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Was impressed with a product tonight.
and im sure when you go number 1 - the sound is very detailed 
Integrateds: Why do they all SUCK?
i agree with 1markr - if you have a good pre-amp - then the amp can sound great - in my experience a good pre-amp matters more! 
Surprising find in matching Tekton Electrons
I have the "stereo maraschino" and an arcam avr 600 - class a/b ampsometimes i think the maraschino is amazing -  an incredible tube amp sound from a class d amp.sometimes i think the arcam is incredible - like you said - a more overall presentati... 
Sony HAPZ1 For prospective buyers and owners
brownsfan - there is a lot of info at http://www.audiocircle.com/there is about 4 or 5 different threads concerning the sonynot sure if you saw them 
Small Monitors and Book shelves for Rock Music?
how much do you wan to spend? 
Would new speakers----
they already have - the cambridge aero 2's 
incredible inexpensive speaker
but im telling you its not 90db - i havent measured it - but i know i have to turn the volume up more than im used toi would bet any anount that these are 85db or 86 at the mostthats missing the whole point of this speaker 
incredible inexpensive speaker
i havent heard the naim speakers - but this implementation is really good - you dont hear that compression that you hear with inexpensive speakersthese sound very seamlessim using it with a 100 watt solid state amp - i have not tried a tube amp th... 
incredible inexpensive speaker
and i hope these speakers (cambridge aero 2) dont go unnoticedim telling you these are really good - i know we are all jaded when someone says that such and such is incredibleif you would just see what this speaker is capable ofremember im talking... 
incredible inexpensive speaker
your right the medical pot is working!In my haste - i forgot to mention the speakercambridge aero 2 - cambridge - who knew? 
The amazing new Marigo Evolution Signature Mat
i find myself agreeing with Ballyhoo - he is spot on with my experience over the years - to me a lot of the high end is total bsi do have the signature evolution mat however and tone color is def more pronounced - focus is better - the overall pre... 
Bryston BCD-1 compared to more expensive players?
i have had bcd-1 for at least 10 months - to me it is one of the top 3 players i have ever owned - i don't know if it compares to players 4-5 times its price - but it def sounds very good and it has hard hitting dynamics and has great seperation I... 
Sony XA5400ES DAC Chip
so nglazer - how does it sound now? 
Audio Research CD 8
i love reading - Puiutu62 - not that i understood a word he said 
Vibraphone recommendations?
its funny that this topic has come up - because just yesterday i was thinking that one of the best cds i own and that i would take with me to any desert island in the universe is:Gary burton & Makato Ozone - "Face to Face"this was recorded in ...