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How Good Can My Vinyl Get?
Not to be discouraging but it can be pretty expensive. Probably the best way is to go with an Atmosphere preamp with phono. Two birds, one stone. Then it's Cart/TT. Step up TT or go whole hog, maybe 5K? After that start swapping in cartridges. Bew... 
Everything a crossover has to do ...
Do without.  
Toroidal Isolation Power Conditioner
Also have BPT and second your thoughts. Bought an Equi=Tech to put by the fuse box. Hi efficiency speakers really benefit. Best value is the BPT to run your front end. I was lucky to find a used BPT3.5 Sig Plus and yes 80lbs. They come up from tim... 
Best home remedy for paper cone woofers cleaning the dust off?
Feather duster. 
Supratek Owners Thread
I went to Grant, but saw them yesterday on Amazon for considerably less. Ouch.Don't know though if Amazon has the "special low noise" tubes culled out. Mick mentioned that the Psvane Tlls were the best. I have four different NOS 6SN7 pair but don'... 
What is wrong with audiophiles?
Could we go back to cable elevators for a minute. Never tried any but with my relatively recent experience with power cords and interconnects being positive I might be interested. Especially if it expands my sound stage. 
Supratek Owners Thread
Have had my Supratek Gen 3 Chardonnay in the system for about two weeks. Went with some Psvane 6SN7 TII tubes. Last night things blossomed. Full, rich with amazing detail. Seems there's somewhat of a cult regarding these. Well, sign me up. Could h... 
mc275 tube options
NOS Tung Sol 6550s. I have a couple of quads and use them in MC60 amps. Expensive but very musical. 
Slight Hardness on LP's
Call Mick at Supratek. Australian preamps or combo phono/preamps.  You might check his blog. Easy to find on the internet.He makes 6SN7 preamps and 300B direct heated triode preamps as well.  
Recommend speakers for a large living room
Like the JBLs 
Active isolation; what can it do for music reproduction?
And who says physics isn't fun?Mike, you and others on this forum do so much to further the listening enjoyment of music lovers. Makes it quite the hobby. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Don't post while listening:Last night: Delta Time- T Evans, Hans Theessink, Ry Cooder                  SRV and J, Vaughn-Family Style                  Floyd-Wish You Were Here                  And Uber, that piano on Diddy wa Diddy kills me. 
Considering simplifying my system... talk me down (or whatever)
If I make it to eighty with good ears nobody's changing nothing I listen to. Unless I upgrade. 
Supratek or Don Sachs - which way to go?
Ordered my Supratek 6SN7 Chardonnay. Was glad to see Mick was up and running again. Had read about this for some time and looking forward to some great sounds. I like Mick's approach.   
Budget? Cartridge recommendations
How much gain will the Rowland give you?