Anyone have feedback on Audiogon's Insider membership?

I'm curious about joining but Audiogon's Insider but its information about the feature is a bit conclusory.  I'm very open to paying a fee to have access to a forum of paying members (for numerous reasons).  I'm wondering if the Insider has critical mass to support the forum, how folks like it, etc.  

I noticed that a previous discussion thread on this topic has been removed.  
I was going to join but then one member here threatened me and said anyone who joins will be deleted from his threads so I did not join.
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I was a "insider" for a short while, AG  at the launch put some dealers as "insiders" however I got booted quickly :-)  inquired as to why, got the answer that one must pay on top of what we as dealers already pay monthly for the "privilege" of selling here. :-)

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I guess I don’t see the point of it.  We already have forums.  The ads don’t bother me as they are always around the border and out of my sight as I focus on Agon listings or forums.  

hay grannyring don't give them ideas , they will now make the adds annoying.

little humor for the afternoon there.

I guess the more I think about it I do find the ads annoying and too busy looking.....
The program includes access to the Blue Book. I don't do much trading, but I did find it interesting.
Just count the number of little yellow boxes you see when looking at threads.  I see... few.
I think a membership based site may have real advantages but if it’s not run correctly or doesn’t have critical mass it wouldn’t be helpful or attractive to me. 
They got enough of my money will not give them 1 cent more plus my wife says I'm an insider already.
Well here is the real plan based on my speculation.  The regular forum we all use is going away at some point in the future.  As the forum becomes more moderated we will need to pay for the moderators. In addition, Agon now has another income source that offsets the fact that buying and selling is slowing here and in HEA in general.  The only way to be part of the forums, at some point in the future, is to pay.  Just my speculation.  
+1 Cleeds.

I’ve found that the Bluebook is a good deal more informative than I was anticipating.

Based on having looked at it previously without being subscribed I was expecting that it would simply show an average of all recorded transactions for a particular model, as well as the original retail cost.

What I found, though, is that a graph is provided showing the month, year, and selling price of each recorded transaction, which especially in the case of older items provides a better indication of present value than a simple average. And in many cases it also makes it possible to gain perspective on how the value of a particular manufacturer’s products tends to hold up over time.

Also, in some cases links are provided to specific listings that occurred in recent years, which helps to correlate the selling prices with condition.

-- Al

I'm waiting for the day we all move to a private Facebook group. Imagine pictures on the fly?
I can’t imagine paying an Audiogon forum fee.  There is more bad advice than good on this forum.  And posers..
I question the usefullness and authenticity of any group that would have me as a member!  ala Groucho Marx.
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This thing is already overly moderated.
Does it have Internal Server 500 errors too?
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I truly wish there was some dirt to dish but.....
Sadly not.


All quiet on the western front I am afraid.

The blue book is very interesting though.
My comments are extremely valuable, and it's likely wrong that I give them out for free. Consequently I think the inverse would be appropriate where they pay ME for content.
Not quite sure  what multiverse that may occur in Wolf.... lol
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Not making any moves until I get $8.72 for that last comment. Besides, I utilize my powers in live concert mixing where I have the unknowing crowd firmly in my grasp...they overpay me, and then often compliment me on the way out...they have NO idea...
I’m a paying member but was locked out due to systems issues. Now I’m in but blocked  from Bluebook. Lots of systems issues.
Resistance is futile.