Would new speakers----

Make you happier?
Possibly. Depends on what they are.
New girlfriend would make me much more happier
If they were the MBL 101 X-Treme Reference speakers, (and a room big enough for them)...and the rest of the MBL Reference electronics.
Nope. World peace would, though.
Ill take a tall blonde....oops already have one...looks like Magnepans for xmas!
If you start to ask questions like this, the end of the world looms near.
Happier than what?
Phasecorrect, do you have 2 Maggies??
New audio toys to play with always makes me happy.
"New girlfriend would make me much more happier"

If your current one knows how to find Audiogon and knows your username, you just might get your wish.

"Happier than what?"

Other posters, maybe?
A new girlfriend would make my current girlfriend uncomfortable, thus generating less happiness all around.
Unless the two got along very well.....then.....!!
Make you happier?

If they sounded better... yes
Na...you don't know my girlfriend!
I don't have current one. I'm just batchelor again after recent divorce:-)
New speakers would make me more happy than a new girlfriend. Speakers sound better, cost less, don't put on weight, don't tell me I need to change....wait, what was the original post?
I'm too lazy to scroll up but I think it had something to do with being happy with a better sounding girlfriend. Was it Groucho who said, "women should be obscene and not heard?" I don't subscribe to that way of thinking, but I like the quote anyway.
Kharma Grand Enigma...rather have 1 Million they cost.
If a new girlfriend could sing like an angel I wouldn't need audio.
Very happy with my speakers, but getting my listening room rebuilt would make me VERY happy!
they already have - the cambridge aero 2's
Yep 2 maggies plus girl=threesome!...at least the closest I will ever get!
Funny, this weekend I just put an old pair of Vandersteen model 5's in my system. I always thought that overall Vandersteen speakers were musical but lacked air, defined bass, and they never seemed that involving when I heard them at local dealers. That changed when I put them into my system, WOW. I cannot believe that I am even saying this. I got a deal on a beat up pair any for a year they sat in the back of my basement because I did not have the high pass filter to use them. I did not even set them up the way the should be. Go figure. They are not "new" but new to my system.

Happy Listening.
Its a secret!!
Call me shallow, but yeah, I have to admit that looking back over the 41 years in this hobby, bringing new speakers home made me happy and the satisfaction lasted a long time. The two most notable are when I brought home a pair of Mirage M5si's in Oct. 1996 (my first true full-rangers plus a great room-filling radiation pattern) and my latest speakers, just 3 weeks old, a brand new pair of Magneplanar 1.7s. I feel like the cat who caught the canary every time I fire them up. They give me that clean, resonance-free, phase-coherent sound that I otherwise hear only from *really* expensive speakers such as Wilson.

And I still have and use the Mirages daily as well.

But reconnecting with my high school girlfriend after a 28-year gap has continuously made me happiest of all. We've been together 13 years now and married for 9.
After I brought home used Aerial 10t years ago, I still believe that change or upgrade won't make me happy. I found there maximum performance perfection of tonal balance punch, stage, definition and details very close to the headphones. If I post here that I want to upgrade them, I'm sure that there will be plenty of responces, but pointless, because I won't go for >$2000 ballpark and never did.
Thanks Johnny. I felt that way about my Quad electrostatics, early 70's and also my JBL 250 Ti's, mid 80's. Nice to hear of your reconnect with high school sweetheart. Wish you a long happy marriage. Pete
Cz. Those Aerial 10T's are a very classic and timeless design.
It's nice to find something good and be happy :)