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Tubes or Solid State?
I would trust Stereophile over Audio Science Review.  If you are not familiar with ASR, please note--they do not listen to gear. Listening--their argument runs--is subjective--and subjectivity tells us nothing.  If you listen to ASR, you are buyin... 
Subwoofer Choice
I have two REL T9is.  I think they are particularly musical, well built and a great value. I’ve tried other stuff but kept coming back to REL.  I do wish REL had an APP but I get their reasoning for not going that route.   
Tubes or Solid State?
Oh, and I had some wonderful sessions driving SS amps with the Freya.    
Tubes or Solid State?
+1 on the Schitt Freya recommendation.  I owned one and am of the opinion they are hard to beat into the low thousands. Very reliable. Dead quiet. Good resale.  Lots of input and output options. Quality parts inside.   
New Class D amplifiers
I’m a tube head and never warmed to many Class D amps. But, as time went on and I heard more Class D offerings that and began to find them sonically appealing. About a year ago, I bought a "summer amp" to substitute in for my tube amps during the... 
So I bought the Willsenton R-800i
For those of us 800i 805 owners with high efficiency speakers, have you tried running a lower gain 12 volt tube in the 12ax7 slot?  I found the 805 wattage to keep my volume limited to about 9:30 o'clock or lower. I switched down to a 12au7 (subst... 
What's been your experience with New Chinese 6SN7 tube options?
I've now also tried PSVANE's 6sn7 BE (blue globes).  These are somewhere near their middle of the range of tubes by price and offering.  They sound pretty darn good.  A good quality inexpensive (relatively) option.  
Made in USA
I'm running  US Japan China Britain France I have two pieces from China that are superb and use high end parts from many western nations.  I drive American, but without any axe to grind.  Where are our pens, watches, jeans, shirts, stapler... 
So I bought the Willsenton R-800i
@chmaiwald , I wonder if the 800 has the same design issue as the R8--Skunkie Designs found that it was missing a resistor on the bias pots.  If the pot wiper gets sticky or otherwise malfunctions, it could let full bias hit the tube and blow it. ... 
Volti Vittora with Sub & Amp Crossover - Thoughts?
@dagda, Any update on how they sound?  I love the Volti speakers I've heard and I'd love to hear yours. I bet you'll love them.  
What is this thing? "Full Modulator Triode"
@viridian , Thank you!!!!  I find this subject very interesting. I appreciate your knowledge.   
So I bought the Willsenton R-800i
The 805 version of the 800 is now out of stock-no longer available at China HiFi and the wait on Amazon ticked up to 4-5 weeks. I'm not surprised.   
What's been your experience with New Chinese 6SN7 tube options?
These tubes could be my new favorite and make me abandon NOS.  Thank you everyone!  
Linlai E 6sn7 tubes
Nice, big old thread! I love it.  I just received a pair of the Linlai Elite 6sn7s.  I'm one hour into them; they sound spectacular. I was pretty shocked so I landed here.  If these never got better from break-in I'd still be happy. What a tube!  
What's been your experience with New Chinese 6SN7 tube options?
As a follow-up, I just received a pair of Linlai E-6SN7s.  Right out of the box (oh, they come in a beautiful box) they sound really good.  I'm very curious to see if they break in. They sound particularly smooth and warm with just a right amount ...