Anyone heard Celious Technologies 6 speakers

Was curious if any one has heard Cerious Technologies 6 or any loudspeaker by them. Thanks for any input.
Where did you see information on the Cerious Technologies 6? I never heard of that model. The website only lists the Ceramic Reference, Cerious One, Cerious Too (as in also, not the number 2), and Cerious Bass.
I own the Cerious Too/Bass units - I don't think there is a Cerious 6.

Ceramic cabinets are I feel are one of the true innovations in speaker technology in recent years. I just heard another Ceramic type speaker- The Scaena's which also use Ceramics.

If you are ever in NYC and want to hear them - shoot me an email.

Another A'goner in princeton has the Reference.

Truly worth hearing.
Just to Clarify - I spoke with Steve the original poster.

He said that the model 6 is an older version
Fountanhead type material Cerious did before they
started working with Ceramics.

It was a limited production model.
I have a pair.. I like them...