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Tube Rolling in Doge 7 DAC
I don't own my unit any more.  I believe the positions are labeled/marked right near the sockets.   
Just my observation - seems like there is less listed on AG
I echo those who say it's not a good thing that Audiogon doesn't encourage contact with members.  I've met a great friend on here.  Also, I like having personal contact with buyers/sellers on transactions.   In 1998, I made my first purchase here... 
New Analog Technology???
T. Bone has an impeccable resume of producing gorgeous music.  Some of his records are sublime--to me.  I'm certainly going to give him the benefit of the doubt, and let this play out.   I'm down the reel-to-reel rabbit hole just to get closer to... 
Upgrading from Primaluna
I modded a PL Dialogue HP before.  I found the two coupling caps (as shown in Margu's photo they are the black VCaps) make the most improvement and are coincidentally the easiest to swap out.  These are directly in the signal path.  While I ended... 
Go Ahead and Laugh at Me
GREAT QUESTION!!  Terrible design.   
Amazing Cartridge Repairs by Vinyl Audio Science!
@pindac , Great story of more positive experiences with this vendor.   
Vintage Tuner-Only wonderful because it's the SOUND I grew up with?.....
Great responses.  It is interesting how using a machine like a tuner or tape deck or turntable changes or influences the process of listening and enjoyment.  Listening late last night to the Nikko showed me a few things.  While there are some inh... 
I met this guy in a hotel room....
Great post.  Fritz is awesome.  I’ve been tempted to buy a set and integrate them with small musical subs.    
What capacitor would you use to upgrade Wharfedale Linton 85th Anniversary?
No, I sold them.  
American Made Audio Products
@stereo5,  no hostility intended.  The point was just why drop in to post something negative towards the subject matter selected.  Seems easier to add something constructive or just move on.   
Schitt freya preamp hum- how do I get rid of this?
+ 1 on the advice to change the tube locations (swap them).   Does it make this humming sound regardless of whether you do anything (no music, no volume, etc.)?  Is it emanating through the speakers only or do you hear something coming from the u... 
American Made Audio Products
@stereo5 ,  Why drop in?    Thanks OP.  I'm definitely trying a bit harder to buy American made goods. Just bought my first American made car in over 25 years!      
peachtree gan 400 is very good
Great post OP.   I love how much Class D has improved in the last 10 years.   
What stereo equipment do respected musicians listen to?
Jimi Paige has been photographed using a Luxman preamp with McIntosh amp. McCartney has two Garrard turntables in his listening room per photos.  Marvin Gaye was photographed with Mac amp, Thorens turntable, and a Teac reel-to-reel.  Magic John... 
Great Experience with Feickert Protractor
@jwallis1 , Yes, I still use the Feickert. Like you I have used the Geodisc. It’s great, IF you can get the pivot lined up. I used a piece of string taped to the ridge line and I’d pull it out to ensure I was in alignment. Not scientific but it go...