dealer experiences being discussed arent new problems, not by a long shot.  Bad shops and salesmen have plagued this hobby since its inception! 
Jazz for aficionados
"The women is not a singer, period."  wow, kinda arrogant, no?  Sounds like yr pissed off at Krall but yr taking it out on poor Astrud!;) 
Delbert McClinton!
I saw Delbert 2X in Atlanta, always a houserockin' good time!  He released Live in 2003, great record, this was the show I saw!  With Marcia Ball as the opening act, whatanight!!!;) 
Audio Research Preamps vs. Conrad-Johnson preamps
I'd be curious to hear how CJ's best, regardless of when it was released, fares against AR's best!