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Tortuga Preamps
George, I had thought that the Tortuga's calibration of the LDR's LED control current curve is invoked periodically by the user on an as-needed basis, not "actively" or on-the-fly.  If it's performed only periodically, how will this degrade SQ?  
First time mount perfect!!!
Since my Kuzma 4PT and SME 3012R both have removable headshells, I can usually replicate perfect cartridge/headshell geometry on the workbench under a large magnifier.  Slide 'em into the tonearm and good to go.    
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
@bdp24 Hopefully that wasn't when they recorded Cheap Thrills with Janice Joplin. 
Used DACs in the 10k range
If your PC is a desktop with a PCIe slot, I would first recommend a JCAT Net Card Femto with an external 5V LPS.  That made a major improvement for me with the SOtM endpoint.  Also, I've heard the Terminator in the same system as the Aqua Formula.... 
Speaker wire... Diy?
Yikes, "proconsul," please. "Pro Counsel" is Michael Cohen, Tom Hagen, or something in between. 
Aurender vs. Roon
The video is harsh, but I kind of get it. Much of computer audio is off-the-shelf standard parts shrink-wrapped for audiophiles allergic to computers. But those linear power supplies do make a difference relative to standard switching power suppli... 
Speaker wire... Diy?
Not all silver is the same.  Ask Duelund. 
Speaker wire... Diy?
Over the years I’ve had commercial speaker cables to $15K and several DIY recipes. My favorite is a DIY of stacked, soft-annealed .999 silver foils and solid silver spades. Termination is solderless with compression fittings and all internal matin... 
Atma-Sphere, Ralph Karsten
Yes, absolutely.  Ralph is tremendous.  I'm part of an older group of Atma owners who has modified his gear.  Unlike pretty much every other high-end manufacturer, he remains supportive, and has generously helped me out of problems that I brought ... 
One can dream - ultimate ripping/streaming set up
Inexpensive dbpoweramp software on any laptop with a CD/DVD reader via wireless to any CPU storage medium gets it done in minutes.   
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
Lots of LessLoss DIY 64x Firewalls for power cords, and a JCAT Net Card Femto for the computer. 
Record weights what type would be good for a Luxman PD171-A
If you’re looking for a weight that will flatten an LP against the platter, anything above 1 lb. (like the Stillpoints LPI) will do it. I have an LPI, but have found that, except for severely cupped records, the lighter and less expensive Starsoun... 
APOXNA 2019--My Friday Morning Show Review
You're forgiven. Nice reviews! 
APOXNA 2019--My Friday Morning Show Review
Jeez, it’s Axpona!!! 
Where to get a modestly priced 5 volt Linear Power Supply?
An ebayed 5V/2A Chinese Zerozone LPS is a bit more @$130 including shipping.  I've had great results with this powering a JCAT Net Card Femto in my music server.