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Eminent Technology ET-2 Tonearm Owners
Hi guys, I'm  a new owner here as I am having the ET 2 mounted on a table and shipped soon. Appreciate the thread.   
SQ difference XLR vs RCA ?
Balanced is inherently better. Well implemented it had definite benefits.  Lowers the noise floor, much cleaner signal.   
Which would you choose for good sounding tube preamp for an audiophile new to tubes.
Phono stage options - balanced with XLR both input and output...
Pretty sure the BAT (Balanced Audio Technology) phono stages are balanced in and out. Had a VK p 10 SE with Supercaps that was outstanding Older unit though, and after 20 years became noisy.   
Do you spend more time analyzing the sound of your system, worrying it could be better?
The better lt sounds the less fretting. Had a bit of work to do to get there. Now that it sounds great I'm happy. Had a goal and spent time, money, lots of what I suppose was critical listening, now I  can enjoy. It wasn't easy.  
GIK alternatives
Have used GIK for years, no problem. Happy to see Glenn communicate through this forum.     
Western Electric surveying market for (domestic?) mfg. of other tube types?
NOS 6L6s are hard to find. Pretty common usage. KR tubes sell pretty well and aren't cheap by any means. Can vouch as I just purchased a dozen KT88s from them. Don't know the market by any means but having spent a great deal on equipment, don't h... 
Please Recommend Highly Efficient Floor Standing Non-Horn Speaker Suggestions
One more. The speakers I have are Zu Def IV, the flagship with powered subs. Used pair at the Music Room. They rock.  
KR Audio KT150
KRs well surpassed my previous KT88 selections.Much more convincing presentation.   
What'd You Get For Xmas?
A set of KR KT88s for my amps.   
Are tubes psychological?
Have an Amp with six KT88s on top of each monoblock.Generally listen in the dark. Except for the tube glow. Gotta say they make the perfect light once your eyes adjust. Sounds pretty good as well.  
Speakers for triode tube amps
I love my Zu Def 4s. They have integrated the subs so well and offer the ability to tune the speaker to the room.  
Which Phono Pre?
The Allnic H7000 has balanced outs, handles multiple carts. LCR. Call Albert Porter. 
Second opinions — how have others (including non-audiophiles) helped you?
Xenolith, that sounds like a sweet amp. I remember remarkably the decrease in noise with my Audiopax M 100s. MC is correct as to the "quiet" in analog. Sorry but the digital is just unsettling in some way. I can't quite get at the music. Terry9 he... 
SQ vs. Music
Conversely, in college there was a band we all liked live. The songwriter was creative, the musicians impeccable, the energy always stimulating. Album comes out flat. Just doesn't sound good. 30 years later took a date to see them. She says,"why a...