What speakers use SEAS or SEAS-sourced drivers?

I realize that drivers do not a great speaker make. However, based on my somewhat limited exposure, 75% of the loudspeakers that I really like happen to use SEAS drivers, especially those from the premium Excel line. These drivers produce a refined tonal quality that is quite pleasing to my ears.
I’m therefore hoping to build a shortlist of speakers using SEAS drivers. I want to make sure that I’m not missing out on any models when I go auditioning.
So far my partial list contains the following in no particular order:
Joseph Audio
Tyler Acoustics
Devore Fidelity
Cary Audio

Please help me complete my list. Thank you.
Don't forget Madisound kits using Seas drivers. Good value.
I don't know whether you only want speakers that use SEAS drivers for both the woofer *and* tweeter, but the following speakers use the SEAS Excel soft-dome tweeter:
Harbeth Monitor 30 and 40
ATC models starting with (I think) SCM-20 and up

Both the Harbeth and ATC use their own, proprietary midrange units. FWIW, I have speakers that use both the SEAS Excel tweeter and midrange drivers. I think that the tweeter is amazing-- smooth, refined, and non-fatiguing--but the midrange unit I don't care for much.

One of the reasons that the Harbeth and ATCs intrigue me so much is that they use the excellent SEAS tweeter, but instead of the SEAS midrange they use their own midrange drivers which, from what I've read from many sources, are considered among the best in the industry.

Boulder looks as if they are using a type of SEAS driver. But there are lots more listed on this website:


Their plots always looked difficult to work with unless you are a pro.
Jamo concert/ D series speakers they use the excel
There out of business. But the Hales Trancendance 5 uses the Seas Magnesium midbase driver. Here's a pic of them. http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.pl?ddspkrfull&1075005205&demo&3&4&

Also my friend has these speakers called Fischer and Fischer. There high end speakers from Germany. They use the Seas Magnesium midbase along with the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter and Scanspeak woofers on the side. Here's a pic of his speakers. He's in NYC. http://www.fischer-fischer.de/start.html
When your on the site, click on Fischer and Fischer on the right side.
Then on the left side you'll see the model numbers of the speakers. He has the SL 550 speakers. Here's a really good pic of the SL 1000 speakers. When your on the site, there the 9th pic from the top. These speakers look incredible. http://shows.soundstagelive.com/shows/avtour2000/frk_03daily.shtm
The Seas 5" midranges are EXTREMELY smooth for the money, but have a rising response that's difficult to tame, so often have a nasal quality. I worked quite hard trying to eliminate this 600Hz to 1k lift in a 3 way design a few years ago, but never found as much success as with their 6.5" that sacrifice smoothness but sound more neutral and open. SEAS is famous for great value with very high QA. Nonetheless, at a certain point I just prefer the Scanspeak, custon Dynaudio, or of course exotic ART (Skaaning) drivers.
Please include the Audes Line.Made in Estonia, by hand, the finish is breath taking. But the real value here is the smooth sound,open and detailed, more like a planer then a box speaker. Very tight bass also included. At this price point, with the seas drivers, real wood finish, and sound of 5k speakers, makes this a steal IMO. Brouch
Siegfried Linkwitz's open-baffle Orions use an Excel Millenium tweeter and Excel W22EX001 as a midrange. Bass duties are handled by a pair of 10" Peerless XLS drivers (Q=.5, anechoic F6 of 20Hz, no room gain).


They're wonderful in all ways.

If you can accomodate the space (4' to the front wall is good), amplification(6 or 8 channels - running the woofers in parallel gives you a 2.5 Ohm minimum impedance), need for subwoofers in the last octave if used for home theater, and price ($6500 + $380 shipping assembled with ATI amplification, $5300 + $380 without, and $2000 DIY you provide your own amp) you should definately find a pair to audition.
The Penaudio line uses customize Saes drivers including the Excel line.
Von Schweikert for example...
Check out Salk Sound loudspeakers. Beautifully built, factory direct, sound wonderful. I have HT-3s and love mine.
Harbeth SHL5 using 1” SEAS aluminum-dome
tweeter, 0.8” SEAS titanium dome
Although you'll have the devil's own time trying to audition them, Shahinian speakers utilize mostly SEAS drivers for bass and midrange on all their speakers. They do not, as far as I know, use the top of the line versions. Nevertheless, they sound sweet and powerful.
http://www.madisound.com/store/index.php?manufacturers_id=177 exotic line is SEAS best.
Ascend uses a SEAS tweeter in their Sierra 1 monitor.
Linkwitz Labs Orion. Auditioning can be challenge, but if you contact Linkwitz he can usually arrange something. These are some of the best speakers I've heard, regardless of price, but the Seas tweeters are one of the weaker points in the design, IMO.